Jacquard ribbon product knowledge introduction

Clothing accessories all kinds of decorative belt, metal decoration, buttons and so on all kinds of common ajacquards是什么意思ccessories productintroduction是什么意思中文翻译s are not described here, the followintroduction用法ing IMkgift ribbon about jacquproduct什么意思ard ribbon products commintroduction造句only used textile fiber raw materials on the impact of jacquard ribbon.
The linear density of textile fiber refers to the fiber thicknjacquard的意思ess. Fibjacquarder length refers to the length of the fiber. The textile fiber must have a certain linear density and length, jacquard ribbon can make the fiberproduct函数s embrace each other, and rely on thproductse friction between the fibers spinintroduction是什么意思中文翻译ning into yarn. Therefore, textile fiber has a certain linear density and length, which is one of the necessary conditions for textile processing and making products have use value. The linear density of textile fiber is closely relatedproduction to the properties of yarn and fabric made from textile processing.
In general, lower fiproductiveber linear density and better uniformity are beneficial to textile processing and prodproductionuct quality. In the influence of fiberjacquard品牌 linear density on the wearability of fabric, the rjacquard读音ibbon made of finer fiber is softer and softer in luster, and thinner fabric can be made with fribbon什么意思iner fiber, such aribbon负载均衡策略s snow yarn ribbonjacquard pattern decoration is thinner aribbon怎么读nd easier to produce. Jacquard ribbon can also produce good air permeability and silk imitation effect of clothing fabrics. But fine fiber fabrics tend to pilling, while coarse fibribbons怎么读er fabrics can be made into stiff, rough and thick fabrics. Similarlyjacquards是什么意思, the length of textile fiber is closely related toribbon怎么读 textile and product quality. Longer fiber length, betknowledge什么意思ter length uniformity and less short fiber content are beneficiknowledge怎么读al to textile processing and prodribbons怎么读uct quality.
Ujacquard name labelnder the same conditions, the fiber is longer, the yarn strength is high, the strip is uniform, thknowledge翻译e yarnribbon什么意思 surface is smooth, the fabric made of good fastness, smooth appearancintroduction论文怎么写e, not easy to pilliintroduction造句nproduct什么意思g. In addition, the longer the fiber, the thinner thejacquard的意思 yarn can be spun, which can be usedproduction什么意思中文 to make lighter fabrics, under the premise of ensuring the quality of the yarn. For shorter lengths, length is more important than linear density. For eintroduction的动词xample, in the grade and pricing of cottproduct什么意思on, length is the most importanjacquard织布机t indicator. In textile fiber, the linproduct苹果红色后面ear density and length of natural fiber are not uniform, sometimes the diffeproduct函数rence is larger, it varies with fiber varieties, growth conditions and so on. And chemical fiber is manufactured artificjacquard name labelially, the linear density and lejacquardngth of fiber can be controlled and determined artificially according to the requiremejacquard name labelnts of fiber processing and use within a certain range.
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