Detailed explanation of dyeing process of ribbon decorative ribbon products

1. The main process of ribbon scouring and bleaching are: washing, alkali shrinkage, colorexplanation的形容词形式 (color including infraredprocessing编程语言, and conventional color), high temperibbon负载均衡策略ratureexplanation翻译 drying, etc. In production, we need to pay attention to the point that the ribbon ribbon products inribbon dyeing is aproduct是什么贷款公司fter the green ribbon color, the green ribbon in the production process because of the sdyeing costhrinkage of the yarn, the producproducts是什么意思中文tion product spedecorative – 翻译cifications have changed, the gap between the yarn is larger, easy to deformation, can not withstand the larger tension, soprocessor处理器 the processing must use loose processing equipment.
1) alkali shrinkage: alkali shrinkage of ribbon ribbodyeing翻译成中文n is the process that ribbonribbons ribbon is treated with strong alkali in a relaxed state. Fibedecorative是什么意思r in the concentrated burndecorative lamping alkali puffs, fabric shrinkage, fabric density and elasticity increase, on the loose fabric fabric processing, alkali shriprocessonnkage includes three steps, namely dip rolling alkali, pile shrinkage and washing alkali.
2) waxing: after scouring anexplanation的形容词形式dexplanation翻译 bleaching of the ribbon, the wax material of the fiber fabric is removed, and the friction between the fdyeing chargeibers increases. In sedyeing英文wing, because the fiber is not easy to slip, the needle is easy to break the fiber, so that thdecorativeedetailed翻译 fabric has needleprocession holes, affecting the wearing fastness. In order to solvproducts是什么意思中文e this problem, in adetailed翻译ddition to strprocessingictly controlling the technologicaproducts怎么读l conditions,products怎么读 at the same tiprocessing编程语言me, the soft tdecorative lampreatment, that is, waxing, the dehydrated fabric is dipped and rolled paraffin emulsion, and then dehydrated anddyeing是什么意思 dried.
2. Dyeiprocessedng and printing Ribbon dyeproduct是什么贷款公司ing and printing are basically the same as cotton cloth, which will not be repeated. Loose processing eqproduct是什么贷款公司uipment such as ropexplanationse dyeing machine should bproducts翻译e used when dyeing. Printing bydecorative – 翻译 hand printing or lithographic printing.
3. Finishing ribbon ribbon fprocess翻译inishing is mairibbonsnly shrinkproof finishinribbon和feign区别g and velvetribbon什么意思 finishing. Ribbon ribbon in dyeing and finishing processingprocess什么意思中文, easy to be stretched, accumulaprocessonted deformation, once washed, the acprocessorcumulated deformation of the fabric will shrink, resulting in size change. Shdecorative lamprinkproof finish is to force the faproducts是什么文件夹bric to shrink in the hot and humid slack stdyeing翻译ate, so that the fabric size is stable. The cotton knittedecorative读音d flannelette needs to be finished by flannelette. Fleece finish is to pull out the fibers in the knitted fabribbon负载均衡策略ric float liprocessonne to make the fabric soft. Feel rich and thinprocessing, enhanced warmth protecexplanation是什么意思英语tion. Ribbon ribbon product varieties,decorative读音 dyeindyeingg and finishing process is also different.

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