The selection of light source in ribbon dyeing is very important

A beautiful ribbon products tend to integrate a lot of technology, procedures, integration of a lot of peodyeing英文ple’s operation to achieve.
Of course, in the production process ofribbon怎么读音 the ribbon due to the raw materials, production technology, practical operation and other processes there will be inevitable errors or human errors, often in differesourcemodnt batches,selection是什么意思中文 or even the same batch of fabric in color difference.
The siverymuch翻译成中文ze of fabric color production, if it is different for color light source, color esource引擎nvironmenribbonst, colsource怎么读or time, will cause different evaluation of color difference. Therefore, the ribbon color should be accurately evaluated first to ensure the consistency of color matching rlight的反义词esults. In the use of visual colvery怎么读英语or evaluation, we shovery后面加什么词性uveryoldgrannylsource命令d pay attention to one point, to selesource车上按键什么意思ct the light source specified by the customer in the standard color light box for color, so as to avlightoid the occurrence of visual production because of the inconsisource是什么按键stency of the light sribbons什么意思中文ource.
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