Lions International "2009-2010 Global Youth Peace Poster Contest" Shenzhen division collection



      Founded in 1917, Lions Clubs International is a global charitable service organization with moyouth是什么意思啊re than 44,000 clubs in 189 countries aninternationald territinternational是什么意思ories. In view of their contribution to and impact on charitable services, the United Nations selects one day in February and March each year to commemorate tposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文he "United Nations Lion Day" at its Headquarters.


  &nbinternationally歌曲speace&love啥意思p;   In order to encourage younlions是什么意思g people to cherish peace ancontest的中文意思d love the world, Lions International holds the Peace Poster Contest every yearcontest的中文意思. It has been held 21 times sinceglobalize 1988, and morlions怎么读e than 300,000 yoglobal翻译ung people from 65 countrglobal是什么意思ies participate actively. In the past, teenagers from Lebanon, Italy, Martinique, Japan, Indonesia, the Unitposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ed States, Turkey, the Philippines, Peru, South Africa, Godelop, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bryouthful翻译azilinternational音标 and Malaypeace&love啥意思sia have won the previous global awards. Among them, Hong Kong entries won the award in 2001 and 2004, shenzhen is the first region to hold this event in China, so far has successfully held two sessions, and produced two international winners. Thposter的中文意思e "2009-2010 Global Youth Peace Poster Competition" has been launched. We hope that the youth of shenzhyouth经典美文原文朗读en will take part in the contposter是什么意思est and bring glory to Shenzlions怎么读hen.


oneThe theme: "Power of Peace."


two Activity purpose:
      The & # 8226; Sow the seeds of peace in the hearts of children, and express their peace ideals and good wishes in the form of ppeacebird是什么品牌衣服aintings and posters.
&ninternational翻译bsp;     The & # 8globalize226; Let the children participate in the activities of international charity organizposter的中文意思ations from an early age, to develoglobal反义词p a world outlook, a global outlook, and a belief in charity.
   contest英语;   The & # 8226; Domestic Lions Association Shenzhen branch dedicated a happy cposter模板hildren's painting ceremony for the children of sheyouth英文朗读nzhen area and shenzhen service teams.
      The & # 8226; On the platform of Lions club, we can commucontest怎么读nicate with children from all over the world in painting, constantly innovatposter翻译e and improve.
  &youth怎么读nbsp;   The & # 8226; To give gifted and talented children in this field an opportunipeace翻译ty to gain internationallions是什么意思 recognition and participate in internationinternationalworkers'day怎么读al events.


3. Award setting

   Shenzhen Awardsposter的中文意思:

      First prize: 1 winner, 3000 RMB cup, certificate and bonus, whose work represents Shenzhen Lions Club in China to partiyouth经典美文原文朗读cipate in the "Global Competition"; The instructor can get the award cup and certificate.

      Secopeaceful是什么意思nd place: 2 winners, 2000 RMB cup, ceryouth英文朗读tificate and bonus; The instglobalizeructor can get the award cupeaceful翻译p and certificate.

      The third place: 3 winners, 1000 RMB cup, certificate and bonus; The instructor can get the awalion是什么意思rd cup and certificate.

      Beautifuposterl & have spent     For:international翻译 100, will be awarded certificate; Advisors will receive certificates of commendation.


  International Awards:
     international翻译 1) The international first prize winner will be invited to attend a special UN Headquarters award ceremony on UN Lions Day, accompanied by the sponsolions英语怎么读ring chaptyouth怎么读er president and two famposter是什么意思ily members. The international first place winner will also receive a bust, a cash award of $2,500 and a certificate of achicontestantevement.  
   poster是什么意思;   2) Each of the 23 global winners will receive a $500 cash prize and a certificate of achievemeposteritynt. Winnpeaceminusoneers will be notified by Lions Club Internationalpeacebird是什么品牌衣服 by February 1, 2010 inclusiyouth英文原文ve.


Four. The rules of the game

 globalization;     1. The theme: "Power of Peace."

      2. Eligibility: Students born between November 15, 1996 and November 15, 1998 are eligibyouthle to enter the competition (ages 11 to 13).

 international缩写;     3. Emphasis: originality, artistry, theme presentation.

    &nbsinternationalworkers'day怎么读p; 4. Poster size: maximum 50 cm x 6contest0 cm, minimum 33 cm x 50 cm.

&nlions怎么读bspyouth是什么意思啊;     5. Participants can use pencil, cpeacebird是什么牌子rayon, ppeacebird是什么品牌衣服en, brush, watercolor or charcoal to paint (crayon and charcoal should be sprayed on the surface to avoid blurred paint).

      6. No 3d works, computer drawings or photographs are accepted. No attachment shall be pasted, naiglobalismled, bound or otherwise attached, papered or framed. The fleposterlabsxibility of the poster should be enough to be rolled up and put into a long post container with a diameter of less than 8cinternational labour day翻译m.

      7. There must be no words (including numbers) on the work, andinternationalcupid the author should sign on the back of the poster.

      8. Each student is limited to one work. The first winner will submit his/her work to lions Internationalglobal反义词 for the global competition.

     lionsgate; 9. If the entries are plagcontestediarized or disqualified by the adult author, the impostor will be held responsible.

   internationalcupid;   10. Evaluation Iposter海报模板nstructions: In line with the principle of fairness, fairneglobal是什么意思ss and openness, the organizing committee will organize famous children's art experts to evaluate the contributions.


Five. Competition Announcement:
      1. In considerationcontested of the opportuncontestedity to enter the competition, the contestant agrepeacebird是什么牌子es to allow the Lions Club to ulions音标se their own & NBSP for publicity purposes.   Name and photo.
  &ncontest翻译bsp;   2. If the works fail to be delivered to the competition due to overdue, lost in the mail, miinternational音标ssent, not paying enough postage, not conforming to the specifications and other reasons, the coglobalprotectmpetitors shpeacebird是什么牌子all take full responsibilitinternationalismy.
      3. Lions Federation International and Licontestons Club Shenzhen will not be responsible for any damage or loss of the work caused during the review.
      4. Entriepeaceful是什么意思s will not be notified of receipt or return and will become the property of lions Club upon receipt. The federation has the right to collect, exhibcontest的中文意思it, publish and publicize all the entries. All participants in this activity arinternationalcupide deemed to have confirmed and abided by the printernational labour day翻译ovisions of this notice.
      5. The logo and image of the plions音标eace Poster Contest shall not be used by anyonglobalizee withouyouth戳爷t written authorization.
      6. Grand Prize winners may not receive consecutive awards in fglobalizationuturelion是什么意思中文翻译 peace Pospeace翻译ter contests.
    &ninternational音标bsp; 7, once participating in the competitionpeace, tcontest怎么读音英语he participants must follow theinternationalism lions association's judgment and competitioyouth是什么意思啊n rules.
      Lions Federation International reserves the right to cancel thecontest怎么读 tournament at ainternationalworkers'day怎么读ny time without notice.


Six. Particiinternational labour day翻译pation of service teams of Shenzhen Lionscontest是什么意思英语 Club

  &globalizenbsp; 1. The service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club should actively participate in this activity, so that the spirit of "we serve" of lion culture can binternational怎么读e carried fpeaceorward in the next geposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文neratiointernationalworkers'day怎么读n.

    2. We hope that each service team can provide 5 works, preferably from our member's children. Members can also prposter海报模板ovide works from surrounding communities or friends.

   lionsgate; 3. The particiyouthpating service teams should pay 1000 yuan as the sponsorship fee forposter翻译 the exhibition, album making and related expenses of this activity. The district assglobalizeociation will acknowledge the support of each service tpeace是啥意思eam in the album.

Seven. Entry mode

      1. Entries slions怎么读音hould be sent to the designated place by myouthful翻译ail or in peposterlabsrson.

      2. Date of receipt :& NBSP; 2009Oct.ondayAs of, please refer to the local postmark.
&ncontest英语bsp;     Location: Yangmeihong Education Children's Palace Base (Shenzhen Youth Palace)
      Contact perspeaceful是什么意思on: Teacher Shi

  &nbyouth是什么意思啊sp;   Contact number: 0755 -- 83513092

      Lions Club Contact:

&nbspeace翻译p;     Chairman of student Educatiopostern and Peace Poster Committee: Wang Shoujun

   peace是啥意思; &contestednbsp; CAI Zhaohui, Executive Cyouthviphairman of student Education and Peace Poster Committee

      Exlions是什么意思ecutive Digloballyrector of The Peace Poster Campaign: Mr Tang Xue-yong Shih (Sin Lake Service Team)

      Contact number: 139024592international音标95

    &nblions翻译sp; The entry form can be downloaded from the official website of Shenzhen Liposter是什么意思英语翻译成中文ons Club or the education official website of Yaglobalizengmei Hong

      For detailspostern下载, please click:
      Official website of Shenzhen Lions Club:http://www.szlions.orginternational怎么读.cn/
   contest是什么意思英语   Lions Inlions是什么意思terngloballyational Peace Poster Ccontest是什么意思ompetitigloballyon website:
    &lions音标nbsp; http://www.lionsclubs.orglobal反义词g/TC/member-poster的中文意思center/planning-youth-projects/peace-poster/index.php

   lionsgate   Yangmeihong Education Official website:http://www.ymminternationalworkers'day怎么读.cn


      Organizers: Sheyouth戳爷nzhen Lions Clubyouth歌词 & NBSP; Shenzheyouth戳爷n Children's Palace

&nblions翻译sp;     Organizer: Shenzhen Lions Club Fairy Lake Service Team

      Special support: Nature Serviceposter翻译 Team, Lianhua Mountain Sposter翻译ervice Team, Taoyuan Service Team

    &npeacemakerbsp; Co-organizer:contest英语 Yangmei Hong Educposter翻译ational Institution



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