Summary of message to branch (service team) officers from International President Wilfs


Dear Lion friend,


      We all know that growing requires moving — bpresidentut not just occasionally! Moving witofficers是什么意思hout a plan is a waste of time and energy, because time is shortmessage and our responsibpresident是什么意思ilities are heavy, and we cannot afford to lose both.

      As lteam什么意思eaders, we must focus our energisummary写作模板es and coosummary是什么意思rdinate our actions in smessage用英语怎么说pecial areas, especially the critical tasks of increasing existingsummary的动词形式 club memberinternationally歌曲ship and iinternational怎么读mproving membership retention. Throughmessage August, we achiservice是什么意思中文翻译evedwilfs a rmessage怎么读音ecord number of new clubs and a net membership increase of 3,7internationalism50. With such a greabrancht start to the Lion year, I challenge our director team to focus on further growth of existing clubs from September to December of this year. Let me share some tinternational音标houghts with you, because of you, our cservice的名词lub leaders, peopleinternationalcupid who recognize challenges anbranch的复数d know how to ssummary写作模板ucceed.

      A good place to start is with a famiteamviewerly membership prograpresident怎么读m that has had great success. This activity hsummaryas been very efinternational音标fective in motivating existing clubs and helping to form new clubs, but sometimes clubs need to strengthen their programs. So you’ll find some excellent guides and new materialteambition below.

      Imagine if each of our 45,000 clubs (service teams)branching added one or two members in the next four months? This wisummary怎么读音发音英语ll not only set a record for our association, bumessage英语t also create a brighter future for the millions of people who need our services. I know you can do it.

      Towards growth (Move to Grow)


      “We need you.”

      We will need obranch什么意思ur children to become future membinternational翻译ers, but in fact, we need your family members now.“We need you.” Is a message that must be cpresident是什么意思onveyed to cinternational音标urrent and potential members. We need memberbranchess to invite their partners and spouses to become lions club members. we need these new members to increase the energy of our cwill是情态动词吗lub (sebranch outrvice team) and explore new service channels. The best way to find eligible meteamsmbers can also beservice怎么读 those closest to us – right in our own homes.


      Move to Grow Special emphasis

      Qualified lion friends
      You mbranchingay ask: how can we ensure that we are importing qualified members to our clupresidentb (service team)? Use lions Club Internabranchingtional
Membership Recruiwill smithtment MethodWisummary的中文意思ll ensure that potential members will be quality and accomplisheteamsd people. Remember, not everyone can or should be a Lion member!   Being a Lions member has always been and always has been an honor. As Lion members, we enjoy the honor of serving our community in an effective way and forging friendships with like-minded people. This is what really makes a person a Lion member – a genuine desire to help and the spirit of “international缩写we serve.”


  &nbsbranches翻译p;   Important information

  &nbspservice是什么故障灯;   October Membershipmessage翻译 Growth and Membership Developresidential是什么意思pment Awards

      October has long been lions International membership growth month. Weteam是什么意思翻译 now rebranch怎么读cognize thateambitiont membershipteam growth must be a continuous, year-rwillsonoundsummary primessages什么意思ority, but October is still a good time for your club to focus on recruiting new members. Successful recbranch怎么读ruiters from past years will be recomessage造句gnizedsummary翻译 at the October Membership Growth Awards.

      In addition to the October Awards and the lonservicemang-standing Membership Key Awbranches翻译ards event, the wholwill是什么意思英语eAnnual Membmessage软件下载ership growthSeparatwillse awards will be presented, including the Outstanding Meinternational音标mber Growth Flag Pin award and the Annual Growth International Clock Award for three Lions in each Charter disinternational怎么读trict.

      Lions International provides these and many other tools to suppteamviewerort you in your membership growth efforts. I hope you can use a lot of them.


      New statservicemanus of global membership development team

  &branchesnbsp;   Communication, inspirasummary中文翻译tion and guidance -GMT leaders continservice的名词ue to maintain their comservicemanmitment to sharing information, energy and fofficer是什么意思ocus on lions leaders worldwide.
  &branches英语怎么读nbsp;   The director’s quarterly membership activity report and quarterly tracking report will arrive in early October. These reports are produced to assist the Director in understanding the current status of membership development and to help guide and decide whether to continue with the current growth plan or to rservice是什么故障灯eplan a more effective approach to achieve better results.
      Directors should complete all answer shesummary动词ets for this report and respond to the appropriatewill是be动词吗 GMT leader. Remember, GMT district leaders are here to help you grow as a mepresident是什么意思mber, dismessage翻译cover challenges and find opportservice可数吗unities.
      Wesummary encourage the branch presidenwill是be动词吗t to liaise closely with the Membership Developmofficers翻译ent and Retentserviceableion Chair and the Governor’s team – sharbranchinging successes and concerns aboupresident什么意思中文翻译t membership devteams会议elopminternational音标ent that can be passed on to GMT.


      Staying in touch with GMT leaders can help organizations around the world focus on your local sitsummary翻译uation and help communicateservice your views.


  &nbspresidentp;   Thank you again and wish you every success.

      Best wishesinternational labour day翻译!


&nbpresident翻译sp;   &messages下载nbsp;   &nbspteam什么意思;               &nbservice的名词sp;                                         &nmessages下载bsp;                               Ebel Havelfs, President of the International General Assmessage造句embly
                          &nbspresident英语怎么读p;           &ninternationalcupidbsp;             &service怎么读nbsp;           &nbssummary是什么意思p;                       &nbmessagersp; &nbspservice怎么读;             &summary是什么意思nbsp;         Lions Club International


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