Shenzhen Lions Club to build children’s Charity Home in Jiegu (source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)


      The disaster in the earthquake-stricken area of Qinghai province has touched the hearts of shenzhen Lions Club lion Friends. Shenzhen Lions Clclubmedub decided to donate to build a solid building in Gyegu. Shenzhen Lions Children’s Charity Home & RDQUO; To give a warm homebuilding翻译 to those children who have lost loved ones.
  &nsource的中文意思bsp;   Itsource命令 is reported that there is a children’s home in Jiegu, where tsource insightherehome键在哪 are more than 5club用英语怎么说0 orphans. They are taken in and taken care of by a couple. Their living resources are adopted or supported by caring people. An深圳疫情最新消息d morelions英语怎么读 than 10 days ago, lion friends had inspected this children’s home. Aftehomefacialpror the earthqbuild的过去式和过去分词uake, news came from the front, the earthquake flattened the children’s shelter, three children and their father were buried, although rescued bbuild的过去式和过去分词ut seriously injured. So far, only about 10 children have been recovered.
      Y接骨七厘片esterday afternclubman是什么牌子车oon, the Shenzhen Lions Ccharity怎么读lub was held in fron结果的英文t ohomef songgang Street Square. Feeling yushu earthquake relief接骨七厘片build The first batch of relief materials delivery ceremony. At the event节瓜 site, the service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club and caring enterprises donated 535,000 yuan. It is understood that as of yesbuild翻译terday, the Shenzhen Lions Club has raised more than one millionhome键怎么调出来 yuan for the disaster arlions怎么读ea.
      The Shenzhen Lions Club will also organize charity performances, fundraising activitcharity是什么意思ies,charity and plans to raise 2 million深圳大学 yuan for post-disaster reconstlions怎么读音ruction and build a donation in Jiegu. Shenzhen Lions Children’s Charity Home & RDQUO; .

Reporte深圳天气r/Yu Hairong Correspondent/Ma Huijuan


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