Lions donated 1.5 million US dollars to help earthquake victims in China

On May 19, 2008, lions International Foundation (LCIF) announced that the 1.5 millionearthquakes US dollars raised under lions’ initiative will be used for emergency relions翻译lief in China’s eardonated怎么读thquake-stricken aredollars可数吗as.

On May 12, 2008, Sichuan province suffered a powerful earthquake. This suddhelp的用法en disaster caused huge losses and injuries to the people in the disaster areas. Lions Club International Fous浏览器undation (LCIF) cooperated with lion friends from all over the world to make a qhelpful是什么意思uick response. Lion Friends of Mdollars可数吗ainland China, Hong Kong ausdt是什么币nd Macau has successfully raised us $600,000, and LCIF has committed US $500,000 for immediate emergency relief and relief supplies such as medicine, clothing, blankets, drinking water and temporary shelter. So far, Lion Friends has successfully sent tents, blankets, food and medicine to the victims. Lionusdt Friends of Swedenhelpful has also shippedlions英语怎么读 more than 300 tents and 2,000 blankets to Sichuan on The 18th. Through the lion club network, the lihelp是什么意思英文翻译on friends of mainland China and Hong Kong united LCIF will soon send a relief mission to the disaster area with relief supplies, and will pusuallyersonaldonate的意思ly participate in the aid work.

victims什么意思Lions is the onlmillionairey international volunteer organization in The country,” said Jimmy Ross, president ousualf Lions International Foundationlions英语怎么说读 (LCIF). “Lions Interndonate的用法ational Foundation canhelp only face urgent needs by working closelylions怎么读 with lions around the world. It is only through lion Friends’ grassroots network in the disasvictims翻译ter area that we can quickly get relief supplies to where they are most needed.”

Just ashelped lions have done for other natural disasters around the world, LIONS International Flions英语怎么说读oundation (LCIF)helpful是什么意思 expects lions around the world to respodollars后面用are还是isnd to the call for relief and raise more than us $400,000 in the first week after the disaster, wearthquake怎么读hich will be quickly used for emergency relief. We will use the lion friendly funds collected from all over the region for the rehabilitatiearthquake可数吗on ahelpful是什么意思nd reconhelplessstruction of housearthquake什么意思es, schools and other facilities in the disasmilliondoll动漫teearthquake什么意思r area. We will also continue touser devote to the long-userterm responsusibility of local eye treatment and care.


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