About the trial method of Family Membership and Fees (Attached: Application Form for Family Membership)



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      Accordingmethod复数 to the relevant policies of Lions Club International on family members and the specific situation of Lions Club, inapplication什么意思 order to encourage family members to join the club and vigorously deveabouttime免费观看lop new members, we hereby make the following instructiofamily怎么读ns on family members’ membershipfamily的复数形式 and fees:

    &method是什么意思nbsp; I. Definition of family membership

      Family membership refers to a lion club member who has a family relationshifamily家庭树图片p and joins the same club.

      Family relationstrial和experiment的区别hip refers to the relationship generated by birth, marriage, adoption or other legal channels in the smethodame household rattached翻译egistemethod是可数名词吗r, including parents, children, uncabout后面动词什么形式les/trial怎么读aunts, Cousins, grformalandparents, bfamilytherapy中文rother-in-law/family的复数形式sister-in-law, etc.

  &nbsfamily家庭树图片p;   Ii. Collection standards of membershifamily怎么读p dues

      Tunattachedhe first family member shall payform the full entry fee and annuattached翻译al membership fee, and the second family member can enjoy the treatment of reduced entry fee and annual membershapplication是什么意思中文ip fee halved. According to this regulation, the first family member to join the club needs to pay the membershitrial英语p fee and annual membership fee of 2600 yuan, the annual mformationembership fee of 1500 yuan from the secoformidablend year after joining the club; The qualified anapplicationcontextd approved second family members only need to pay 850 yuan to join the club (1trials00 yuan is logo fee), and the annual membership fee is 750 yuan frommethod是可数名词吗 the second yearformative after joining the club. A maximum of four family membmembership怎么读音ers can enjoy the preferential treatment of membership fee.

      Iii. Application procedures

      1. The applicant should submit the application documents: Appliabout后面动词什么形式catiabout怎么读语音on form for membeapplication翻译rship, Familyapplication是什么意思中文 Unit Certification fapplications文件夹orm and a copy of household registrmethod是可数名词吗ation booklet (theunattached family Unit Certificatifamily的复数形式on Form should be signed by the secretary of the association after confirming the relationship between the applicant and the membapplicationcontext.xml配置文件er).

      2. Thabouttime免费观看e dfee是什么意思中文翻译istrict club will aapplicationcontextpply to Lions Club International for approval.

      3. Upon approvapplication formal of the application, lions Club International will notify the applicant and collect thmethod是什么意思e membership fee according to the faformmily membership fee preferential treformulateatment; If the application is rejected, the applicant shall be informed of the reasons for the rejection and shall, at the applicant’s option, be required to re-declare or be paid ifamily复数n full at the normal new membership rate.


  &nbspaboutcg;                                   &nbspformative;                 &about是介词吗nbsp;formation     &nbmembership翻译sp;       &nbspmembership;       &applications文件夹nbsmethod是可数名词吗p; Shenzhen Lioformativens Club

  &nbspforms; &nbsfamilyp;     &nmembership怎么读bsp;                                       &nmethod复数bsp;           &ntrialsbsp;           Seformativeptember 26, 2009


About the trial method of Family Membership and Fees (Attached: Application Form for Family Membership) news 图1张Application form for family Membership. Pdf        &trial怎么读nbsp;   &nbtrial是什么意思sp; &method和way的区别nbsp; &attached tonbsp;         &nfamily家庭和家人的区别bsp;     &methodsnbspmembership怎么读;    membership什么意思啊     About the trial method of Family Membership and Fees (Attached: Application Form for Family Membership) news 图2张Family membefamilyhookupsrship and fees for trial implementation. Doc


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