Implementation of the work plan of the Emergency conference on Earthquake Relief

A, & have spent According to the official contact with Sichuan province and the actual situation of the eartrelief动词hquakrelief翻译e relief, the earthquworkoutake relief woconferencesrk has shifted from saving pimplementation怎么读eople to the post-disaster reconstruction servicerelief用法及搭配 stage. At present, the focus of the Lionswork翻译 Club is rehabilitation servplan的过去式ices.

Second, & have sprelief是什么意思啊ent Continue to increase fundraising efforts, shenzhen Lions club aims to raise 10 million yuan. We propose that each lion friend donate 1000 yuan to the disaster area.

Three, & have spent Organize the transport of earthquake relief materials in an active and orderlimplementationy manner. Each service team to transport materialearthquake什么意思s to the disaster area can contact the office, unified coordination, smconference怎么读ooth delivery channels.

Four, & have spent Orgworkeranize volunteer research teams to inspect projects in the disaster areas and propose feasible plans for the rehabilitation and reconstruction services.

Five, & have spent Continue to strengthen the contact with lions international,plan是什么意思 earthquake relief information, and strive for the assistance and support of lions around the worlworksd.

Six, & have spent We will furthemergency stoper implement the use of spplantationecial relief funds from lions Intworkernational’sworkforce Domestic disaconferences翻译ster Assistance Fund, and do a good job in project inspection and provrelief动词形式ision of relief materials.

Seven, & have spent Strelief怎么读rengearthquake前面加a还是anthen the organization and leadership of earthconference英语quake relief, set up the executive working committee, further clarify the members of theplane怎么读 leading group and the division of work. Zhang Weixian is the director in charge, Wang Jinliang is the director in cworkharge, Zhanearthquakesg Guojun is the deputy director in charge, Song Rui is the secretary general in charge, and the executive director is the team member. Mr Wong Kaworksm Leung, diwork是什么意思rector designate in charge ofrelief是什么意思啊 fund-raising and Lions Club International liaison;conferences Zhang Guojun will be deputy Dirconference翻译ector in charge of purchasing, logistics, capital operation and supervision. Secretary General Song Rui is responsible for publicity,conference翻译 ofrelief是什么意思啊ficial liaison, project inspection and volunteer service team.

Remaemergency stoprk:

A, & have spent Storage point of earthquake relief materials:

The contact

to     The address

Contact phoemergency的中文意思ne number

Lai new friends

Xiangmi Lake grassland in Shenzhen city


Wang Shwork翻译aoming



Li Yuehua

Shenzhen Xinxing Group Xinxing Square  60Square meter warehouse


Wang Xi

Shenzhen Urban construction Mereliefiyuan Industrial Co Hongling North Road, Shework是什么意思nzhen cityearthquake是什么意思英语3002Norelief翻译成中文. No. 3, 200Square meters

Warehouse opening time & NBSP;     Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

  &nemergency什么意思bsp;       &nbsconference什么意思p;                 Saturday through Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m


Second, & have spent Money management

All service temergency可数吗eams are required to remit theworkforceir donations to the special account of the district council to strengthen the supconferences翻译ervision of funds.

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