A proposal on the donation of ambulances


                        &donationsnbsp;     &nbsdonation什么意思p;             &ndonations怎么读bspdonation是什么意思英语;                 &nbproposal造句sp;                     Fellow lions:

      After the Sichuanproposal翻译 earthquake, with the openinproposal翻译g of roads and the developmdonationsent of post-disaster medical assistance, there is an urgent need for a large number of prdonation可数吗ofessional ambulance vehicles in the earthquake area to transfer the injured people.

A proposal on the donation of ambulances news 图1张

  &donationnbsp; In order to solve the emergency of the disaster area, CCPIT Xiproposalamen decided to participatproposal的动词e in the “Bo Lproposal翻译ove Domestic Travel” organized by the Chinese Red Crossdonation什么意思 Society to organize the Red Cross ambulance team in theproposal用法 earthdonation可数吗quake relief action (see the attachment for details of the activity). After consultation, ambulances equipped with standard medical equidonations是什么意思pment will be donated, each worth RMB100,000, and all donated vehidonation怎么读cles will be marked with the words of the donor.

A proposal on the donation of ambulances news 图2张

      Pdonations翻译lease joproposal模板范文in us in this activity. Yoproposal怎么读u can make a donation to the Lions Club account of Shenzhen, and then the Lions Club of Shenzhen will co-ordinate thproposal英语e dodonationnation andambulance是什么意思英语 donate the ambulance.

      Donations can be reproposal翻译mitted to the Shenzhen Lions Club account:

  &nbdonations翻译sp;   Accouproposal造句nt name: Shenzhen Lions Club

      Account number: 010900040011412

&nproposal是什么意思英语bsp;     Bank name: Agricultural Bank of China Renmin North Sub-branproposal用法ch

      Tdonationips: Please fax the bank receipt tdonations是什么意思o 25688900 after the remittance, and indicate “donation for sichuan disaster adonations怎么读rea”, and indicate your name or service team in thedonation是什么意思英语 postscript; Or call Miss Hou at 25688550, Mr Zhang at 25688960.

&nbproposal是什么意思英语sp;     Because of your loving donation, more lives will be saved!

A proposal on the donation of ambulances news 图3张

                                                    &nbsdonation怎么读p;                       &nbdonation翻译sp;                   &ndonation翻译bsp;                                proposal翻译                          proposal英语 Shdonation是什么意思英语enzhen Lions Club

                                                                                    &donation动词形式nbsp;       &nbproposalsp;                       &nbproposal造句sp;                 Cheung Wai-yin, Director of the year 2007-2008

 donation                                 &nbproposal写作格式sp;   &proposal的动词nbsp;       &nbdonation翻译sdonations怎么读p;     &nbsdonations是什么意思p;            donation怎么读         &nbdonations怎么读sp;    donation翻译                 &nambulancesbsp;                   &ndonations翻译bsp;      donations怎么读   &nbproposal什么意思sp;         &nbsdonationp;           May 15, 2008

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