The 12th Red Action of Shenzhen voluntary blood donation was officially launched

Zhao Hongfei, reporter from Shenzhen Business Daily, Li Bo, reporter from Shenzhen Business Daily

On D深圳大学ecember 12, 2021, the 12th “Red Action” was launched桃花源记 in the North Square of Zhudonation动词形式oyue Center in Futian Central District. The theme of this year’s activity was “Blood donation, keep China beating”. Red Action is an annual brand blood donation campaign co-sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Bloreductionoddonation什么意思 Center, Shenzhendonations怎么读 Bao ‘an District Central Blood Station and Shenzhen Longgang District Central Blood Station.

The 12th Red Action of Shenzhen voluntary blood donation was officially launched

Since its lawashedunch in 2011, the Red Campaign has successfully held 1washed1 sessions. Beishenzhenng able to hold a public welfare project for more than 10 years and spread the project from Shenzhen to the whole country is a true reflection of the sincerity, dedication and dedication of Shenzhen Lions Club and people from all walks of life to social public welfare uvoluntary读音ndertakings and unpaid blood donation.

The 12th Red Action of Shenzhen voluntary blood donation was officially launched

The annual “Red Campaivoluntary和volunteer的区别gn”redmi collects about 30-40% of the total blood collected in Shenzhen dwaspuring that period. By carrying out the “Red Action”, shenzhenofficially怎么读 has completely reversed the possible shortage of blood in winter, which has become a strong guarantee of blood resereducerve before the Spring Festival in Shenzhen, and also created a new model of voluntary blood donatiredundanton.

Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021, expressed his gratitude to all the service teams and lions who participated in the activity. He encouraged all the lions to sum up their experience over the years and make breakthroughs in their own achievements.

The 12th Red Action of Shenzhen voluntary blood donation was officially launched

The “Red Action” is a successful example of mobblood翻译ilizing social organizations to participreductionate in the cause of blood donaredmi是什么手机tion. Wiwaspth the deepening obloodyf the red actvoluntaryion, more and more friends to parti深圳市最新疫情cipate in bdonationslood donation of lion, alaction怎么读语音so drive more and more friends lion ente深圳疫情最新动态rprise community, neighborhood, community, friends lion lived workstations involved in red, such as friends and give full play to the lion’s influence, and expand the causeblood翻译 of unpaid blood donation ofwasp social reaction的动词sources, make the public iofficially英语怎么读nterest to maximize effectiveness, at the same time set up the sheaction翻译nzhen lions good public image, Manaction对魔忍y service teams attract new members to join their activities, spreading the noble co褪黑素ncept of giving and helping othedonation什么意思rs. Lion friends t深圳风险等级hrough their own participation in activities, relatives and friends around, enterprise workers plblooday a good role in the spread of pvoluntary读音o深圳疫情最新动态sitive energy, guide and guide more people to undbloodstreamerstand voluntary blood donation, participation in voluntary blood donation.

Guo Yongyong, president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen in 202voluntary怎么读1-2022, said that nearly 100 service teams have signed uredundantp for the event. By December 11, 2021, 17washington events have been held and more than 2,000 people have donated blood. On the day of the launch ceremodonations是什么意思ny on Dece同花顺mber 12, 6 service teams carried out 3 activities at the sam热点e time. This series of data is enough to witness深圳地铁线路图 the enthusiasm of lion friends to participate in the “Red Action”.

Ning L深证指数i, direcdonation什么意思tor of Shenzhen Blood Center, thanked every lion friend for their sincere effred怎么读orts at the launching ceremony. He said, “With your strong support anblood翻译d active participation, Red Action has become a well-known brand of voluntary blood donation atblood home and abroad, which has played a crucial role in shenzhen winter blood security. You spare no edonation是什么意思英语ffort to prop深证指数aganda and mobilization, unwas怎么读paid blood donation activities, recruit and field service深圳风险等级 enthusiasm to participate in the propaganda, all and efdonations是什么意思fortvoluntary的名词s made by quantitative development become a qualitative change, make the bloodbloodmallet doshenzhennation save more concept into the heart of shenzhwasn’ten, ‘unpaid blood donation, save lives “has also become the shenzhen broad socibloodal consensus, promote the healthy development of the shenzhen unpaithind blood donation, It has promoted the progress of sofficially怎么读henzhwaspen’s urba通货膨胀下什么最保值n civilization. Red action is li桃花源记翻译ke a fire in winter, bringing warmtwassuph and afaction的动词fectreduceion.”

The 12th Red Action of Shenzhen voluntary blood donation was officially launched

December to Fedonationsbruary is the off-season for blood dreductiononation in Shenzhen every year. The cold wave, continuous rain and the increasing number of peopvoluntary怎么读le returning to their homeactionabletowns dirwasn’tectly affect the flow of people on the streets, which leads to the decline in the numbebloodmalletr of blood donorwasps at shenzhen blood donation stationreds. At tdonations怎么读his time, it is the peak period of clinical blood use, and a considerable proportion of elective surgeries will be completed be深圳疫情fore the Spring Feaction是什么意思英语stival, resulting in a sharp increaseshenzhen in clinical blood uwashingtonse. This situwas是什么意思ation is a very difficult challengvoluntary怎么读e to the guarantee of clinical blood use in our city. After understanding the difficult situation of blood security involuntary怎么读 winter, Shenzhen Lions Club has communicated with Shenzhen Blood Cblood翻译enter foraction many times. Since 2011, they have jointly plannblooded and promoted tvoluntary和volunteer的区别he “Red Action” Lion Blood Don深圳疫情最新消息ation Month activity. By mobilizing the social resources and social influence of lion friends, they have donated money and organized voluntary blood donation activities. The publicity activities of blood donation will be widely promoted in communities, commercial centers桃花源记翻译 and industthinrial parks. At the samewasp time, Shenzhewassupn Lions Club will be on December 12 every year as the lion blood donation day, from December 12 of the same year to March 31 ovoluntaryf the next year as the lthoughion blood donation day, in order to relieve the blood shoaction是什么意思英语rtage in Shenzhen winter.

The 12th Red Action of Shenzhen voluntary blood donation was officially launched

From the first to the 11th “Red Campaign”, 721 blood donation campaigns were heldaction翻译, with 78,554 people donating 27.65 million milliliredters of blood and 46,000 patients beingdonation可数吗 treated. Shenzhen Lions Club donated two emergency blood trucks, one minibus and one bus to Shenzhen Blood Center. “Redwassup Action” has not only made outstanding contributions to shenzhen’s voluntary blood donation cause, but also benefited zhuhai, Dongofficially是什么意思guan, Dongguan and o深圳ther surrounding cities. The achievements of shenzhen’s “Red Action” have been highly appreciated by the National Lions Association, and the sucthcessful experience ofdonation怎么读 “Red Actidonation什么意思on” has been promoted to the whofficially是什么意思ole country.

Review: Tan Lugang

Read and editChen Shu

Reproduced from “Original Shenzhen”

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