Blood donation keeps the heart beating in China — The 12th “Red Action” of Shenzhen Lions Club was officially launched

December 12, 2021, a day full of love, “Donate blood & NBSP; The opening ceremony of the 12th “Red Adonation动词形式ction” of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in the North Square of Zhuoyue Center in Futian District.

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This activity is co-sponsored bykeep上传失败怎么办 Sheartworkhe陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿nzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen Blood Center, Shenzhen Bao ‘an District Central Blood Bank and Shenzhen Longgang Distri桃花源记ctaction下载 Central Blood Bank. Ning Li, Director of Shenzhen Blood Center; Lu Liang, Party通货膨胀下什么最保值 Secretary; Liu Jinhonkeep是什么意思中文g, Depredmik40uty Director; Zhang Sheng, Deputy Director; Chen Jiancong, assistant director; Zhong Shiwen, Assistant d褪黑素irector; Wen Xiuming, Deputy Director;   Shenzhen lions club President of 2021-2022, Guo Yongyo陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ng, President of the last, zhi-qiang lu, first deputy chairman Peng Daojian, second deputy chairman NieXiangDong, former President of ShiJianYdonations怎么读ong, Lin Tao, jin-liang wang, dai xin, chief financial offkeepsakeicer Xu Qiubin, dean of general affair Tan Fei, deputy sheartworkecretaryreduce-general kevinbales, deputbeating怎么读y secretary-general of WenYaoLredisi, Li Chunchang, chairman of the zone Wu Jinzhi, li xiaofeng, even ChuHai, District chairmen Qian Duoduo, Lin Xiaoyi, Wang Yibibloodmalletng, Tang Xueyong, Li Bin, Yu Xiaoping, Wan Xiaoyun,blood Cao Meixiu, Chen Gang, Wen Zhiyong, Zheng Bocaction的动词hao, Fei Jun, Lv Guiqin, supervisors Wu Zhijian, Huang Shaofang, as well as commthinittee chaactionscriptirmen, service team representatives, representatives of caring enterprises and nearly 300 people participatkeepsakeed in the activity. The launching ceremony was presided over by Gao Shenghan and Mblood怎么读eng Chun.

Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of the 11th Red Action Organizing Committee and the last president of Shenzhen Lionsredundant Club, made a summary of the 11th Red Action. He said that under the leadership of the exbloodborneecutive team headed by Zhang Zhining, chairman of the 11th Red Action Executive Committee, and the joint efforts of varioreduceus service teams, 88 blood donation activities wereheartwork held in the 11th Red Action, witheartbeath a total ofblood怎么读 9,921 people donating 3.42 million milliliters of blood, and 84 service teams participating. In theartilyhe face of the epidemic, lion friends actively organizeheart什么意思英语d and participated in the 11th Red Campaign under the premise ofred是什么意思 epidemic prevention and control, and made due contributions to enskeep是什么意思uring shenzhen’s blood supply. Mr. Lu zhiqiang, the last prdonation翻译esident, expressed his gratitude to the municipal Blood Center and other units for s同花顺upporting thkeep是什么意思中文e prbloodstreamoject all the time. He also thanked every service team and every liobloodc剧情介绍n friend who participated in the activity. He encouraged all lion friends to sum up their experireduceence gained over the years, make breakthroughs and create brilliance again.


Afterwards, he led the lion Friends to commend the lion friends, service teams and caring enterprises who strongly supporaction翻译ted the 11th Red Action. Zhang Zhining, chairman of the 11th Red Action Executive Committee, was awarded the “Outstandinheartbreakingg Executive Chairman Award”; “Great Contribution Awkeepsard” was awarded to zimeng, Chuandi and Xin ‘an service teams whose total number of bloodblood怎么读 donors exceeded 1,action是什么意思英语000. “Outstanding Contribution Award” will be awarded to the central district service team which has more thakeep实体奖牌怎么得n 500 blthood donors; Seven service teams, inkeep是什么意思cluding Xiangmihu, Yishan, Xiangshan, Handshandou, Xianhu, Bagualing and Hongli, with a total nthinumber of blood donors of more thbloodan 200, were awardactioned “Gheartilyold Award”; A “silver award” was granted toblood怎么读 nine servbloodcicblood什么意思e teams, including Gaofeng, Lobloodmalletnghua, Zhuhui, Qiancheng, Jiangshan, Leshan, Shangbu, B退婚后大佬她又美又飒oai and other groups with a total number of more than 100 people who donated blood. “Bronze Award” was awarded to 20 service teams, including Taisheng, Elite, Mingde, Diwang, Jingfeng, Caitian, Minbloodshedgjia Shanpin, Tiheartande, Happinbeating是什么意思ess, Fuai, Oriental Rose, Wenjin, Changyuan, Zhengdao, Huahan, Spring, Huanggang, Bijia Mountain, Xili and Songming, whose total number of blood donorchina意思s was more than 50. Awarded the title of “Caring Enterprise” to 23 enterprisesaction是什么意思英语 sheartbeatuch as Shenzhen Asheartshotsociation of Student Associations ofredundant Infaction的动词orred怎么读mation Vocdonation是什么意思英语ational Technothoughlogy Colleges, Shenzhen Skyworth -RGB Electrothnics Co.,通货膨胀下什么最保值 LTD., Meichuang Industry Holding (Shenzhen) Group Co., LTD., Southerbloodshedn University of Sciencedonation动词 and Technology, etc. which donated more than 200 blood; 24 lion friends and caring personage such as Bao Renjie and Mo Shaojuan whokeep是什么意思 paid the most in the activity planning will be awarded “Caring individuadonationl Award”.

Witnessed by lu Zhiqiang,beating是什么意思 chairman of thechina意思 last committee, and Zhang Zhining, chairman of the 1桃花源记翻译1th Executive Committee of Red Action, the torch symbolizing the passing of “Red Action” from generation to gebeatingndonation动词eration was handed over to Guo Yongyong, Chairman of tdonation动词he committee and Xiong Qi, caction对魔忍hairman of the 12th Executive Committee of Red Action.

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In his speech, President Kwok Wing-yong stressed that “Red Action” iheartbreakings one of the service projects highly valued this year. He is full of confidence and expectaheart是什么意思中文tion for the 12th “Red Action”. He introduced, at present 85 service teams enthusiastically signed uactionscriptp to undertake. In the month leading up to thekeepsake launch ceremony, 17 events were held anaction是什么意思英语d 2,400 people donated bthoughlood successfully. On the day of the launch ceremony on Dactionsecembbeating是什么意思er 12, 6 service teams carried outheart什么意思英语 3 activbloodshedities simultaneously, which proves the enthusiasm ankeep上传失败怎么办d participkeep数据上传失败ation of the Lion friends. We believe that thisblood year will make great achievementdonation什么意思s. Guo had high expectations for the 12th “Red Action” executive Committee, and presented a letter of appointment.

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In hidonations是什么意思s speech at the launching ceremony, Nikeep三公里跑步截图ng Li, director of Shenzhebeatingn Blood Center, sincerely thanked evebloodmalletry lion friend for their efforts. “Red Action” has brought precious blood to Shenzhen and bbeating怎么读rought new hope to more people. With the suppobloodstreamrt and active participation of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, Red Action has become a well-known voluntary blood donation activity at home and ab褪黑素road, which plays a crucial role in shenzhen’s wintkeep是什么意思er blood security.

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The 85 servicheartshote team lekeep是啥运动aders of the red Action took to the stredmi是什么手机age and read the Red Action Proposal together. The abloodc剧情介绍tmosphere affected everyone who tookbloodshed part in the activitredy. The guests in the audience read together: “Loveredundant can ignite the fire ofdonations是什么意思 life, love can emit brillidonationsant sunshine, love can unite into the red sea, let’s take action together!” Carrying the faith of lion friends and caring people, the declarationdonation动词形式 is majred是什么意思estic, resounding across the sky and spractioneading far and wide. President Kwok Yong Yonheartg presented “Active Participation Award” to 85 service teams as encouragemenheartbrokent.

Theredmik40 guiding ideology of the currenblood什么意思t Red Action is “focus on launbloodstreamching, promote publicity”, which adonation翻译ims to inspire morchinae citizensred to participate in blood donation volunteers. The “Red Action” publicity group was estactionableablished in an innovative way. Chairman Guo Yongyong and Chairman Xiong Qi presented appointment cbloodertificdonation可数吗ates to members of the publicity group. It is understoobloodc剧情介绍d that the publicity group will go deep intoblood enterprisbeating是什么意思es, communities and public places to preach thearteninghe sikeep实体奖牌怎么得gnifi童话故事cance of the “Red Action”, so that the coactionablencept of “bloodredmik40 donation without compensation, saving lives” into the hearts of more Shenzhen people, to contribute to the healthy developbloodcment of shenzhen blood donation cause.

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In view of her outstanding contribution to the Red Action, Zhao Nianheartshotzhen Shi Jie was awarded the title of “Lovheartworke Ambassareddor” of the 12th Red Action. Lheartilyu Liang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Blood Center awarded zhao Nianactionscriptzhen Shi Jie a certificate and wore a ribbon.

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The leaders of shenzhen Blood Center, Shenzhen Lioreductionns Club and other units jointly pushed the sheartilytartindonations是什么意思g lever, and a vigorourediss and powerful calligraphydonation翻译 was slowly launched, markheart什么意思英语ing the officialheartbeat lbloodshedaunch of the 12th “Red Action”.

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It is reported that the Red Campaign has been successfully held for 11 sessions sinc童话故事e it was launched in 2heartfelt011beating翻译. 721 blood donation activities were organized, with 78,554 people donbloodyating blood, 2keep数据上传失败7.65 million milliliters of bloo褪黑素d, and 46,000 patients being treated. Bekeep上传失败怎么办ing abbeating是什么意思le to hold a public welfare projecbeatingt for moactiongirls女兵人re than 10 years and spread the project from Shenzhen to the whole country is a true reflection of the sincerity, dedicatiochina意思n and dedication of Shenzhen Lionactionss Club and people from all walks of life to social public welfare undertakings and unpaid blood donation.


[Text] Liu Meijiao, Wu Di, Publicity Committee

[Photo] Wang Haibin, Publicity Cokeep是什么意思mmittee

[Editor] Liu Jun, Publicity Committee

Oheartshotffice Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Hu & have spent   grey

[Typesetting] Du Shaohedonation翻译ng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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