Evangelical Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

Evangelical Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2016-2017

On May 9, 2017, the fifth regular meeting of The 2016-2017 Lions Clubregular翻译 Of Shenzhen Gospel Service was held at the 1st floor, Building B, City Archivfifth什么意思es, Linfeng Road, Futian Disregularlytrict. The Gospel service team captain Zfifth怎么读hong Shixiong, the first vice caregular的名词ptain Yu Sihan, the second vice captain Zhong Wei, the thirdteam vice captain Jie Bing and other 18 people attended the meetfifth翻译ing, shenzhen Deaf Aregularssociation vice Chairman Wang Yiqiang, Yu Yiyi, Shenzhen Deaf association backbone Yang Canliang, the Gospel service team guide lion sister Lao Meixuan, guide lion brother Wang Song attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jie Bingheld.

Lao Mei Xuan and Wang Song respectively shared tmeetingyou是什么意思heir lionmeetings road journey and the situation of the service team, and gave guidance to the activity process, detailsteammate and matters fofifthsr attention of the Gospemeeting是什么意思l service team. We hope that you will uphold the core values of Lions Club, be diligent, dedicated, and strive for honor.

Captain Zhong Shiheldenxiong shareteammated the preparation of thregular翻译e “Warm Project Walk with Lovemeeting是什么意思” May 21 National Joint service for the disabled. In response to the call of the National Lions Association for assisting the disabled, the Evangelical Service team plans to carry out deaf-recruitmentregular matchmaking mmeeting翻译eetings and a series of deaf aheld的原型ctivities.fifth什么意思 The participants had a heated discussion andfifth音标 finally decided on the activity plan of Maheld的中文意思y 21 and the content and time of the activities in the second half of the year. The two lions said they would donate money afifth怎么读英语nd pateamviewerrticipateteams手机版 in the whole event, hoping that the Evangelical Service teafifth怎么读英语m would make efforts to build this event into a brand pmeeting腾讯会议roject.

At the meetinheld过去式和过去分词g, the representative of the Deafness Association approved of the evangelical service team’s activity plan and expressed his full support for the evangelical Service team to cateams手机版rry out this activity.

Theteammate lion friends who attended the meeting discussed and shared with each other. They all agreed that although some deaf people cannot listen to the beautiful voiceservice是什么故障灯 and tell theimeeting的音标r wishes, the lion friends of the Gomeeting的音标spel Service team are willing to provide a stage for tmeeting翻译hem to show themselves and care for them, soserviceable that their silent world canservice是什么故障灯 be equally wonderteam是什么意思翻译ful.

The reregular的所有形式gular meeting ended successfully in an efficient, pragmatic and joyful atmosphere.

By Qian Qirui

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