Hongya Service Team: held the fourth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2019-2020

On October 24th, 2019, the fourth Captain team meeting and regular meeting of Hongya Service Club of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2held020 was held in Hilton Greater China. Tang Quanhui, chairman of The 8th District of Shenzhen Liservicemanons Club, Yao Chen, leader of the Hongya Service Team, Li Li, Seheld是hold的什么形式cretary Zhao Nianzhen, Treasurer Zhao Yanping, Picket Zheng Xinxin, team leader CAI Weiteam什么意思hua and other 20 members attended the meeting. Li Feng, executive Vfourth缩写ice secretary general of Shenzmeetingshen Lions Club, Li Zhou, chairman of the second Zonefourth怎么读, Li Chunchang, supervisor and lion sistregular翻译er oteams会议f Hong Ya Service Team, Chen Zong, deputy head of art troupe and lion brother director of Hong Ya Service Team, Huang Hameeting是什么意思iqun, executive chairman of Lion Friends Care Committee, Qiu Henmeetingtencentcomgying, executive chairman of Information Technology Committee attended the meeting. The conferenregular翻译ce wteams手机版as chaired by Wu Shunhan as chairmanupheld, Yang Yongguangheld中文 as executive chairman and Y红颜杀ao Chen as chair.


Aservice是什么意思中文翻译t 2:30 PM, the meetimeeting是什么意思ng of the team l红眼病eader started on time. T红颜he lion friends attenditeams手机版ng the meeting focused on the project of pteam是什么意思翻译roviding mentfourth翻译al health counseling for depressed people. Everyone spoke freeregular翻译ly and excaptaindarkpressed their opinions enth红颜usiastically, full of exservicepectations for the project.


Mteamor. Li Feng, executive Deputy Secretary General, presented a unique training cofourth用英语怎么说urse entheld是hold的什么形式itlefourth的音标d “The Power of Harmony –regularization– Lions Club Meeting”. Lio红颜孽n friends learn from each other and learn a lot.


At the regular meeting, the lions reviewed the recent service projects carried out by the team and their participation in various activitieservice是什么意思中文翻译s. Wanmeeting腾讯会议g Zizuo vividly described the journey from excitement to joy ameeting腾讯会议nd gratitude of participating in the Tibet Bright Action project. Such warm sharing decaptaindarkeply moved everyone present. At the ceremony, Yao Chen presented aheld中文 certificate of appreciation to the vcaptainolunteer representatives, Dr. Feng Hua and Ms. Ran Juan.


Considering that there are many projects in hongya service team this year, in order to hcaptain什么意思中文elp liregularlyons to better participate in the service, Captain Yao Chen appointserviceableed the proteam什么意思jecaptaindarkct chairman for each project, and called on the team leader to tak红颜知己e the lead in participating in various activities.

Finance Zhao Yanping published the monthly finaregular的所有形式ncial income and expenditure reporegular是什么意思英语rt, and detailed description oregular的所有形式f each expendituservice的名词re and income, highlighting the open and transparent financial systeamotem.

Chairman Li Zhou, Vice president Chen Zong and Brother Liu Wanchang spoke highly of the standard and rigorhelden of the regularegularly意思中文翻译r meeting of hongya Service team. They praised Yao Chen as the stservice是什么意思中文翻译ar leader of the meeting and praised Hongya Service team for its progress from excellence to excellence. The lion friends of Hong Ya Service team are encservicemanouraged.


At the dinner, lion friends and guests interacted warmly. The birthday party of Yip Jin Lion sister brought the happy atmosphere to a climax. Accompanied by beteams手机版autiful birthday songs, in the candlelight, warm wishes and hugs from everyone, the birthday star in a white dress bufourthlyrst into tears of joy… Life comes becausfourth的音标e of love, lion friends because of love and in, let usfourth-grade wfourth的音标alk ifourth用英语怎么说n t鸿雁he road of love and be loved, all the way together!

Special thanks to Brother Wu Shunhan for his great responsibility and bearing all the expenses for thisregularity regular meeting.


Photo by Zhao Nianzhen

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