Chinese Business Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2019-2020

On October 28, 2019, the fourth regular meeting of Chinese Business Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held ichinese读音n The Famimeeting的音标ly Banquet Restaurant in Futibusiness-methodan District. Chinese business service team captain Lian Chuhai, the last captain Dai Jialin, the first vice captain Pan Shengqheld的意思是什么uan, the second vice captain Lai Shaobing, teservicebioam captain Wu Jian, secretary Chen Rongshi, she Hbusiness的形容词anjiang financial, general affairs wu Shengjin, picket Jiang Wenbing, liservice和serve的区别onregular什么意思 enterprises care committee Gan Deqiang and more than 2regular翻译0 people attended the meeting. Charity colservicemanlectiobusinessmann service team captain Yu Xiaoheld的意思是什么ping and other 2 people attend the meeting. The meeting was chairedservice怎么读 byfourthly Pan Shengquan and Pchinese翻译resided over by Chmeeting翻译en Rongshi.

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At the meeting, Captain Lian Chuhai summarized the service actiheld的原型vities that had bbusinesswomaneen cservice是什么意思arried out in October, commended the lion friends who participated in the activities, showed and circulated the school bus donation agrfourthlyeement signed with Lbusiness的形容词ianping Education Bureau, and exmeeting是什么意思pressed his gratitude to Sister Wang Li for her great love on behalf of the donated units. At the same time,team we also made arrangements for the November service activities, advocating everyone to participate in the “Help by your Side” service activmeeting是什么意思ities, learning to mafourth怎么读ster theregularization knowledge of first aid.

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Pan Shengquan, the first vice captain, started with “Golden Autumn October, fruitteamss bloom”, introduced the would-be lioheld怎么读的n friends one by one, and gave cordial greetings, durinservice是什么故障灯g which the punch lines revealed the style of Chinese businessmenchinese new year. Pan Shengquan, themeeting的音标 first vice captain, came from his hometbusiness翻译own to participate in the regular meeting, which fully embodies the cohesion of the Chinese business Service team.

Todaservicebioy’s leaders are tomorrow’s followers, and today’s followers are tomoteam什么意思rrow’s leaders. Wu Jian, the lregular什么意思eader of the founding team, read oteam什么意思utbusiness the “meeting的音标Lion Law” to let each lion frteamworkiend know the histeams会议tory of lions Club, learn lion culture, stheld的意思是什么ay true to tfourth的音标he original aspiration, keep iregularlyn mind the mission, and win glory for Chinese Business Service Team together.

Dai Jialin lasmeetingt team leader andteamo Yu Xiaoping team leader also came to the stage to make a wonderful speech.

After the mregularizationeetiregular是什么意思英语ng, we took a group photo and had dinner together.

Wechat picture _20191029161803.jpg


By Wu Shengjin & NBSPchinese翻译;

Figure/Tang Ping

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