“Vision First, Serving Jiaoling”

“ Vision first, Serving Jiaoling & RDquo;
                  &nb蕉岭天气sp;教龄满30年退休100%                                                 &first怎么读nbsp;        visionpro是什么软件         — — Pingshan Service team Jiaoling Bright line

  &nbsfirstp;         June 17-19, Shenzhen Liofirst翻译ns Club Pingshan Servision什么牌子vivisionproce Team, Ophthalmology Expert Group of Shenzhen Svision软件econd People’s Hospital, Shenzhen Jiaoling Fellow Township Assserving怎么读ociation joint organization & LDQUOserving是什么意思; Vision first, Serving Jiaoling & RDquo; In this activity, 43 peabservingople, including lions club memb教龄津贴退休后还有吗ers, medical experts and enthusiastic volunteers, went to Jiaoling County, Guangdong province to perform free surgical treatment for 100 local poor cataractfirstname填姓还是名 patiserving翻译ents, which was welcomed and praised by local authoritfirsthandies and people.

          17, 8 ofirst音标 ‘clock in the morning, ping shaservingn districvision翻译t social affairs service centeabservingr Fan Qiusheng, deputy director of the new district of zhfirst namei-guang liu and other leaders held a farewell ceremony for service, I wish ping shan service lion friends together, considerate service, the shenzhen mountain lions, and the social from all wadeservinglks of life love to the patients, for patiserving怎么读ents with podeservingor to send light aobservingnd love.

          At two o ‘clock on the afternoon of 17th, the service team arrived at the People’s Hospitalfirst怎么读 of Jiaoling County, andvision immediajiaolingtely began the tense instrument assembly and disinfection workvisionstreetwear without having a meal. With the full cooperation of the local People’s Hospital, Xu Yinfeng, a 76-yvisionear-old poor vildeservinglager in Jiaoling County who has beefirst是什么意思n blind for more than 20 years, was fifirst怎么读英语rst sent tfirst怎么读o the operating room at around 4 PM. The ovision怎么读peration was successfully comvisionbankpleted in just over 10 minutes. By 23 o ‘clock that evening, tobservinghe medical team successfully performed 23 cases of operation.
&nbsp教龄津贴退休后还有吗;         After 3 days of intensive surgery, the bright Line medical service team successfully performed cataract remo教龄35年以上退休金val and iOL implantation for 100 patients. The postoperative review results were good, indicatin教龄38年教师待遇g that the bright Line activity was a complete success.
  &vision软件nbsp;       Jiaoling County,serving翻译 meizhou city, covers an area of 960 square kilometers anobservingd has a population of more than 220,000 people. In order to organize this activity, the relevant departmjiaolingents of Jiaoling County screenedvisionpro是什么软件 cataract paobservingtients in advance, selected patients from nearly 1,000 poor families and in urgent need of treatmentvisionpro是什么软件, and made preparations for the operation.

          This activitydeserving is the firsvisionprot charity activity organized by Shenzhen L教龄津贴ions Club Pingshan Service Team since its establishment. The complete success of the activity gives pingshan Service team a go教龄35年以上退休金od evision翻译xperience in carrying out the bright action activities.

Wen/Pi教龄工资最新消息ngshan Service Team

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