“Qiao Ann Hope Primary School”

New sentiment & LDquo; Joanne Hope Elementary School ”

            In the mountains, there are two such schools. One was built in the 1970s, and the othe安暖叶景淮r was built in tprimary和prime区别he 1940s and handed over from the landlordprimary翻译. These two schools, over the paqiaost decades, have nurtured genehope的用法rations of students lprimary副词形式ike a flood of love, and many of the former students haveprimary副词形式 now entered elite schools or achieved success in their studies. The clo乔任梁ck jumped to July 2010, and Dr. Zeng from The National University of Science and Technology visiannted Ketou Township, Xinhua County, Hunan Province for the first time. Big wa乔四ves end small; Withschool什么意思 & other; Small w安暖叶景淮aves make smannouncedall waves; Two GR乔家的儿女ADE D dilapidated schools. The schoolhousprimary副词e with thousands of storeys and holes, shabby classrooms, and extremely hard study and office environment gradually moistened my eyes. This ishope选手 where Dr. Zeng studied more than 20 years ago. For a variety of reasons, school reform wo安娜贝尔rk suspended for nearly 10 years, missed the first round. Nine year compulsory education throughout the &; It is a good time to transform the conditions of running schools, and the桥本环奈 lives of teachers and students are threatened.
          &hope和wish区别nbsp; After the initial inspection cannoyingame back in the heart of the next seed of hope, with a grantprimary读音 of 500,000 yuan and combined with the local educationannounced bureau within the ehope和wish区别stablishment of 900,000 yuan of funds, will & LDquo; Big waves end small; With & other; Small waves make small waves; Merged and reconstructed inhope和wish区别to “ Joanne Hope Elementary School ” . Because the school is l乔家的儿女ocated in a mountainous area and where all the children from six villages go to school, the par桥本环奈ents are worried about the long distance, so the school site selection is quite controversiprimary是什么意思al. Joanne Hope Elementary School &rd安能物流单号查询quo; The address.

  &nbhope的形容词sp;      hope的形容词 In April 2011, under the guidance ohope的形容词f Su Meilin lion Sister, I entered the caannualringannounce team of Shenzhen Lions Club Laannouncednd King Service Team, and got together with all the beloved lionqiaos brotschool音标hers and sisters. At the regular meeting in Maannualy, Xie Joy ihopelessntroduceschoold to zhang Zhenjiang sprimary怎么读英语hi Brother, the future preshope选手ident of the Diwang Service Team, the chairman of the 10th Division of the Shenzhhope的形容词en Lions Club, Yu Qian, the presiqiaodent of tprimary keyhe Datong Service Team, Huang Xuelan Shi sister, C峭壁hen Weihao Shi Brother, He Gang Shi Brother, Zhang Bschool是什么意思中文aolong Shi Brotherprimary的中文意思是什么 and others. Joanne Hope Elementary School ” All of us were worried about how the children could settprimary的中文意思是什么le down to study in the harsh school environment and when it rained in winter.
          On May 30th, 2011, Presidschool是什么意思中文ent Zhang Zhenjiang and Sister Huang Xuelan, who are very caring and giving, flew to Changsha from Shenzhen early in the morning, and t安能物流单号查询hen drove from Changsha to Xinhua. I left my luggage at the hotel and immediately went to check on the scene of安暖叶景淮 two primary schools. President Zhang Zhenjiang asked the township head and principal about the actual situation, and Sister Huang Xuelan took scschool怎么读hool photos very seriously and sent care and greeschoolingtings to the beautiful female teacher who volunteered to teach here after gprimary翻译raduation. Principal introduction, the school teachers are local villagerhopelesss, oldeschoology官网登录r, most of them are in thqiaois school to teach more than tenprimary school years. It is not easy for young teachers to stay in a bad envirannoyingonment.
      &nbsprimary keyp;   At 7 o ‘clock in the ev乔四enschool翻译inhope怎么读g, we met a deputy county head and director of education Bureau, Zhaschool什么意思ng Zhenjiang, president of The Lions Cluhope怎么读b, who introduced the mission of the Lions Club very seriously. As well as the next step tschoolingo promprimary keyote the donation & LDquo乔家的儿女; Joanne Hope Elementary School ” Expectations; He also expressed that he could lead the free donation of school desks and chairannounceds,乔四 computer room and remote classrooms, andschool would continue to pay attention to hope Primary School. Prannesident Zhang’s great love move峭壁的拼音d every villager here. In the meeting, we decided to go to school to visit the children the next morning. Considering that it would be Children’s Day sooschoolbagn, at 10 o ‘cl乔任梁ock after the meeting, the thr安能物流单号查询ee of uhope选手s went to the market to buy morhope是什么意思e than 2,000 exercise books, more than 1,000 p乔欣ens, and more than 20 setannoys of sports goods as children’s holidschoolay安妮海瑟薇 gifts.
            In the middle of the night, I sat on a stool in the statiannouncedonery shoannualp and askprimary副词ed Huan桥本环奈g Xuelan how she felt about not being able to乔家的儿女 go b乔布斯ack to rest in the middle of the night in a stra乔任梁nge small town. I thought she would be a little bit cool, but she said very calmly. I feel great and happy to be able to do something for my children. ” At this moment, her kindness and optimism deeply touched my heart. I have learned aprimary读音 lot of love actions of lions club inhope the past. The great lhope的形容词ove of lions brothers and sisters is like flowing blood.
  &hope翻译nbsp;         Mschoolay 31 is a day THAT I will never forgschool怎么读et. I wschoolingent to big waves and small waves together with President Zhang Zhenjiang and Sistprimary怎么读英语er Huang Xuelan. When we camprimary的中文意思是什么e to small wave primarprimary和prime区别y school, saw the lovely cschooldayshildren alannouncel have an innocent face and bright smilischool怎么读ng face, in fact, we pay very limited, but they are full of infinite gratitude to ushoped. Due to the poor condition of the school, there was no sound box equipment, but the beautiful female teacher still took the children to mprimary是什么意思ake up a sign language dance “Grateful Heaprimary的中文意思是什么rt”, which was thehope翻译 most touching performance I have ever seen. The female teacher held a mobile phone, and the children danced in the small music.
            At the end of the play, we handprimary怎么读英语ed out stationery and sweetsschoolboysecrets to the children, and they all politely took tannouncehe gifts and looked at us with grateful eyes and said. Thank you & throughout; ! After distributing the stationery, the children stood in front of us and continued to shope的形容词ing “Grateful Heart”. In the childish voice, every participant burst into tears.

&nbprimary是什么意思sp;           After leavprimary怎么读英语ing small wave primary school, we went to big wave primary school, is still so sh桥本环奈abbyschool音标 school buildings, far saw the cprimary副词hildren holding a red flag in welcome us, in the bright red scarf and red flag against the backgrouhope和wish区别nd,primary读音 all aannounceppear full of spir安暖叶景淮it乔任梁, lohopefulvely. We were always worried about tschool是什么意思中文he expense of such a welcome, so we tried to keep it as simple as po安娜贝尔sshope和wish区别ible. But the principal told us that many villagers came spontaneouslyhope选手 and offered some free sponsorship. Holding a welcoming ceremony is also meant to spread the word and set the stage for further fundraprimary怎么读英语ising efprimaryforts.
   qiao         Pprimary读音residenprimary副词形式t Xiao is a verannouncey simple middle-aged man, his words deeply moved us: &安妮海瑟薇ldquo; For 16 years, I have been hoping that the new school would be built soon, which is why I have not left here. &rdqschool翻译uo; Thschool翻译e school buildings of the 1940s are still dilapischool音标dated and should have been rebuilt loannualng ago. Although the education bureau has repeatedly asked sprimarytudents to move out of the dilapidated buildingschool怎么读s, they have to move back because they cannot afford to rent other places.
&schoolboysecretsnbsp;           The children’s guhope的形容词ard of honourhope翻译 performed splendid.Each child was languid in slippers.Their only brand-hopenew clothes and Musical Instruments were on loan from other sch乔家的儿女ools. The whole process is simple, but also let us move. After sending children children’s day gifts we take good expectations to the children 恓恓 goodbye.
  Thi乔梁叶心仪nkingschool of various reasons, the construction of the school has been falling down day after day. The school has never been built, and the children are still studying in the dprimary的中文意思是什么angerous h桥本环奈ouse, whicprimary schoolh makeprimary副词s me feel uneasy. Our biggesprimary schoolt wish at the moment is that the children move in this year. Joanne Hope Elementary School ” In a brand-new classroom building!
              At 3:18 PM on June 13, 2011, I received a message from Priprimary的中文意思是什么ncipal Xiahope的用法o: Exprimary翻译citing mome乔四nt, & LDquo; Joanne Hope Elemeannouncedntary School ” Finally started work, auspicious start a good start, I believe that the school will be able to cultivate more talents!hope选手
            Hope, always in the heart, and the mission of lifhopefule shoschoology官网登录uld be liprimary怎么读英语ke hope, always in the heart! Please pay more attention to the beloved lionbrothers and lionsisters. Joanne Hope Elementary School &rhope的用法dquo; , your little drops of love will contribute to the school forever; More like a garde乔梁叶心仪全文免费阅读ner to care foprimary和prime区别r the motherland’s new flowers, endless!

Contribution/Diwang Service Team & NBSP; Thanks joey
  The 2011-6-14


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