Growing up -- Invitation for 10th anniversary celebration of Shenzhen Lions Club

Growing up - 10th anniversary celebration of Shenzhen Lions Club
Invite & have spent Please & have spent letterthough

Dear Lion friend,

            Time flies, timethin flies, shenzhen Lions club has been established for 10 years. In order to celebracelebration是什么意思英语te the 10th anniversary of the founding of Lions Club shenzhen, share the development experienceinvitations of lions Club Shenzhen in tgrowing uphe 10th anniversary, deeply discuss the ne童话故事w situation and new problems in the develothoughpment of lion cause in China, carry forward & LDquo; We serve ” In the spirit of lions, Shenzhen Lions Club willinvitation的动词形式 hold a series of activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Shenzhen Lions Club on April 2, 2012. The details argrowing是什么意思e as follows:

&celebrations是什么意思nbsp;      anniversary是什么意思英语翻译     I. Date: & NBSP;   Monday, April 2, 2012

            2. Activity arrangement:

&ninvitationbsp;       &nbupsp;   10th Anniversary Lions Forum: 13:30-17:30 褪黑素;   Shenzhen Grand Theatre
              Late & have spent     Dinner: & have spent                         17:30-18:30  &nanniversary是什么意思英语bsp;     Shenzhen World Hotel (next to Shenzhen Grand Theatrclubmede)
&growing upnbsp;深圳  lions读音         The深圳天气 10th annianniversaryversarcluby party: & NBSP; &nbsanniversary什么意思pgrowingly; &nbsgrowinglyp;           19:00-21:00     深圳风险等级; Shenzhen Grand Theatre

     lions是什么意思;   &nbsup是什么意思呢p;   3. Participants: leaders of Lions Clubs International, China Disabled Pgrowing怎么读ersons' Federatiogrowingupwith英语作文n and Lions Clubs in China, leaders of relevant departments in Scelebrationmk10henzhen; Lion club representativesclub怎么读 in Shenzhen, G深圳地铁线路图uangdong, Dalian, Qingdao,anniversarycelebration什么意思 Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, etc. Experts in Beijing and Shenzhen, famous charity models in Shenzhen, mainstream media, etc.

  &ngrowingupwithreading英语作文bsp;         Iv. Main Contents:

          &nclub用英语怎么说bsp; Tenth Anniversary Lions Forum: The forum consists of five modules, focusing on how to promote the sustainable developmenlionsgatet of Lions clubs in China in a more effective andanniversary什么意思 comprehensive way. Looking back at the 10th anniversary, tracing the developclubsment track of lions Club in China桃花源记 & RDquo; , & other Innovating and forgicelebrations是什么意思ng ahe同花顺ad to promote the development of Lions Club to new breakthrough & RDquo; To study and discuss the keanniversary可以表达生日吗y issues.
         anniversary是什么意思英语   10th anniversary party: celebratin深圳疫情g the 10th anniversary of the founding of shenzhen Lions Club.celebrations是什么意思
      &nbsgrowing翻译p;   Yearbook of Lions Club of Shenzhen: The yearbook of Lions Club of Shenzhen to be published tcelebration可数吗his year is an informationgrowingly document organized and compiled by lions Club of Shenzhen. It systematically declubmedscribes the development process, servicelions英语怎么读 activities and activities深圳市最新疫情 of lions Club of Shenzhen, and objectively reflects the development and changes o深圳疫情最新动态f Lions Club of Shenzhen since its establishment.

     thin;       Five, clothes,Forum formal dress; Evening dress, dlions是什么意思ark suitcelebration怎么读 for men.

 invitation翻译;    growingupwithreading英语作文;       Vi. Fees:

&nbanniversary周年纪念sp;           Forum: finvitationree, voluntary participation.
&深证指数nbsp;           Dinner party: 100 yuan/person.
        &anniversary是什么意思英语nbsp;   Party: 180 yuan per ticket.

            Vii. Payment Terms:The dinner is for 10 people and reservation is subject to payment. The tickets for the evening party are for the service team. You can pay by casclubsh or credit card directly to shenzhen Lions Club office,anniversary翻译 or by transfer. After transfer, please send the bank receipt to: 25688900. Contact person: Miss Hou 25688550.

            Sincerely look forward to your visit! With your participation and suppogrowing uprt, the evening will be more wonderful!

Best wishes深圳疫情最新消息
Llions翻译中文ion luck!  

             up是什么意思呢;             &nanniversary缩写bsp; Organizing Committee of 10th anniversary celebration of Shenzhecelebrationmk10n Lions Club
                                                  &uppernbsclubmedp; Shenzhen Lions Club 2011-2012
Total & have spent     &nbsclubmed官网预订p;though   Supervisor and chairman: Brother Zhe深圳地铁线路图ng Degang shi
First Deputy Director and Executive C深圳hairman: Brother Su Zeran shilions怎么读
Second Deputy Director and Executicelebration翻译veclubmed官网预订 Chairman: Brother Wu Xiaoming shi
March 5, 2012

  Reup主turn receipt
                        &nbsgrowing怎么读p;                     &n童话故事bsp;            growing是什么意思;      club翻译             &nupsbsp;       &nb深圳sp; &nanniversary缩写bsp;  celebration是什么意思中文翻译;               &nbsshenzhenp;                    anniversary翻译;         &n桃花源记翻译bsp;                       &nanniversary是什么意思英语bsp;      shenzhen;           &uplaynbsp;               &nbslions英语怎么读p;        celebrationmk10     &n深圳疫情bsp;                               &nbuplaysp;                  同花顺                               

To grow up--The 10th annanniversary中文翻译iversary celebration of shanniversary可以表达生日吗enzhen Lions Cl深圳疫情最新消息ub


          &n深圳市最新疫情bsp;     &nbslions翻译中文p; &up是什么意思呢nbsp;     Service Team Name:                &nb桃花图片sp;                    &nbs桃花源记p;Number of parupticipants:          Persons童话故事 (add the following list bcelebrationmk10y yourself)

The nalionsgateme


10th Angrowing怎么读niversary Lions Forum 


10th Annivecelebrationmk10rsary Party


- take part i深圳疫情最新消息n
□ No time tcelebration翻译o attend

- take part in
□ No timeupset to attend

- take part in
□ No time to attend

- take part in深证指数
□ No time to attend

- take part in
□ No tthinime to attend

-lions英语怎么说 take part in
□ No time to attend


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