The lion loves the world

The lion loves the world
The third & other; Red action ” Lion Blood Month campaign launched
“ Red lilion的音标on suit & bull; Red action &lions英语怎么读rdquo; The symposium discussed development

            Folovesickllowing two successful sessions & LDQUO; Rlovesicked lion suworld翻译it & bull; Red action ” After the acloves翻译tivity of Lion Blood Donation month, the 3rd Lions Club in Shenzhen was held on December 12, 2012. Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” The lion Bloworldbox最新破解版od Donation Month activity was launched and held in 2012. Red lion suit & bull; Red actiworldtalkon ” Symposium.

The lion loves the worllion翻译dworldbox
The third & other; Red action ” Lion Blood Month campaign launched

            “ If everyone gave a drop of love blood, life will no longer pale. &worldwide翻译rdquo;
            On the morning of Dlion的音标ecember 12, the crowd in front of The Zhongmin Times Square in Shenzhen, where the third annual event was held. Red action ” Launchiworld翻译ng ceremony of Lion Blood Donatiloves翻译on Mliononth. The theme of this year’s event is &LDquo; The lion loves thelovesick world with blood. .
          &nbslovescenariop; The launchinlionelg ceremony was hosted by Dong Chalions英语怎么读o, the famous host of the first slovestorycene of Shenzhen Metro Channel and the image ambassador of blovestory翻译成中文lood donation, and Song Yu shijie, the famous host of Shenzhen Radio and the Mileage Serviclion怎么读e team olionelf Shenzhen Lions Club. Tlion怎么读he event was co-sponsoreworldtalk下载d by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center. Mileage, centrlion的音标al district, yi, Lord, clovestoryheckpoint, bijia mountain, riverside, oct, pine torches, humble love, xiangshan, joint, with small,lionkk blworldbox最新破解版ue sky, datong, shenyang, shajing, silver lake, high in mangrove bay, mooring, longhua, love and otloves怎么读her 22 teworld什么意思ams and red red jewellovesickry, Ann xanadu property, caringlovesick companies such as citicworld bank creditworld card center to undertake together, Eight service teams, including Baoan, Songgworld音标ang, Zimeng, Tiande, Photoglionelrapher, Heping, Qicheng and Lianhuashan, participated in the co-organizing.
            Dolovesong综艺韩国mestic lion association, shenzhen federation of the disabled, shenzhen health and population and family planning commission, care of shenlionzhen office, shenzhen blood center, shenzhenworld音标 lions club charities, shenzhelioneln, guangdong lions, and Beijing, dalian, Qingdao, zhejiang lion lion friends and shenzhen eaworld音标ch service more than hundred lions friendlion翻译s attended the launclovestoryhinglion怎么读 ceremonlion复数y.
Mr. Su Zeran, director of Lions Club shenzhen, warmloveshootly welcomed the leaders andlion翻译 guests on behalf of lions Club Shenzhen. He introduced thatlovestage the current red action is the largest palion翻译rticipation in the service team in the past, by summing up the experience of the previous two red actioworld音标n, tloves怎么读he initiative will be on December 12 each year as & LDQUO; Lion Blionellood Donation Day & RDquo; , from December 12 to February 12 of the following year is “ Lion Blood Donation Moon & RDqlovestory翻译成中文uo; . Shenzhen Lions Club willion是什么意思l be promoted to all arealovesicks with lions clubs in China. Red action &rdqloves翻译uo; The experience of the lionlion是什么意思 love to spread the worlloves翻译d.
            Director of Sworldbox最新破解版henzhen Blood Center Zhu Weigang introduced that in the past twolion复数 years, & LDlovestagequo; Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” With the enthusiastic participation of lion friends, 31 blood donation activities were organized, and 2,088 people donatelion复数d 690,000 ml of bworld翻译lood, effectively allionleviating the situation of periodic blood shortagelionel in Sheworldtalknzheloves怎么读n. The “Lion” emergency blood delivery cart and blood donatiolion的中文意思n cart donated by The Lions Club of Shenzhen performed blood deliverworldtalky tasks in the streets and hospitals of Shenzhen, and were wlionelidely prailoves翻译sed by people. Huang Chunbin, vilovesong综艺韩国ce director of Shenzhen Diworld音标sabled Personlion的音标s’ Federation, affirmed thelionkk achievements of shenzhlovestoryen Lions Club Red Action. Zhang Guoyun, vice president of thelionkk Nationalion的中文意思l Lionworlds Association, supportedlovestory翻译成中文 it. Red action ” The leaders and guests of all units of the project expressed their gratitude.
            “ Red action ” Zhao Hua,lovestory executive Chairmanlionkk and chairman of shenzhenlion怎么读 Lions Club Brand Building and Continuous Service Project Committee, led the representatives of 30 service teaworldtalkms who co-organized and organized the event to read out & LDquo; Red action ” Lion donate blood month proposal, so thatworld we feel the blood boiling.
            The scene also on the current & LDquo; Red action ” In the acliontive donation, organization of voluntary blood donation enterprises and individuals issued & LDquo; Excellelion翻译nt Organization Award & RDQUO; , & other Bestlion是什么意思 Participation award & RDquo; , & other Caring Enterprise Award & RDQUO; , & other Most Supportive award & Rworld什么意思Dquo; . Brother Zhao Xworldwideiaoxin of Baoan Service Team actively participated in blood donation without compelovesong综艺韩国nsation, and donated blood for 31 times over the years. He actively organized the companyworld to donate blood every year and won the award of this year. Love Ambassador Award & RDQUO; .
&nbsplion的中文意思;    lionel       Then, domestic lion federation, disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen, shenzhen who appoint, shenzhen care department, shenzhen charities, bloolion复数d center of shenzhen, shenzhen lions club leaderloves翻译ship, both made from red Logo action stworldatuelion复数s made of ice in the model into the symbol of the blood red liquid, when red liquid slowly filled with red Logo, broke into thundworldtalk下载eroulovestory吉他谱s aplion的中文意思plause, At the same time, directorlovestory Su Zeran shi Brother announced the 3rd session & LDquo; Red llion怎么读ion suit & bull; Red action ” The Lion Blood Month campaign is officially launched.
      &nbworld翻译sp;     In the scene of the warm atmosphere under the infection, the domesworld音标tic lion association vice president Zhang Guojun, deputy secretary-general Fu Rong took the lead in donating blood, lion friends have rolworldled up their sleeves to pworldbox最新破解版artiworld翻译cipate in voluntary blood donation, with practiclional action suppworldtalk下载ort & LDquo; Red action &rdqulions英语怎么读o; . By 18 PM, 314 people had donated 110,450 milliworldliters of blood.
            The Shenzhen Lions Club is planloveshootning on the following. Lion Blood Donation Moon & RDquo; During the Spring Festival, shiyou enterprises will be organiworldtalkzed to hold more tlion翻译han 20 blood donatiolovestagen activities, with the target number of bloolovestory吉他谱d donors reaching 2000, which will beclovestageome a strong guarantee of blood before thelions英语怎么读 Spring Festival in Shenzhen.

&ldquoworldtalk下载; Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” Thematic seminar

            In the afteworldtalkrnoon, held in the multi-functionlovesick hall of Shenzhen Lions Club office. Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” Special seminars, liolioneln friends and guworldests from all over the world to share and exchange held & LDquo; Red actioworldn ” Experience, a total of Shi Yi, xiang-do.
            Leaders and lion friends from domestic Lion Association, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Blood Center, Guangdong Lion Club, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao and Zhejianlovescenariog member management Committee, as well as more than 100 lion friends from service teams of Shenzhen Lion Club attended the seminar.
            Mr.loves Feng Qijiang, chairmalovesickn of the second districtlovesong综艺韩国 of Shenzhen Lilion复数ons Club and executive chairman of the thirworld什么意思d Red Action, launched shenzhen Lions Clulovestoryb &lovescenario LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Red aclioneltion ” By Tian Hai-er, picket chief of Lions Club of Guanglionsdong and chairman of Red Action Committee Blood Bank & Bull; Red actionlion的中文意思 ” Report sharing.
&nlion是什么意思bsp;     &nbsplovestory吉他谱;     The subsequent & other; Red action ” During the thematic discussion, lion friends from all over spoke enthusiasticallionly and said that they would like to Red action ” Take the experience back and better replicate it in llion怎么读ions clubs across the country.worldbox最新破解版

     worldtalk   &nbworldbox最新破解版sp;   It is reported that in the first two months of each yelovestory吉他谱ar, due tliono cold weather and returning hloves怎么读ome for the Spring Festival and other reloves翻译asons, the nlovesong综艺韩国umber of people donaloveshootting blood on theworldbox streets has decreased significantly, and the blood stoclionelk is on a downwlion是什么意思arworldboxd trend. Without strong measures, blood protection is often in a state of emergency. At the same time, in order to cope with the Spring Festival emergencies, hospitals also need to reserlovesve enough bllions英语怎么读ood, which makes the bloworld什么意思od supply situation more severe.lovestory吉他谱 In order to save the lives of patients, the Lions Club of Shenzhen Red action ” Into the community, commercial center, into the industrworld翻译ial zone, publicity voluntary blood donation work, not only to a certain exteworld音标nt eased the stage. Blood shortages & thlovesong综艺韩国roughout; More importantly, it aroused the love of the society and promoted the spilion的音标ritual civilization of the community. &ldqworldbox最新破解版uo; Red lion slovesickuit & bull; Red aclion是什么意思tion ” Awarded by the National Lions Association. Outstanding Service Project Award & RDQUO; Title: Shenzhen 8th Care Action & LDQUO; Public Satisfaction Activities & RDQlionelUO; Project Title, Shenzlionkkhen 9th Care Action & LDQUOlion复数; 100 Best Citizen Salioneltisfaction Project & RDQUO; Title, shenzhen & LDQUO; The 9th Recognition Conference of Blood Donation & RDQUO; & issued by the otlion的音标her; Advanced Collective of Voluntary blood Donation & RDQUO; The title.

Bylovestory翻译成中文 Ma Hlion复数uijuan/Wu Shaowen and Clovestagehen Jiachong


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