The lion loves the world

The lion loves the world
The third & other; Red action ” Lion Blood Month campaign launched
“ Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” Theworld sympolionelsiulion的音标m discussed development


&nblionssp;      worldwide;     Following tworldwidewo successful sessions & LDQUO; Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” After the activity of Lion Blood Donation month, the 3rd Lionsworld Club in Shenzhen was held on Decembworld音标er 12, 2012. Red lion sulionkkit & bull; Red action ” The lion Blood Donation Month activity was lauworldtalk下载nched and held in 2012. Red lion suit & bull; Red aclionstlion是什么意思ion ” Symposium.


The lion loves the world
The thirlovesd & other; Red action &rlovesdquo; Lionworldbox Blood Month campaign launched

&lovesong综艺韩国nbsp;           “ If everyone gave aworldtalk drop of lworldbox最新破解版ovelionel blood, life will no longer pale. ”
       world音标     On the mornlion翻译ing of December 12, thelion clion的音标rowd in front of The Zhongmin Times Square in Shenzhen, where the third annual event was held. Red action ” Launching ceremony of Lion Blood Donation Month. The theme of this year's event is &LDquo; The lion loves the world with blood. .
  &lovestorynbsp;    lovestage;     The launching ceremony was hosted by Dong Chao, the famoworld什么意思us host of the first scene of Shenzhen Metro Channel and the image ambassador of blood donation, and Soworldwideng Yu shijie, the famous host of Shenzhen Raworldtalk下载dio and the Mileage Service tealoveshootm of Shenzhen Lions Club. The event was co-sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center. Mileage, central district, yi, Lord, checkpoint, bijia mountaloves翻译inlion翻译, riverside, oct, pine torches, humble love, xiangshan, joint, with smallworld什么意思, blue sky, datong, sworldhenyang, shajing, silver laklion的音标e, high in manworld音标grove bay, mooring, longworldtalk下载hua, love and other 22 teams and red red jewelry, Ann xanadu property, clovesaring companies such as citic bank credit card clion是什么意思enter to undertake together, Ten servicelion的中文意思 telovestageams, including Blionelaoan, Songgang, Zimlovescenarioeng, Tiande, Photographer, Heping, Qicheng, Lianhuashan, Jinpai and Taisheng, participated in the co-organizing.
        &nblovesicksp;   Domestic lion union federation vice-chairman Zhang Guojun, chief financial officer XiaoXingPing, fu, deputy secreworldtalk下载tary-general of meltlovesing, disabled persons' federation, dlion的音标eputy directlovestory翻译成中文or olion翻译f shenzhen Huang Chunbin, shworldwideenzhen health and plovestory翻译成中文opulation and family planning commission Xu Sihu, deputy director of the shenzhen blood Zhu Weigang, direworldtalkctor of the center, shenzhen lions Su Zeran, directoworld什么意思r of the guangdong lions long picket, red action committee chailion的音标rman bobby, As well as Beijing, Dalian, Qingdlion的音标aoloves翻译, Zhejiang lion friends and shenzhen Lions clulovestory吉他谱b service teams more thalovestory吉他谱n 200 lion friends attended the opening ceremony.
            Mr. Su Zeran, director of Lions Club shenzhen, warmly welcomed the leaders and guests on behalflion怎么读 of lions Club Shenzhen. He introlionsduced that the cuworld什么意思rrent red action is tlion是什么意思he largest particworldwideipation in the service team in the past, by suloves翻译mming up the experience oloves怎么读f the previous two red action, the initiative will be on Dloves怎么读ecember 12 each year as & LDQUlovesickO; Lion Blood Donation Day & RDquo; , from December 12 to February 12 of the following year is “ Lworldtalk下载ion Blood Donation Moon & RDquo;world什么意思 . Shenzhen Lions Club will be pworld翻译romoted to all areas with lions clubs in China. Red action ” The elion复数xperieworldboxnce of the lion lolion复数ve to spread the world.
          Director of Shenzhen Blood Center Zhu Weigang introduced that in the past two years, & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” With the enthusiastic participation of lion friends, 31 blood donation activities were organized, and 2,088 people donated 690,000 ml of blood, effectively alleviating the situation of periodic blood shortage in Shenzhen. The "Lion" emergencworldwide翻译y blood delivery cart anliond blood donation cartworld donated by The Llion是什么意思ions Club of Shenzhen performed blood delivery tasks in the streeloveshootts and hospitals oflovestory Shenzhen, and wlion的中文意思ere widely praised bylion怎么读 people. Huang Chunbin, vice dirworld什么意思ector of Sworldtalk下载henzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, affirmed the achievements of shenzhen Lions Club Red Action.lionkk Zhang Guoyun, vice president of thworldboxe National Lions Association, supported it. Red action ” The leaders and guests of all units of theworldbox project expressed their gratituworld翻译de.
  &lovesnbsp;     “ Red action ” Zhao Hua, executive Chairman and chairman of shenzhen Lions Club Brand Building and Continuous Service Project Committee, led the representworldboxatives of 30 service teams who co-organized and organized the evenlovest to rloveshooteadworld翻译 out & LDquo; Red action ” Lion dloveshootonate blood month proposlionkkal, so that we feel the blooloves翻译d boiling.
          &lionsnbsp; The scene alsoworld音标 on the current & LDquo; Red action ” In the active donation, organization of voluntary blood donation enterprises and individuals issued & LDquo; Excellent Organization Award & RDQUO; , & otworld音标her Best Participation award &lovestory翻译成中文 RDquo; , & other Caring Enterprise Award & RDQUO; , & oworldwide翻译ther Most Supportive award &lovesick RDquo; . Brother Zhao Xiaoxin of Baoan Service Team actively participated in blood donation without comworldpensation, and donated blood for 31 times over the years. He actively organized the company to dolovestory翻译成中文nate blood every yealion的中文意思r and won the award of this year. Love Amworldbox最新破解版baslovestory吉他谱sador Award &world翻译 RDQUO; .
            Then, dolovesickmestic lion federation, disabled persons' fedelovescenarioration of shenzhen, slion的中文意思henzhen who appoint, shenzhen care department, shenzhen charities, blood center of shenzhen, shenzhen lions club leadership, both made from red Logo action statues made of ice in the model into the symboworld什么意思l of the blood red liquid, when red liquid slowly filled with red Logo, broke into tlovesickhunderous applause, At the same time, director Su Zeran shi Brother announced the 3rlovesd session & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Red alion翻译ction ” The Lion Blood Month camworld什么意思paign isworldwide officially launched.
     worldtalk       Under the infection of the warm atmosphere at the scene, the vice president of the Domestic Lion Association Zhang Guojun, Deputy secretary-general Fu Rong took the lead in donating blood,world什么意思 lion friends have rolled up theirloves sleeves to participate in voluntary blood donation, with practiworldbox最新破解版cal action support & LDquo; Red action ”world . By 18 Plion怎么读M, 314 peoplloves怎么读e had donated 110,450 milliliters of blood.
&nlion的音标bsp;   &nbslions英语怎么读p;       The Shenlion怎么读zhen Lions Club is planning on the following. Lion Blood Donation Moon & RDquo; During the Spring Festival, shiyou enterprises will be organized to hold more than 20 blood donation activities, with the target number oloves怎么读f bloodlions英语怎么读 donors reaching 2000, which will become a strong guarantee of blood before the Spring Festival in Shenzhen.

“ Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” Thematic sworld翻译eminar

      &worldtalknbsp;     In the afternoon, held in the mullion翻译ti-function hall of Shenzhenworldtalk Lionlovesicks Club office. Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” Special seminars, lion friends and guestlions from all over the wolionkkrld to share and exchange held & LDquoworldtalk; Red action &rloveshootdquo; Experience, a total of Shi Yi, xiang-do.
            Zhang Guojun, vice President, Xiao Xingping, Chief Financial Officer, Fu Rong, Deputy Selovesickcretary Geneloves翻译ral, Zhu Weigang, director of Shenzhen Blood Cenlovesong综艺韩国ter, Su Zeran, director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Tang Jie, former director of Dalian Lions Club Management Committee, Tian Hai 'er, director of guangdong Lions Club and chairman of Red Action Committworldee, As well as Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhejiang lion friends and shenzhen Lions club service teams more than 200 lion friends attendloves翻译ed the opening ceremony.
    &nblions英语怎么读sp;       Leaders alovesicknd lion friends frlion复数om domestic Lion Association, Shlovesong综艺韩国enzhen Disabledlionkk Persons' Federation, Shenzhen Blood Center, Guangdong Lion Club, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao and Zhejianglovestage member management Committee, as well as more thlovesickan 100 lion friends from service teams of Shenzhen Lion Club attenworldboxded the seminar.
  &nblovessp;         Mr. Feng Qijiang, chairman of the second distrlions英语怎么读ict of Shenzhen Lions Club and exeloveshootcutive chairman of the third Red Action, launched shenzhen Lions Club &lovesong综艺韩国 LDquoworld翻译; Red lionworldwide suit & bull; Red action ”world什么意思 By Tian Hai-er, picket chief of Lions Clulionsb of Gulovestory吉他谱angdong and chairman of Red Action Committee Blood Bank & Bull; Red action ” Report sharing. Domestic lion association chief financial officer Xiao Xingping malovestoryde the tlovesickitle & LDquo; On lions Club Service Model & RDquo; ".
       lovestory;   The subsequent & other;worldwide Red action ” During the thematic discussion, lion friends from all over spoke enthusworld什么意思iasloves翻译tically and said that they would likelion to Red action ” Take the experience back and better replicate it in lions clubs across the country.
            It is reported that in the first two months of each year, due to cold weather and returning home for the Spring Festival and other reasons, the number of people donating blood on the streets has decreased significantly, and the blood stock is oworld什么意思n a downwardworld trend. Without strong measures, blood protection is olovesickften in a state of emergency. At the same time, in order tlion怎么读o cope with the Spring Festival emergencies, hospitals also need to reserve enough blood, which makes the blood supply situation more severe.lovestory吉他谱 In order to save the lives oworldbox最新破解版f patients, the Lions Club of Shenzhen Red action ” Into the community, comworldmercial center, into the industrial zone, publicity voluntary blood donation work, noworld什么意思t onlyworldbox to a celion是什么意思rtain extent eased the stageloveshoot. Blood shortages & throughout; More importantly, it aroused the love of the society and promoted tlionhe spiritual civilization of the community. “ Red lion suit & bulworldboxl; Red action ” Awarded by the National Lions Association. Outstandinglion怎么读 Service Project Award & RDQUO; Title: Shworldbox最新破解版enzhen 8th Care Action & LDQUO; Public Satisfaction Activities & RDQUO; Project Title, Shenzhen 9th Care Action & LDQUO; 100 Best Citizen Satisfaction Project & RDQUO; Title, shenzhen & LDQUO; The 9th Reworldbox最新破解版cognition Conference of Blood Donation & RDQUO; & issued by the other; Advanced Collective of Voluntary blooworld音标d Donation & RDQUO; The title.



By Su Zhuangbin & NBSP;     Photo/Wu Shaowen and Chen Jiachong



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