“Lion” blood donation vehicle launched

“ The lion number & throughout; Blood donation car launched

            Yeblood翻译sterday afternoon, silver Lake Kunji food City square blood donation car filled with nealaunchedrly 100 to donlaunchedate bloodbloodborne caring citizens. Idonationst was donatblood翻译ed by the Lions Club of Shenzhen. The lion nudonation可数吗mber &donations throughout; Blood donatiolaunched怎么读的n cavehicle翻译r put into use for the first time. Lions club officials expressed their hope that through the joint event with Shenzhen Blood Center Walk with Love rebloodc剧情介绍d action ” , to make thedonation怎么读 Lions club “ Llion翻译ove Blood Bank & RDquo; .

Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper reporter he Long photo

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