Affection is henan flood, deep lion in action

The flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Henan Province upgraded its eme河南医学高等专科学校rgency response level from Level i河南师范大学i to Level I at 3 am on July 21 after a severe rain hit many parts ofloodingf Henan province on July 20.

When one party is in trouble, eighaffectionatelyt parflood是什么意思ties help. On the morning of July 2affectionately1, the Lflood是什么意思ions Club of Shenzhen started the emergencaffectionatelyy rescue work in Henan province, and launched the flood relief service in Haffection用法及搭配enan province. It called on all lion friends to carry forward the fine tradition of "one partaction怎么读语音y is in trouble, all parties support" and the lion spirit of "we serve", and donate materials to the disaster area. Guo Yongyong Presifloodgatedent emergency attachment Lai Zhuoni saction对魔忍ecretary-generlionkkal candidate start shenzhen lions emergency rescue work in henan, then notify thedeepl下载 director of th河南大学e team, communication "rescue henan flood reliefaffection action" service plan and work dep河南职业学院被拍卖loyment, in shenzhen lions twenty five zones, palion翻译rtition of point to point test, captain to each service. Less than eight hours after launching the donation initiative for Henan's flolionelod disaster, 117 of the 136 service teams of河南职业技术学院 The Shenzhen Lions Club had received donations of more than 1 million yuan at 8 Paffectionate英文解释M on Monday. The disaster touched the hearts of all lion friends, and donations continued...

"When our countraffectionaly and people are in need, Shenzhen Lionsactionscript Club will not hesitate to lend a helping hand." "Said Guo Yongyong, president of the Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022. "When the disaster comes, we will carry it together with Henan. We believe that henan people will be ablaffection用法及搭配e to tide oveaffectionater the difficulties."

God bless China, pray for Henan! Co河南医学高等专科学校me on, Henan!

[Text] Shen Shi Publicity Committee Gao Rui

[Photo] Shen Shi Publicity Committee Yuan Yuan

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

Ke Wuyueaction的动词

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clublion翻译 Office

The situation is henan flood, deep lion iflooding翻译n action

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