The "Red Action" campaign focuses on unpaid blood donation

The "Red Action" campaign focuses on unpaid blood donation

[Shenzhen Economic Daily] (Reporter Zhao Hongfei, corrbloodmalletespondent Sun Jing) A feast of love makes Shblood翻译enzhen full of warmth in early winter! Yesterday, "Relay for Life, red movemaction怎么读语音entaction翻译 in China" -- the 8th "Rredundanteddonations是什么意思 Action" launch ceremony was held in Shenzhen Futian District, Meilin Zhuoyuehui North Square. The event was orbloodmalletganized byunpaid翻译 Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenactionzhen Blood Center, Bao 'an District Central Blood Stataction怎么读语音ion and Longgang District Central Blood Station. Neaactionsrly 100 service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club undertook the event. More than 500 caring people from all walks of life participated in the event.

Acampaignccording to reports, since 2011 in Pengcheng launched the first "red action", from tbloodstreamhe fiactionsrst to the seventh sesred是什么意思sion, the Shenzhen Lions club has participated in 266 service teams (times), raised 1.61 million yuan, donated 4 "Lion" blood donablood翻译tion car, blood delivery car, has organized the launch of 317 blood donation activities.donations怎么读

In the next two months of the 8th Red Campaign, Shedonation什么意思nzhen Lions Club will organize and launch a series of voluntary bloofocusesd donation activities. Accoractiongirls女兵人ding to the Shenzhen Blood Center, since the first "Red Action" in 2011, the total amount of blood donated by the Red Action has accounted for 10 percent of the annualcampaigning blood bank of the Shdonationenzhen Blood Center, with 10 out of every 100 bags of blood coming from the Red Action. Red Action has become a key force for blood security in shenzhen in winter. The Love Actcampaignerion not only alleviaction下载ates the tension of clinical blood use in shenzhen in winter, but also innovates a new model for the cause of unpaid blood donation.

At the event, nearly 100 Shenzreducehen Lionred怎么读s Club "Lioncampaigners friends" jointly read the "Red Action Initiative", ccampaignalling on the public to pay attention to the public welfare action of volunfocusestary blood donation. The organizers awarded MEDALS to the lion friredmi是什么手机ends and caring people from all walks of life who contributed to the seventh Runpaid翻译ed Action, and awaunpaid的意思rded cbloodshedertificates of appointment and "actactionscriptive Participation awarblood怎么读d" to the organizing committee of the eighth Red Acdonation怎么读tionfocuses on and the service teams partdonation翻译icipating in the undertaking.focuses怎么读 At the same time, the 8th Red Action "Love Ambassador" award was awarded to Peng Daojian, director general of Lions Club of Shenzhen. Peng Daojian is a yanbloodytian District hongdonation是什么意思英语 'anwei villredmik40age, he is also a deputy to the Shenzhen Municipal people's Congress. Over the years, he has contributed money and effort to charity and public welfare undertakings. He not only takes the lead in donating bloodreduce himself, but also lbloodshedeads hisactions service team and the original villagers to participatredmi是什么手机e in the Red Action for five cactionscriptonsecutive years. Many "unpaid的意思lion frrediends" and citizens at the event have rolled up sleeves to donate blood. Lion friends not only take the lead in sleeve blood donatbloodborneion, but also explain the common sense of blaction对魔忍ood donation to the pubunpaid翻译lic at the donation car advisory office.campaign翻译

The "Red Action" campaign focuses on voluntary blood donation

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