Shenzhen Lions club set up love kidney service center base

Shenzhen Lions club set up love kidney service center base

            On the afternoon of July 28th, 2012, The Depsettleartment of Nephrology of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital and Shenzhen Lions Cluset是什么按键b Love Kidney Service Center jointly launched a joint ecenteringvent with ldQUO; Love kidney you and me he, a lion doctocenter翻译r &rdlions英语怎么读quo; For the theme of the kidneykidneys中文翻译 club activities, and the opening of shenzhen Lions loveupset kidney Service center base.
      &uponnbsp;clubman是什么牌子车     Shenzhen Lions Club Loup主ve Kidney Service Celions读音nter was established on June 28, 2012, love Kidney Center will uphold the lions Club & LDQUO; Weshenzhen serve ” Motto and dedicated the good character of public welfare undertaksettlementings, and is dedicated to heset是什么按键lpinclubmed官网预订g families economic kidney disease, particularly difficult, in descenter是什么意思中文perate need for social loving people build a helpful service platform, let more people to participate in the c深圳疫情最新动态harity service, carry out a sekidneys翻译ries of social ckidney怎么读harity service activitilovely什么意思es, contribute to the construction of a harmonious society!
            At the beginning of the event, Mr. He, director of shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, gave a speech, thanking shenzhen Lions club and the public foupsetr their enthusiastic support and participation. Mr. Wang Jinliang, former dircenterector of Lions Club shenzhen, explained the key points of this event and thanked everyone for their support and participation. Then Su Zeran, director of Lions Club shenzlove is gone英文翻译hen, gavlionse a speech expressing his recognition and strong support for the event. Mr. Zhong, secretary of shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, expressed his gratitudservice翻译e for the dedication and love of Shenzhen Lions Club, and expressed his positikidney怎么读ve help and support for the work of Shecenternzhen Lions Club on behalf of the hospital. Kidney patients to accept the help of the scenter用英语怎么说peech to the hospital, dlions英语怎么读octors, nurses and Shenzhen Lion club lion friends thank, about the treatment of hclubmedard process, hope that kidney friends are strong and love life, and focus on the doctors and nurses care for patients, workidney怎么读k dedicaticlubson spirit!
            At the unclub怎么读veiling ceremony, a total of 180 thousand yuan of charitable donations were raised. Of shenzhen brother Su Zeran lion lion tlion是什么意思中文翻译he current diskidney是什么意思trict govelions是什么意思rnor and former director oset是什么按键f jin-liang wang b深圳市最新疫情rother lion which donated 110000, 60000 yuan to buy medical equipment, 50000 yuan used to fund economic difficulties of kidney disclub怎么读ease, shenzhen lions phoeni深圳x, longhua service each donation ofclubmed官网预订 20000 yuan, matsuoka, datong, PengCheng service each donation of 10000 yuan, used to fund this activity in the examination and approval of five patients. Wang Jinliang, formlove最新版官方下载er director of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that Shenzhen Lions Club hopes to build a service platform to help poor uremia patients, and let all caring people join us to care for these people together!  
            Finally, the ceremony was performed by the doctor, kidney friends and tlovehe Shenzhen Lions Club. The Best Future & RDquo; The end of the song!     &nbsetsp;

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&kidney怎么读nbsp;                   &nbscenteringp;       &nbspclubmed;   &kidneysnbsp;   &nservicebiobsp;                           Love Kidney Serviupceclub是什么意思 Centre

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