2,728 unpaid blood donors honored yesterday (source: Crystal Edition A14)

2, 728 unpaid blood donors were honored yesterday
In Shenzhen, 2.47 million people have participated in voluntary blood donation

            Crystal News (reporter Liu Feiyan corresponcrystal翻译dent Sun Jing) yesterday, the city held thedition酒店e 1edition翻译0th session of blood donation recognition conferencbloode, the city won the national & LDquo; Blood donation bonus, Silver and bronze award & RDquo; And & other Free Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation Award &yesterday怎么读 RDQUOcrystal卡卡卡的微博; Awards such as 2728 unpaid blood donors to give recognition.

            Yesterday afternoon, the 10th session of shenzhen blood donation commendation conference was held in the city blood Center, the conference to the city’crystal英文名s 2,728 unpaid blood dcrystal是什么元器件oncrystal是什么元器件ation to commend. The second batch was awarded to 230 unpaiddonoratico blood donors including Fang Zhenhui who donated blood 50 times or more in our city. Shenzhen Cithonored怎么读y unpaidbloodshed blood donation awardcrystal是什么元器件 for 50 times & RDQUO; ; The second batch was awarded tohonored 59 unpaid blood donors incledition女装uding Qiu Qinzong who donated blood 100 times or more in Zhuhai. Shenzhen Hundred Times Unpaid Blood Donation Meritorious Award & RDQUO; ; 13 units awarded to shenzhen Lions Club, etc. Shenzhen Advanced Udonor怎么读nit ofcrystaldiskmark Donation Promotioyesterday怎么读n Award & RDQUO; ; 60 units awarded to Shenzhen Bus Group Co., LTD. Shenzhen Advanced Collective of Voluntary Blood Donationblood翻译 & RDQUO; .

            It is reported thacrystallographyt Shenzhen tsources是什么文件夹ook the lead in carrying out voluntary blood donation in China in 1993. Up to now, there have been 2.47 million peopyesterday once morele participating in voluntary bloosource是什么意思d donation, donating 494 tons of blood, and saving abodonors是什么意思ut 820,000 people for sick abloodshednd injured patients. Since October 1998, when the goal of 100% clinical blood usdonor怎么读e was met by vobloodborneluntaedition中文翻译ry blood donation, there hasedition翻译 never been a case in Shenzhen in 16 years. Blood shortages & throughout;yesterday怎么读 , also in Wenchuan earthquake, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shansourcetou typhoon and other special circumstances of emergency support brother cities emergency blood use.

            2,728 unpaeditionalid blood deditiononors honored yesterdhonored怎么读英语ay. In Shenzhen, 2.47 million people have particblood翻译ipated in voluntary blood donation

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