Shenzhen Lions Club and Taiwan MD300 lion affairs exchange forum held smoothly

Shenzhen Lions Club and Taiwan MD300 lion affairs exchange forum held smoothly

            On the afteraffair是什么意思英语noon of February 18, 2014, Lin Jianzhi, director of Md300-D2 of L缅甸全部私营报纸停止发行ions Club International Taiwalionn, and his wife, together with 34 liexchange短语ons club members from MD300 district, visited Lions Club Shenzhen and held a lion affairs exchange seminar wlion翻译ith leaders of Lions Club Shenzhen in the lions Club office.缅甸全部私营报纸停止发行 Xiao Xingping, financial Officer oflions读音 Lions Association and former Director of Lions Club Shenzhen; Wu Xiaoming, 2013-2014 Director of Lions Club Shenzhen; Sun Yun, folionsrmer director; Lin Ziyu, First台湾游览车撞山崖 Deputy Director; Lin Tao, Second Deputy Director; Zclubmanhang Xiaowei, Secretary Gene牡丹花ral; Zhu Mingjuan, Chairman of Inter吗丁啉national Exchange and Cooperation Committee; Executive chairman Zhangforums是什么意思 Honghai, Wang Mingyu, Gao Ling and representatives of the service teams, more than 30 leading lion friends attforumended the symposium.
            The seminar was moderated by Mr. Wang Xingyue, chairmaexchange账户密码不正确n of the Publicity台湾疫情 and Public Relations Committforum怎么读ee. Mr. Wu Xiaoming, director of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2013-2014, welcomed and thanked the director of Taiwan MD300-D2 district and the li缅甸on friends of MD300 district for their visit. He hoped that深圳大学 he could take this opportunity to learn more successful experience of lion work in MD300 district.
            Lin Jianzhi, directo台湾傻事微博r of Taiwan MD300-D2 district 2013-201魔道祖师小说4, said in his speech that he tr深圳风险等级easured the relaexchange短语tionship with Shenzhen Lions Club and thanked Shenzhen Lions Club for giving Taiwan & LDQUO; The 88 flood; Donationaffairs翻译s and help. He said the exchange is an important activitlionsgatey this year, and hoped to enhance the relationship between regiclub是什么意思ons and lion f牡丹花riends through eaffair是什么意思xchange opportunities.
  &nlion怎么读bsp; &nbaffairs怎么读sp;     &nbsp台湾主持天王病逝; The form缅甸全部私营报纸停止发行er d深圳irectoexchangedr Xiao Xi门的笔顺ngpclub是什么意思ing welions的音标lcomedforum the arrival of Taiwexchangean Lion Friends and emotionally recalled the vi魔道祖师sit to Taiwan for construction aid. Six Turtles Middle School ” I still remember the warm默读 hospitality of Taiwan lion friends.
    &nbforumssp;       Leaders from both sides shared and exchanged gifts on lion service constclub是什么酒ructiolion是什么意思中文翻译n, membership development, service projects and other topilions的音标cs in a rela门的笔顺xed and pleasant atmosph深圳天气ere. In the evlion是什么意思ening, the Lions club of Shenzhen held a banquet to entertain the lion friends from Taiwan. The two sides had a better understanding and hoped to have more exchanges and cooperation in service activities and lion service construction in the future.


By Zhou Jiao Longtu and Lin Zeyun

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