Notice about the 7th Leadership Training course of Shenzhen Lions Club


Notice about the 7th Leadership Training course of Shenzhen Lions Club
Dear Servictraining翻译中文e team leaders,
  &nbsclubsp;         Everybabouttime免费观看ody is good!
            The new lion year has started, and we beliecourserave that the lion friends have been devoted to the lion activities. At this time, lions Club International and Lions Cluleadership的定义bcourse翻译 Shenzhen are based on & LDquo; Empower volunteers to serve their communities. Mission, set aside a special fund to provide groaboutcgwth opportunities for 42 captain, let the more leadership corpleadership需要具备哪些能力s captain, lealions读音ding service the lion haveleadership的中文意思 the characteristic of service activities,club用英语怎么说 educational feast carefully to design深圳天气 to the brilliant course, in othinrder to let the 42 people forget this two days journey, promote the lion friendship and love, enjoy happy growth, Registration is open for the excitinlions的音标g 7tabouttime免费观看h leadership training course.
     notice的形容词           The relevant conte深圳疫情nts are hereby notified as follows:
              &clubmednbsp; 1. Unforgettable Time: September 12 ~ 14, 2014
      &nb退婚后大佬她又美又飒sp;       &nbspleadership的四种类型; Ii. Mysterious locattrainingpeaksion: Anotice用法round Shenzhen (to be further notified after confirmation)
         深圳疫情最新动态 &nbscourse用英语怎么说p;     3. Exemption: Accommodation fee, meal fee and site fee will be borne byabout翻译 Lions Club Incoursemysternationaleadership是什么意思l and Lions Club sh陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿enzhen. If yoclub怎么读u need a single room, apply in advance to pay half of the room rate.
                Iv. Special note:though Limited places, hurry up to register; In addition, drinks are welcome.
             about怎么读语音   5. Registr深圳市最新疫情atioclub是什么意思n method: Please download the application form from the website of distrtraining是什么意思英语ict Assoleadershipciation, completleadership是什么意思e and truthfully fill in all contents, and send it to the person in chartraining是什么牌子ge by emlion是什么意思ail. The registration decourseworkadlinnotice翻译e inotice翻译s Auclub是什么意思gust 31, 2014, subject to the email date.
      &noticenbclubssp;      noticeable   Vi. Registration person in charge:thin Mr. Li Rong shi, vice leader of Shenzhen Lions Club
                           noticeable             &nbsp童话故事;          about怎么读语音                   F: 0755-83234157 & have spent   M: 13802228448            E-mail:
Lionotice用法ns Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 Leadernotice作文ship Academy
Lions Club of Shenzhen 2014-2015 Lecturing Group
2014Jleadershipuly 28, 2007

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