Lions Club of Shenzhen went to Toronto to attend the 97th Lions Club International convention

          From July 4 to 8, 2014, lions Club International held iconventionalts 97th annual conventconventionion in Toronto, Canada. More than 30,000 lions from 209 countries and regions gathered in Toronto to celebrate the annual conve深圳市最新疫情ntion. Su Zeran, viattendantsce presi深圳风险等级dent of domestic Liolions读音ns Association and forwent怎么读mer director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lin Ziyu, 2014-2015 Director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lin Tao, firtoronto怎么读st deputy Director, Shi Jianyong, second deputy Director, Dai Tongxin, former director and his wife, and more than 300 shenzhen Lions Club frienconvention形容词ds and Guangdong Lions Club, More than 1000 lion friends from dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, Sichuan membclubser management committee of the Domestic Lion Associatio深圳风险等级n participated in this international ainternational是什么意思nnual me温庭筠eting. During the conferenclub是什么意思ce, Lions club shenzhen participated in the opening cerelions的音标mony, international paratoronto大学de, international performance, director elect seminar, Cattendanthine温铁军有多敢说se Seminar, & LDquo; Dragon night & throughout; Dinner, dire文天祥ctor appreciation dinner, Toronto Chinese Lion friends fellowship, closing ceremony and other activities, the beautthiful Toronto and wondshenzhenerful programs left a deep and beconvention什么意思autiful memory for the lion friends.

An international parade showcases splendor
    &lions英语怎么读nbsp;     On the morning of July 5, about 15,000 lions from around the world took part in the intclubsernational parade. The rouattend是什么意思te starts from Queen’s Park anclubmand follows the streets of the city. The parades o温铁军f various countries alions是什么意思dvertise the cuattend名词ltural characteristics of their countries by displaying national flags, ethnic costumes, floattendantats, bands and ethnic dances. More than 300 members of the Shenzhen Lions Club, dressed in parade costumes, waved red panda dollthoughs with Chinese characteristics and shouted “ldlion是什么意思中文翻译quo; Shenzhen China, Winternationally歌曲e Come, We Serve! ” “And marched in the parade with a smile, neat steps and magnificent momentum, showing the spirit of solidarity of Shenzhenclub翻译 Lion friends. The annual meeting also speci陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ally invited the lion dance team, waist drum team, the li深圳地铁线路图onclubs dance team’s drum music rang, attracted countless passers-by to watch, competing to take photos.club是什么意思 As tshenzhenhe team marched to the rostrum, Mr. Tam Wing-kan, former president of Lions Club International, waved to the lions.international怎么读


Annual conference opening exhibition achievements
      &conventionsnbsp; &nbs深圳市最新疫情p; On the morning of July 6th, Shenzhen Lion Friclubmedends attended the opening ce问题的英文remony of the annual conference at Air Canada Center. Leo Parma, lions International’s 2013-2014 General President, presided over the opening ceremony and presentedconventions the award. Parma shares the pastlions读音 year around the theme of the year & LDquo; Follow your dream. The year’s outstanding s退婚后大佬她又美又飒ervice projeconventional反义词cts were reviewed and re桃花源记翻译cognized, such as: Vision First, Globaconventional什么意思中文l Braille Essay Contest, Peace Poster Contest, Hunger Relief, Tree桃花源记 planting, World Lunch Day, Reading Action, etc. Representative organi深证指数zations such as the Lions Association of China and the Lions Club of Shenzhen received collective reco闻泰科技gnition for their outstandinconventionalg performance in the post-ea问天rthquake reconstruction work in Ya ‘同花顺an.
          The Mayor of Toronto was invited to deliver a speech at the opening ceremony. He said:桃花源记翻译 & other; Toronto is a multicultural cclubity with over 200 languages spoken by its citizens深圳天气. I have chosen three languages to gtoronto的翻译reet you: English, Frenlions翻译ch and Chinattendese. I chose the blue and yellow tie that represents the Lions club today because I am deeply grateful to you and to eattend是什么意思ach and evertoronto怎么读y one of you for your hard work. It is the Lions club that is really improving society! I am proud to be one of the 1.36 million Lions members worldwide. ”
&toronto音标nbsp;         The 209th member of the Lionsconventional什么意思中文 family at the opening ceremony. — Azerbaijan officially joined. So far, the number of lions club members worldwide has reached 1,60,121! We are proud, proud to b陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿e one of them!  
          During the performance,conventional the bli问题的英文nd girl, spo问题的英文nsored by The Lion Friends of Honclubg Kong, moved all the audience with her heavenly singing.
          The opening ceremony also held the national flag ceremotorontony of the country where the Lions club is located. With the cheerful music and colorful national flags flying in the wind, the lion club members were enattendcouraged ainternational缩写nd the atmosphere was warm and festive.
The director thanked him for his honor
          Oclub翻译n the noon of 5th, Director Lin Ziyu hos通货膨胀下什么最保值ted ainternational怎么读 banquet for over 300 Storonto多伦多大学henzhen Lions and their families at a local restauralions是什么意思nt in Toronto. Thank you for coming all the way to attend the annual meeting. Senior Minister Lin Yanjun presided over the reception.
      &ntoronto大学bsp;internationalcupid   At the reception, Director Lin温庭筠 witnessed the wedding ceremony for the new couple of the little Tong Service team. Lion friends witnessed this moment and sent their best wishes温铁军有多敢说 to the new couple. Lion frie温庭筠nds enjoyed the delicious food and shared the good feelings of tlionsgatehe 97th International Conventi深圳on.
Drattendanceagon’s Night display
          On the evening of 5th, more t深圳地铁线路图han 100 shenzhen lio深证指数n friends at温庭筠tended the dragon Night party hosted深圳大学 by the Domestic Lion Association at fairmont Ro深圳天气yal Hinternationalcupidotel. They spent a beautiful and unforgettabletoronto是哪个国家 night to深圳市最新疫情gether with Chinese lion friends from Taiwan, Taiwan, Canada and other places. The Chinese disabled people’s A同花顺rt Tattend翻译roupe performed classic shows such as Thousand Hands Guanyin and My Dream, bringing audiwent怎么读ences a feast of sight and sound. The wonderful performance of the children of the arttoronto是加拿大的首都吗 troupe not only showed us the brilliant Chinese culture and special art, but also revealed a kind of endless litoronto多伦多大学fe force and great hum桃花源记翻译an spirit.

Annual conference closing exhibition hope
          At 10 am on深圳天气 8th, shenzhen Lion Friends attended the closing ceremony of the intclub用英语怎么说einternationalismrnational conference. The 2014-2015 Internatilion是什么意思onal General President Princeton proposed & LDquo; Be proud of the lion and Strengthen the Pride; “, gave a speech on the strength of lion friends, encouraged each lion friend to invite one person tconventional读音发音o join their chapter, and encouraged lion friends to respond to the service needs of children. He also sang the theme song of the year witoronto是加拿大的首都吗th enthusiasm.
      &nbsp深圳疫情;   With the inauguration of Prthinincetonwent, the new pconventionalresident of Lions Clubs Internationtoronto是哪个国家al, the inauguration ceremony was held on site for the directors designate of liotoronto音标ns clubs around the world. In the presence of lions Club leaders and lions club representatinternational是什么意思ives arouconventional读音发音nd the world, Lin Ziylions读音u, director of Lions Club shenzhen 2014-2015, officially assumed her duties.  
    &nbspattend的用法与搭配;     In addition, Shenzhen Lions also parti桃花源记cipated in a fellowship with 5 Chinese lions clubsattendance in Toronto. Shenzhen Lions who are eligible to vote participated in the voting and performed the dutiethins of member representatives. Dai Tongxin, former director of Lions Club shenzhen, was in charge of the qualification深圳疫情 examination as a member of the qualification committee at the voting site.
          The 97th International Convention concluded successfully, and the new Lion year officially kick童话故事ed othinff. We serve ” Will never end. Let’s join handslions的音标 to celebrate the theme of lions Club shenzhen this year. Passing otoronto怎么读n love ” In thlions英语怎么读e road ointernational labour day翻译f chariwentty service to create brilliainternational labour day翻译nt! Lionlionsgate frlion是什么意思iends, letinternational labour day翻译‘s meet again next year in Hawaii for the 98th international Cinternational是什么意思onvention.             &convention什么意思nbsp;          
Article/photo & have spent Ma Hutorontoijuan

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