Shenzhen Lions Club 2014-2015 Annual membership fee collection Announcement

        Since May, with the strong support of lions club shenzhen and thclub是什么意思e joint efforts of the chairmen of each district and thfeede captains of each servi深圳地铁线路图ce team, the collection of membership dues of lions Club Shenzhen 2014-201annually5 has been progressing smoothly with satislions怎么读factory results: By June 30, 2014, a total of 84 service teams had paid their dues for 2014-2015, with a total of 2,812 people paying dues anfeel是什么意思d a payment rate of 92.5%. The specific collection situation of each service teamclubs is as follows:
        (I) 19 service teams paid their dues from May 15 to May 31, they are Haida, Fuai, Datong, Binhe, Tai ‘an, Shangbu, Gaofeedxin, Zhuannual同义词hui, Central District, Hongli, Hualin, Wutong Mountain, Dadi, Qihang, Nanhai, Chang Cheng, Tiande, Xlionsgateixiang and Bijiannualizeda Mountain. The above service teams were awarded &LDquo; Passing on Love Excellence Award & RDquo; .
        (2) Fourteen service teams paid their dues from June 1 to 15, they are Pclubman是什么牌子车engzheng, Yantian, Chunfeng, Mingjia Shanpin, Lianhuashan, Shenzhou, Longhua, Hualei, Diwang, Shangshan, Yitian, Fuyong, Haiyangannual同义词 Yuntian and Futian. The above service teams were awarded &LDquo; Outstanding Transfer of Love Award & RDquo; .
    &nfeel是什么意思bsp;   (3) There are 51 service teams that have paid their dues before June 16 ~ 30. They are Wen Jin, ganten, lily, checkpoinfeed翻译t, the NSW, the color field, the nature, the gold, the east China sea,collections.sort用法 parking, business knowledge and love the sea, shekou, elite, inscription nonyl, hand in hand, shenzhen bay, with small, relevant, starficlubmanre, joint, oct, Ormembership是什么意思英语iental rose, silver lake, Lin, fairy, mission hills, xili lake, the four seas, tai lai, xinan, xiangshan深圳市最新疫情, lions, shadow, shun hing, donglin, huaqiang, chicken Huang, Huanggang, peace, Hua Xiang, Bao ‘an, Songg深圳大学ang, Songming, Pinglions的音标shan, charit深圳市最新疫情y collection, bo Business elite, Longcheng, Youting, blue sky, Mangrove Bay, eight diagrams Ridge. The above service tealions是什么意思ms were awarded &LDquo; Passing on Love Excellence Award & RDquo; .
        (4) the first partition (chairman an-ping zheng)collection翻译, the second partiticollection接口on (lily),annual是什么意思 chairman of thannual同义词e, the third division (chairman Chen lu), the fourth division (chairman Shilions是什么意思 Qiang), division (club翻译chairman Liao Ronghui) 7, 9 partitions (chairman HongZhiMin), the first 12 area (chairman Peng Yanling), division (chairman liu Ming) 13, 14 partition (ho, chairman of the salary), 15 poicollection是什么牌子nts (horse chairman c. (Huan), district 17 (chairman Li Aijun) to complete the collectiolions是什么意思n of dues before June 30. Congratulations to tclubmed官网预订he above district presidents for receiving the Ext深圳市最新疫情raordinary Award of Passing on Love.
     collection &nbscollections下载p; Fellow lions,annual翻译 timely payment of membership dues is one of the necessar深证指数y conditions for the annual outstanding service team selection. Please continue your efforts to pay the membership fee before July 25, in orcollection接口dmembership什么意思啊er to timely report to lions Club of China and Lclubmanions Club International. Thank深圳市最新疫情 you again for your efforts an深圳地铁线路图d support!annual是什么意思
                                          Shenzhen Lions Cl深圳大学ub
        Jufeedly 2, 2014

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