Ninth division: establish the “Five one” annual work focus

        On the evening of July 9th, 2014, the first working meeting of 2014-2015 District 9 of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in xiangmi Lake Resort Hall. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Hong Zhimin, chairman of The 9th Dninth什么意思istrict of Lions Club shenzhenestablish和found区别, Mr. Huang Yiqun, vicninth翻译e chairman of the lecturing group of Lionsestablish造句 Club China and executive Chairman of GLT of Lions Clufivemb Shenzhen, Mr. Zhang Hongxiangshi, chairman of the management Committee of the 1st Member of Lions Club Shenzhen, and Mr. Li Zanmeiwork翻译, vice chairman of Lions Club Guidedivision的动词. And more than 20 leading lionfocusky friends from the five service teams of the divisioworkn – United, Mandivision英语grove Bay, OCT, Riverside and Fuworkplaceai – attended the meeting.
          At the meeting, the 2014-2015 annual membership fee collection situation of each service team was reported. Among them, fuai and Binhe serdivisionvice teams in the division paid their membership dues at the end of May, and three service teams, United, OCT and Mangrove Bay, also paid their dues at the end of June. The meeting put forward the membership development target for this year, aiming to rfocus翻译each 30% on the basis of ensuring 20% growth rfivemate.
          On the basis of fannual翻译ully listeworkshopning to the opinions of the captains of eawork是什么意思ch service team, the meeting decided to carry out various formworkdays of joint meeting or service activities to enhancestablish名词e the communication and exchange among the members of each service team, enhance thestablishmente team consciousness and cohesion of the whole region, and improve the lion service management level of the whole region. The meeting discussed and approved the 9th division ofannually this year & LDquo; Five & throughout; The key points of work are: holding a joint electiondivision change, carrying out a joint traifocusning,division怎么读音 hoannualslding a lion friendship, organizing a joint service, holding a joiannual翻译nt regular meestablish和found区别eting. The meetinestablishedg decided to assfocuskyign one of theestablish翻译 five key tasks to each of the five service teams in the region, and also discussed and approved testablish是什么意思he specific time for the fivworkshope key tasks.  
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