Yitian – another “double hundred” service team was born

Yitian – anotherdouble hundredservice team was born

          Another “double hundred” servic一天一袋牛奶的好处e team waborn的过去式s born!another和other的区别
        &another是什么意思nbsp; On the evening of November 29th, only 4 hours afterteambition the shenzhen Lions News Agency reported that shangbu Service team had become the firstborn的原形 “double Hundred” service tdouble怎么读eam in the history of Shenzhen Lions Club,hundred是什么意思英语 Yitian Service team also announced that it had become another “100% Maowen Zhongshiteampro Member” service team by all the liowasn members plborn to tryedging the Maowen Zhongshi Award. Asteams it hashundred的用法 won the title of “100% Huashi Award”一天喝茶的最佳时间 service team in 2014-2015, Yitian Service Team has become the second “double hundred” service tanother的用法eam in the history of Shenzhen Lions Club!
          Accorwaspding to the introduction of brother Wu Zewei of Yitian service team, when the first step service team becameteambition the “double Hundrservice怎么读ed” service team, in order to learn from and pay tribudouble翻译te to the lion friends of the first step service team, the service team board launchservice是什么意思ed a call to all the lion friendshundred的用法 to一天喝茶的最佳时间 donate the Prize of Maowen Zhong Shi. In just 1 hour and 44 midoublenutes, Received a positive response from all 38 Masuda lions –another是什么意思 each plwashingtonedged $1000 to become a Maowen Chung Shi member. As usual, the Yita Service team will be awarded the title of “100% Mau Man Club Members” at the 99th Lions Club International annual conference in June next year.
&wastenbsp;         According to understand, in April this yedoublear aftborn是什么意思er the earthquake, Nepal shangbu, yitian service through each of all the members towassup the international lions foundation (LCIF) pledged $100 membership 100% donation servborn的用法icehundred音标, therwashingtonefore, from this perspective, yi, yitian service has beteams会议come the shenzhe一天抽多少烟算正常n lions are the only two “three hundred” service!
      &nbshundred的用法p;   Congratulations to shangbu and Yita Service team!


[Shenshi News Agency]

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