Hunan Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2016-2017

Hunan Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2016-2017

On January 5, 2017, thmeeting是什么意思e fourth regular meetingfourth-grade of Shenzhen Lions Club Huaxiang S湖南师范大学ervice for 2016-2017 was held in Zhongtian Beauty Hotel, Shajing district, Baoan Districfourth造句t. Shi Jianyongservice怎么读, president of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-2017, He Xingrong, Executive Chairman of New Team Development Committee, Hua Xiang service team captain Lai Mingfang, last captaimeeting翻译n Huang Jianhregular反义词ui, the first vice captain Yu Manwang, the second vice captteams会议ain Xu Youping, the third vice cameeting是什么意思ptain Li New Year, temeetingyou是什么意思am leader Zhang Maintenance, secretary Huang Fenggfourth用英语怎么说e, financial Deng Youfu, general affairs Ling Da Yun, picketing Zhang Yuxian, director Li Xiaofang, Deng Renyi and more than 20 lion friends attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yu Manwang.

At the beginning of the mefourth缩写eting, Captain Lai mingfang discussed and implemented the relevameeting腾讯会议nt iregularityssues of thi湖南人事考试网s year’s work with lion friends. Implemeservice翻译nt the 2017 New Year lion work plan, and arrange to visiteam什么意思t Wengjiang Nursing home duriservice是什么故障灯ng the Spring Festival, acceptance of wengjiang Wugang Primarservice和serve的区别y school teaching building renovation project, held hufourth用英语怎么说a Xiang Lionfourth缩写 friteams会议ends New Year temeeting腾讯会议a party; Implement the lion friends yunnan Peace tour sponsored by Wteamworkang Hexian Lion Sistheld的中文意思er; Carr湖南卫视节目表y out registration for the 100th Annual Confteams会议erence; Visited the sanitation workers in Liwan Community workstatioregularityn and held the opening ceremony of “Shenzhen Lions Club Huaxfourth的基数词iang Service Team Caring for the Sanitatioservice是什么意思中文翻译n workers in Liwan Cfourth造句ommunity”.

Subseheld中文quently, the leaders of the lion friends on the hunan service team li Dan lion sister to establish a new servi湖南卫视节目表ceteamwork team of specific issues for communication and dfourth造句iscussion. After the regular mee湖南ting, Wang Hexian gave a banquet to all thregulare participating lions. She said, “Love can infect people afourth造句round you, the more you pay, the more you gain!”

Article/photo Contributed by Huaxiang Servteam是什么意思翻译ice Team

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