Classic Service Team: held the inaugural meeting and “Classic Night” charity party

Classic Service Team: held the inaugural meeting and “Classic Night” charity party

On December 3rd, 2016, the founding meetcharity音标ing ofinaugural address课文ppt Shenzhen Lions Club Classic Service Team and the charity evening of “Classic Night” was successfulheldly held in Longgang Youhe Internationightwishnal Hotel. Shih Jserviceableianyong, President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2016-201meeting是什么中文意思7; Yu Qian, First Viceteams会议 Presidentmeetingyou是什么意思; Tian Wangxing, Second Vice President; Zeng Shcharityiyang, Seupheldcretary-generaheld的意思是什么l; Ma Min, Chief Financial Officer; Zheng Guoping, Chief Picketing Officer; Luo Jinsong, General Secretary; Zhang Hongxiang, Zhang Jian, Li Yuehua, Deputy Secretaries; Zheng Yukuan, Chairman of the Third Member Management Committee and Founmeeting翻译ding Leader of the Cclassical怎么读lassic Service Team; Membcharity怎么读er management committee chairman Guo Yongyong 4 and 5held是hold的什么形式 member management committee chairman Li Feng, partition, chairman of the generation of the macro, fuck should flourish, Ken ng, he paid, such as, Chen Zong, Lin Xinyue, Zhang Huiqing, Peng Daparty英文意思ojian, ray hd, Tang Haozhi, dicharity的动词rector, branch head ShiJun,meeting腾讯会议 sm Cao Yan, the chairman of the committeservicemane, the service captain, lion friends and guests are more than 300 people were present at the party.teamviewer The party was hosted by Dai Jihong and Zhong Xueli.

Sun Chuan-xiang, the chairman of the confenightmarerence and the first vice captain of the classic Service team, gave a welcomeclassical speech, expnight软件下载链接ressininaugural address翻译g a warm welcome to everyone and thankhelding everyone for their suppoclassic什么意思中文意思rt to the classic Service team.

Lion fparty是派对的意思吗riends of the Bible Service held the pledge ceremony under the leadership of founding team leader Cheng Yukuan. Chairman Shi Jteamoianyong presented the team flaheld的中文意思g, ribbon and staff to Captain Chung Ok-kwan. This symbolizes the formal birth of anheld怎么读的other new force of lionsmeeting腾讯会议 club.

Many representatives of the friencharity音标dship service teclassicfootballshirtsams presented gifts to zheng Yukuan, the team leader, to congratulate him. Zheng ok-kwan, who waservice和serve的区别s once aparty怎么读英语 folheldlower and is now a leader of the lions Cluteamworkb, has chaparty是什么意思nged his role, but he will contiinaugural addressnue to work on the organization and building of the Lions Club. In the fcharity音标uture, classic Service team will focus on the anti-drug propinaugural翻译aganda and educationteam什么意思 activities of “Poison fog city” and help and support disabled children.

President Shih kin-wingparty英文意思 delivered a speecservice怎么读h to express his congratulations to the team leateams手机版der Cheng Yuk-kuan and all the lion friends of the Classic sheld过去式和过去分词ervice team. shih affirmed the team conclassicmugcept of the classic servpartyice team. The second vice captain Ming Shenqing also expressed her heartfelservice翻译t thanks to the lion friends and volunteers, aclassics翻译nd expressed her firclassic什么意思中文意思m beclassical怎么读lief in dedcharity怎么读icating her love to the charity. During the pinaugural address课文ppteriod, futian, Longteng, Jinpai Yuepartynextdoor, Mingjia Shanpin, Huatiameetingn and other five service teams donatcharity是什么意思ed to the Clnightalkassic serviteamce team.

Wei Weizan, the main person in charge of the antservice翻译i-drug propaganda and education activities of “Poison Fog city”, came to the stage to explain the project, and led the lion friends on the scene to joupheldintly light the “poison house City” kickoff ball. Later, Zheng yukuan signed a contract with Zhu Jing, director of Longgang Zhikang Ceparty的中文nter, to support public welfare activities for the disabled. In her speech, Zhu Jing, director of the DISABLED Persons’ Federation, explained the way in which disabled children are helped and their desire for help from social forces. Captain Jeong ok-kwan expressed support for rescue efforts. The special children who were helpeclassic英雄联盟d by the Lions club sang “Grateful Heartsteam是什么意思翻译“, which moved all the guests.

The evening went to a charity auction. In order to help disabled children, lion friends held up their bidding cards and bid, the atmosphere was very enthusiastic, and all the money wiclassic英雄联盟ll be used fclassic什么意思中文意思or the service team in the future, to bring help to more peoservice是什么故障灯ple in need. A total of 220,000 yuan was raised.

In the end, the party came to a successful end in laughter. A new force has arisen, wish shenzhen Lions club a better tomormeetingyou是什么意思row.

By Lu Huilin, Shenzhen Foreign Language Schoolparty是我家

Photo/Zhang Xiaohong

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