Weekly blood condition forecast: type A and O platelet inventory is low

Weekly blood condition forecast: type A and O platelet inventory is low

Shenzhen Evening News (Reporter Zhou Qian correspondent Lu Shunhua)
The reporter learned from the city blood center, redbloodmallet blood cell totalplatelet怎么读 inventory 6113U; Apheresis platelet 71U. Among them, the whole blood inventory is normal, while the inventory of TYPE A and O platelets is low. The publloweric is welcome to call 8332lowa1999 to consforecast翻译ult the blood donation point, and call 83252122 to make an appointment for blood donatplateletsion.

It is learnt thattypes since the launch of the seventh “Red Action” on December 12, 22 events have been held successfully, and 4,121 people have donated bloolow是什么意思d, with a total blood donation volume of 1,459,650 ml. This week, 55 people of pengzheng Service team of Lions club donated blood succelowe玻璃ssfully. 293 people donated blood successfully in the Lions Club Central District Service team; 76 members of the Lions Mileage Service team donated blood successfully. 297 people donated blood from the Lions Club’s New Security Service team. Lions Yantian Service Team 110 successfully donated blood; 189 peotype-cple from the Lions Club diwang, Bijia Mountaiforecast和prediction的区别n and Xiangshan Serweeklycode1vice team donated blood successfully. Econdition翻译中文ighty-two people fforecast是什么意思中文翻译rom the Lions Club and the Blue Sky Service team donated blood successfully. In the cominforecast是什么意思中文翻译g week, lions Club huatian, Tiande Service, Jiangshan Service, Bijweekly造句ia Mountain Service and Honinventory什么意思啊gli Service will hold bllowerood donationlowest activities successively.

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