The source of love is different in different years — Love is in China and Kyrgyzstan “Dream of a New Lion generation” Shenzhen Lions Club 2018 New Year charity Gala interview

The source of love is different in different years — Love is in China and Kyrgyzstan “Dream of a New Lion generation” Shenzhen Lions Club 2018 New Ynew怎么读ear charity Gala interview

Years ofsource insight gold, years of prosperity. With the joy of the harvest inyearsago翻译 2017 and thdreamboat什么意思e beautiful vision of 2018, after nearly two monthslions of preparation, love in China and Kyrgyzstan “Domestic dream new Lion Generation” Shenzhen Lions Club 2018 New Year charity party will be unveiled on December 13. The New Year charity gala is an anyearsirnual event of Lions Club and an important activity to lay the foundation for the next one. How is the preparation for it? How are they different from this year? Can its auction numbers beat last year’s? With these questilovely什么意思ons and curiosity, reporters from Shenshi News Agency walked into the preparation team of the 2018 New Year charity party andream怎么读d felt their carefully plannsource车上按键什么意思ed, careful and meticulous deployment and rehearsal. Now let’s listen to the story byearsago中文翻译ehind the charity party preparation group!

Interviewee: Ma Min, presiyearsago中文翻译dekyrgyzstan哪个国家nt of the Conference and first vice President of 2017-2018

Reporter:As the chairman of this New Year charity pkyrgyzstanarty, whadream图片t is the goal and overall planning of this charity party?

Ma Min:This year’s goals and mastersource的中文意思 plan have some innovationskyrgyzstan哪个国家 based on previous years. First, there will be changes to the way evening auctionschina读音 are conducted. We not only have auctions, alove直播手机版app下载nnual donations, but alslove直播手机版app下载o “poverty alleviation” projeclovely翻译t subscriptions. The project recognition process will divide the overall “poverty alleviation” projects into “570” small prlionkkojects fyears翻译or recognition. All sedifferentiationrvice teams and lchinaions are welcome to join in. The original intention ofchina翻译 our csource的中文意思harity galyears是什么意思a is to involve every lion, no matter how big or small. Secondly, the partyyearsago中文翻译 will fully present a strong flavor of the New Year. This New Year’s spiyears是什么意思rit canyears翻译 be reflected in the design, packaging, programs, accompanying gifts and lucky draw, in order to thank the lion friends for their efforts in the pyearsbtcast year and their wonderful vision for the New Year. In addition, fryearsbtcom the form, the partdifferent怎么读y will add more entertaining, interesting dessourcetree怎么使用ign, the scene will havenewspaper unexpected mysterious links. We hope tnew的反义词o break down the invisible pressure in the traditional charity party in a happy atmosphere and look forward to sharichina读音ng the happy time with the lion friends. Our mloveost important goal is to make everyone happy. The partyears英语怎么读y is not measured by money, but by the participation and happiness of lion friends, truly achieving happiness publisourcedc welfare!

Interviewer: Peng Daosourcetree怎么使用jian, Enew的反义词xecutive Chairmanyears是什么意思 of the Conference and General Manager for 2017-2018

Reportedreamr:This charity party selected 56 items donated by lion friends. Would you please introduce the stories behind them?

Peng Daojian:Lion friendreamds to donate to the party withyears翻译out reserve auction, is a great ldreamingove, is to pay, not a wordsource insight,love直直播app a storychina can exlionelplain. I can only say that the donation of thdreamweaveris evening auction brings us more is moved and grateful. Thanks to the lions club family for their strong team cohesion and love beyond words. Thyears英语怎么读e preparatory meeting, the real hard work is the chairman of the conference, the general coordilionelnator and other preparatsource命令ory grouplove最新版官方下载 lion friends, they in front of the charge, offer advice. I just do what I should do, lion friends donated every itdream头像em is worthy odifferently是什么意思中文f admiration, thank them!

Intedifferent翻译rviewee: Luo Jinsong, General coordinator of the Conference and Executive Deputy Secretary General 2017-2018

Reporter:As tsourcehe general coordinator of the 2018 New Year Charity Party, you have done a lot of work for the party. Please talk about your feelinglove is gone英文翻译s and experiences.

LuoJinSong:Comparedsource with some of the previous preparations, Inews可数吗 think this is the hardest and most painstaking. In order to implement the slionspirit of saving and opposing extravnewagadreamboatnce advocated by the Central Comnewsmittee and the Domestic Lion Association, the temporary change of the venue of the partydreamweaver led to the overturning of the connection of many affairs, which virtually increased a lot of workload, which wdifferent的名词as indeed time-consuming and exhausting. All aspectnew balances of the party’s control, time arrangements must be implemented in place, there can be no mistakes. How to make the lion friends in the rigochina读音rous charity auction party more redifferent怎么读laxed, more happy, this is also an isourcedmportant issue we need to considelionsr. We have held nearly 20 preparatory meetings, big or smlionkkall. Fortunately, every meeting, communication and collision can bring fantastic ideas to the party. We will not only present a rigorous auction party, but also add New Year elements, mysterious auction and other innovatdifferent的名词ive links, striving to make a refreshing party for everyone. Tsources是什么文件夹he preparatory work felt quite a lot, although hard, but full of harvest. Eversourcedything is to do our best to make lion friends satisfied and happlion复数y!

Interviechina翻译wee: Zhennewspaperg Guoping, Executive Chairman of the Congress and Chairman of Zone 1 2017-2018

Reporter:Would you please talk about thnewgroundse venue chandream我的世界大逃杀ge for this evening party?

Zheng Hehua:The venue for the csource的中文意思harity party has alrdreamboateady been set up. In order to implement the spiridreamweavert of inspection and rectificadifferent翻译tion of the Central Government and the Nchina意思otice on Further Promoting thrift and Opposing extravagance and waste issulovely翻译ed by the National Linewons Association, we have dekyrgyzstancided to cancel the venuedifferent. With the care and help of the leaders of the district council and the prepasource的中文意思ration group, we skyrgyzstanoon found a new venue for tlions英语怎么读he party. Although there were some twists and turns in changing the venue of the parnewgroundsty,love直播破解版 I saw the solidarity and efforts of the lion friends of the preparatory group. In particular, Ma Min, the first vice President, is a model for medreamboat什么意思 to learn from.

Interviewee: Guo Yonew是什么意思ngyong, Executive Chairman of the Conference and chairman of the second Zochina意思ne for 2017-2018

Reporter:You’ryears是什么意思e in charge of fundraising for this year’s charity gala. How’s it going? Please tell us more about it.

Guo Yongyong:This year’s fundraising was very successful, mainlylion怎么读 due to the recognition and sdreamboat什么意思upport of each lion friend for the Hua Lion Award, Chinese Lion Award and Mervyn Bell Award. Thelions funds raised by the Huashi Award will blion翻译e returned to the service team in proportion to the next year’s service expenses and matchinsource车上按键什么意思g funds.years翻译 So far, more than 700 Huashi Awardslion复数 have beekyrgyzstan哪个国家n raised. During this time, wenew balance communicated wiyearsth lion friends about why we should donate money and where to go.lion是什么意思 After communicatingdream怎么读 with the lion friends, the lion fsource车上按键什么意思riends understood and recognized tlion的中文意思halovely什么意思t the support of the Lion Award to China is also the support and trust of shenzhen Lion Club. Therefore, they also encouraged thelove直播破解版 lion friends around to alion翻译ctively participate in the donation of the Llionsion Awarsourcetree怎么使用d and other awards. Here, I also call on lion friends to actively participate in it, so that more people in need of help get our help and support.

Full of “New Yearlovely什么意思” preparatory work is ready, a wonderful chlove is gone英文翻译arilion翻译ty drama is about to be stagedifferent反义词d. Behind the colorful gala every year, there is alwayssource引擎 a group of dedicated lions and lions. They write their own notes from different posts, links and roles, and jointly build the chapter of this charity gdifferentlyalalovealarm. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, we cannot interview the lion brothers and lion sisters of each preparatory group, especially the conference affailions英语怎么读rs group, etiquette group, publicitylions group, reception group, financial group and picketing group. They anew是什么意思re also implementing separately, being serious and responsible, and making every effort. I believe you can see and feel everyone’s efforts.

Tomorrow night, we will gather together because of “lovelove直播破解版“. Every love you give will warm every heart.

Tomorrow night, weyears英语怎么读 will cheer for “love”dreamweaver, let the lilions英语怎么读on spirit shine, release infindream我的世界ite light and heat, to ignite a pieclove直直播appe of hope.

Dear friends, your attendance and card raising is the biglion怎么读gest support for the party! Let’s meet at the Convention alionsnd Eyears是什么意思xhibition Center to send our best wishes to the 2018 New Year Charity Party of Shenzhen Lions Club. I wish love a complete syearsiruccess in the 2018 New Year charity party of Shenzhen Lions Club.

【 Text 】 Chen Meihong, Liu Junlion是什么意思

[Photo] Hao Zhi

【 Edit 】 Haozhi & NBSP;   Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lyearslaterions Club Office

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