Spread love and Build Dreams together -- The 2017-2018 Lions Club business training of Shenzhen Lions News Agency started smoothly

Spread love and build dreams together

-- The 2017-2018 Lions Club business training otogetherbnb游戏下载安卓f Shenzhen Lions News Agency was successfully held

From December 2nd to 3rd, 2017, Shenzhen Lions Club held a 2-day business training for Shenzhentogether怎么读 Lions News Agency in the beautiftogetherul Dapeng Jurassic Hotel. Nearly 40 trainees from various service teams participated in the training. The training course gave a detailspread outed and systematic introduction to the key journalistclubss of the news agency and the propaganda members of the service tealions翻译m in the aspects of lion service standards, news writing, photographybuilder skills, interview skilltogetherbnbs and so on, and the students all said that they benefited a lot.

On the morning of 2nd, the traispreadsheetning was opened undelove直播手机版app下载r the leadership of Gao Ling, executilovely什么意思ve chairman of puclub翻译blic Relations and Publicity Committdreams怎么读ee, and the ice-breaking activity quickly shortened the distance of everyone. Lecturdreams歌曲er Su Youhua explained the management system and development of Shenshi Newlovely翻译s Agency. Ma Huijuan,lions读音 executive deputy director general of the club, introduced in detail the publicidreams是什么意思ty system and requirements of the club, as wspreadell as the submission process of the news agency and service team. In the afternoon, Mr. Guan Liang, the former assistant directbuild怎么读or of Shenbuildingzhen Radio anclubmand Television Group, explained the lighting adjustmenlions是什么意思t abuilding是什么意思nd composition of mobile phone photography in a simple way. He ledlovely us to practice in the beautiful Youshan Meidi Inn, and made in-depth and detailed comments on the excellent works, which enlightened the students.

On the morning of March 3, Jiang Xiezhen, executive chaclubirman of Shenshi News Agenctogether怎么读y and deputy head of the lecture group, shared newsdreamsans图片 reporting and writiclubsng skills. Liu Guoliang, vice chairman of the Law and System Committetogether怎么读elove直播软件安卓下载 of the Domestic Lion Association, explalionsinbuild怎么读ed the relevant knowledge of charity llions翻译aw. In the afternoon, Mr. Hung Shenglong, executivdreamselfye chairman of public relations and Publicity Comspreadmittee, shared his experience and slion是什么意思killlovelys of using SLR to take photos fortogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动 many years. To our surprise, Pclubsresident Tian Neptunian was present as a "male modellion是什么意思中文翻译", allowing stuclubsdents to fully practice their shooticlubsng skills.

At the end of the training, President Tian Xingwang delivered a speech, expressing high hopes for the future developmenlion是什么意思中文翻译t of Shenzhen Lions News Agency. He pointed oudreamswapt that thetogether什么意思英语 news agency had a heavy and long way to go, and it shotogether翻译uld vigorously promote the lion culture in the publiclove最新版官方下载ity reports, transmit posispread的用法与搭配tive energy and enhance the influence of Shenzhen Lions Club through in-depth reports on excellent service teams adreams翻译nd lion friends. He alsospread的过去式和过去分词 hoped that the members of the news agency andclub怎么读 the publicity committee of the clbuild的名词ub wtogetherbnb艾米莉双人互动ould dare to discover the problionslems of the club and correct them through reports, so as to promote the healthy development of the club and standardize the operation of the Club.

Under thbuilde careful arrangement of gao Ling and Jiang Xiezhen, the training was compact and lively. In class, students study hard, a small scoreclub用英语怎么说 to commend the liospreadn frielionsnds of the collective sense ospreadsheetf honor, inspire everyone to abide by the classroom discipline, speak ulove直直播appp, complete the clasclubss exercises in ttogetherbnb攻略ime. After class, the students roared with laughter. Otogethern the evening of 2nd, students gathered in the hotel square to participate in the open fire party. On a late autumn night, under the bright moon,clubman是什么牌子车 little ftogetherbnb怎么绅士riends dance or sing around the camplionsgatefire. The smile of tlove is gone英文翻译he fire is rtogether怎么读ed, and the happy laughter clears the tension of studspread的用法与搭配ying during the day. The friendshipspread怎么读 between lion friends is deeper alions翻译nd deeper in the happy atmodreamsanssphere.

As one of the key tasks of Shenzhen Lions News Agencbuild假面骑士y this year, the training aims to establish a professional training system forspread的用法与搭配 lions Club publicity, develop primary and intermediate cdreamsofspankingourses that meet the professional needs, and enable journalists to continuously improve theirdreamsans图片 writing, photography and reporting skills. At the samelovealarm time, the news aclub用英语怎么说gency also recruited theclub用英语怎么说 publicity members of eachlove直播破解版 service team to join the team of correspondents in this training, so as to strengthen thelions怎么读 publicity power of Shenzhen Lions Cluclub翻译b.

The successful ctogetherbnb怎么绅士onclusion of the training was a result of the hard work of the lecturers and staff. Tang Haozhi, chairman of the Publbuild假面骑士ic Relations and Publicity Committee and chairman of Sspreadhenshi News Agencydreamstime, was still developing mobile phone photography courseware and coordinating the training work when he was ilspread的名词l in hospital. He came to the site while ill and issued the certificate of completion for the trainees. Unforgettable Gao Ling, Jin Qian personally, inspect the training site; Unforgettable lecturers such as Gao Ling and Jiang Xiezhenlovely carefully prepared and gave wonderfuldreamsans图片 lectures; Unforgettable Wang Lina, Tian Xin and other stafftogetherbnb攻略 in order to create a good learning environment, hardworking, working late into thlove is gone英文翻译e night; Unforgettable students concentrate on learning, listening carefullclubman是什么牌子车y, active speech dribs and drabs.spread翻译

Thebuildingre are you adreams歌曲nd me on the road of Lioclub翻译n Love. Let's forge ahead and give full plclubmed官网预订ay to our sttogetherbnb补丁rength and talent on this platform of Shenshi News Agency to serve the future andreamsansd enjoy llion是什么意思ion love!

【 Text 】 Peng Yi, Huang Junping

[Photo] Chspread outen Weiming

[Edit] Jiang Xie Zhen Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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