The Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition and the achievement exhibition of the "Silent Love" Program was held successfully

The Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Exhibition and the achievement exhibition of the "Silelove直直播appnt Love" Program was held successfully

In order to promote the whole sociheritage翻译ety to support and heachievement动词形式lp the disabled, on December 3, the annual "International Day of Disabexhibition英语怎么读led Persons" is coming, sponsored by Thesilent翻译 Slovely什么意思henzhen Liartstationons Club, bijia Mountain, Zhuhui, Futian, Huatian and other service teams, Shenzhen Polyheritage可数吗 Culachievementtural Plaza Co., LTD., Hculturallyouhai Tianhong Department store, love enteculturally翻译rprise "Shenzhen Meizhi Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD." anloved other units jointly organized the "Love is higher than the sky, love is silent" intangible cultural heritage art exhibition and "love silent" support program community achievements exhibition was heexhibition翻译ldcultural in Houhai Tianhong Shopping mall. The Lions Club of Shenzhen invested 190,000 yuan to support the second stage of the "Love without Sound" program to train handicrafts for disabled people in the community.

Thprogram filese members of the disabsilent的情侣网名led art team peexhibition前面用a还是anrformed the sign language dance "Grateful Hexhibition前面用a还是aneart" to thank the Lions Club and all the caring people on site for their care. They thanked the Lions Club of Shenzhen for sponsoring them to learn skcultural怎么读音ills, walk intolovealarm the community and lead more disabled people to produce and save themselves. Feng Ziyu, leader of the service team, summarized the progress of the proexhibition的动词ject in the past six years as theachievement可数吗 representative of the service team. Yang Zhongping, the admheritage可数吗inistrator of Fubao Vocational Health Center, and Liu Muhai, the representative of Shatou Vocational Health Center, gave a speech respectively, thanking the Shenzhen Lions Club's "Love without Sound" support program for enriching tsilent是什么意思英语he spiritual and cultural life of disabled people and helping them raise their income. Tian Wangxing, presintangible是什么意思ident of the Chinese Academy of Sociallove最新版官方下载 Science, affirmed the project's new model of "heheritagelpiachievements的中文意思ng the dcultural什么意思isableartofzoofree可以看的d, teaching them to fish, transforming individualslove直直播app into groups, and tranexhibition什么意思sforming blood transfusexhibition是什么意思英语iheritage可数吗on into hematopoietic".

"Love silent" is an aid progrsilent的所有形式am to help deaf-mute arheritage动词tisilent的情侣网名sts realize their dreams, to help disabled people in the community find jobs, and to promote the protection and inheritance of national cultural heritage. The project heprogram翻译lps people with disabilities inartbreeder theprogram files community become self-reliant by trailove直播手机版app下载nincultural名词g tachievement可数还是不可数hem in intangible heritage skills and expandinart-al00x是什么型号g their handicraft sales channels. At presheritage可数吗ent, the "Love Without Voice" program has connectedexhibition和exhibit区别 with five community vocational health centers in Shenzhen, including Fubao, Shatou, Xiangmihu, Xixiang and Shahe. A total of 120 Vocational health members have been organized tlove最新版官方下载o participrogramme怎么读pate in training, hexhibition和display的区别elping them improve their manual skills, tap their potential, increase theartiswitchir income and face life with confidence. In the next five years, the "Silent Love" supprogramport pachievement是什么意思rogram will go to more communiachievement是什么意思英语ties and help more disabled people to gradualexhibition怎么读ly change from "warte need socialove直直播appl assistance" to "I can serve the society", so that they can live a high-quality life through haartstationrdheritage动词 work.

Futian diarticlestrict employment service wei-bin li, director, futian district social affairs coco long Lai Xiuling sand head street, shenzhen lions club Presiart怎么读dent of 2017-2018, tian wang xing, second deputy chairman WengHua LuoJinSongart-al00x是什么型号 zhang jian, chief financial officer, deputy secretary-general, chairman oartstationf the zoneprogram是什么意思 Zheng Hehua, fuck,artstation chairman of the partition should be proslove is gone英文翻译pheritage是什么品牌erous, dao-ming wang, the chairman of the commprogrammeittee, executive chairman, Representatives from bijiashan, Zhuhui, Fuachievement动词形式tian, Huatian aprogrammingnd other service teams participated in the activity, and called on the whole society to care for thsilent的所有形式e disabled, protect thexhibitionse rights and iachievement的用法与搭配nterests of the disabled, and help the disabled to tap their potential and integrate into society.

【 Text 】 Liao Yu, Silent Love Project Team

[Photo] Dong Xiuling, news Agency

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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