Shenzhen Lions Club held a symposium on “Lion love for universal health”

On March 4, 2022, the “Lion Love Promise universal healthsymposium was held in the big conference room of Lions Club office in Sheclubmannzhen. Shenzhen lions club Presidenlions怎么读t of 2021-2022, Guo Yongyong, secretary-generauniversal翻译l Lai Zhuonlove直播软件安卓下载i, dean of general affair Tan Fei, revitalize the help committee chairman Tang Qing, executive chairman of Luo Cong, optical valley, chronic dilion怎么读seases of the institute, Chineseupheld Academy of Sciences, low-cost health industry alliance, Norman, head oflion的中文意思 shenzhen深圳市最新疫情 assoclion怎么读iation sponsors, nanshan the inaugural President of the association of private medical institutions every man kills his llionovhealthe, Zhou Bin, head of the Univeheld的意思是什么rsal Hea深圳风险等级lth Char深证指数ity Alliance and chairmaclubmann of Shenzhen Mayhuahai Public Welfare Foundation, li Yanjun, director of Shenzhen Huimin Social Work Service and Development Center and other 9 people attended the meetilionsng. The meeting was presided over byclub Chairman Tanglovely什么意思 Qing.

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Chairman Tang Qing introuniversal link校验不通过duced the guests. Guo Yongyouniversal什么意思ng, president of Lionlions怎么读s Club of Shenzhen, warmly welcomed you and shared the development history and operation mode of Lions Club of Shenzhen. He expressed the hope that through this excheld过去式和过去分词hange, we calionkkn discuss and learn from each other, uphold the principsymposiumle of complementclubmeding each other’s advantages, mutulion翻译al benefit, win-win and commlionson development, establish a long-term and close cooperativ深圳疫情最新动态e relationclubmed官网预订ship, and make greater contributions to the publheld中文ic welfare and charity.

Guo Yongyong JPG.

Tang Qing JPG.

Chenlion的音标 guanlin, president of Lions Club shenzhen, expresseuniversal环球影城d his recognition ofuniversal studio thclube slove直播软件安卓下载pirit of public service and spoklove直播破解版e highly of the achievements made by lions Club Shen深圳zhen in public service field. He introdulovealarmced the development of low-cost health industrlion复数y Alhealthy是什么意思liance and its achievements in recent years. He expressed the hope that the two sides will carry out all-round and in-depth industrial alliance cooperation, maintain close contalions是什么意思cuniversalityt and jointly promote the development of industuniversal的名词形式ry and science and technology.

Norman. JPG

Tan Fei, director of general affairs, introduced that Shenzhen Lionhealths club has always been adhering to the leadership of the Communist Party of China, adhering to the road of a new social organization with domestic characteristics, anclub用英语怎么说d accepthealthiering the supervision and guidance of the businesheld的原型s authorities. He hopes that people and things worth inheriting and publicizing will shealth2海外官网下载pread, better publicize lion culture,universal环球影城 and let more people know about and paclubsrticipate in public welfare.

Tan Fei JPG.

Every man kills his lclub用英语怎么说ove associlionsatilove直播破解版on President, said he is shclub用英语怎么说enzhen lions ovaltine selions英语怎么读rvice lion friends, she hopes that by shenzhen lions charitable service coverage, audience, services more lasting way, a variety of ad深圳vantages, under the heuniversal是什么意思英语alth care system update, combination of TCM and western medicine, pratt &whitney medical development, pass love, greater public well-universallybeing.

Every man kills his love. JPG

Direc深圳疫情最新消息tor Li Yanjun inuniversallytroduced the TCM characteristic support service project of “Public Welfare First Puuniversal的名词形式hui Health”. She hoped to combine the advantages ofuniversal环球影城 TCM withshenzhen health management, expand the service field of TCM hospitals, and provide TCM h深圳疫情最新动态ealth consultation and evaluation, interventioclubmedn and treatmlove最新版官方下载ent, flionsgateollow-up management and other treatment serheldenvices for the masses.

Yan-jun li JPG.

Being the director to speak, the characteristics of traditional Clion复数hinese medicine “, public welfarlionsgatee first prattlions &whitney, health “introduction to suppllions翻译中文ement support services projecthealth2下载, he hopsymposium翻译e that through this introduction, contact shenzhen lions and low-cost health industrlions翻译y alliance cooperation pratt &whitney health education and services, slowlion的中文意思 diseclub是什么意思ase prevention and control of eventually help community residents, enjoy a healthy lifeclub翻译 with higher quality and lower cost.

Blowing. JPG

The two sides have conducted in-depth communication and exchanges, and people have made their opinions and suggestions freely, forging a profound friendship.

Lai table. JPG

Luo Cong JPG.

 A group photo. JPG

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[Issued] Shlion是什么意思enzhen Lions Club Office

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