Notice of the state of the public information gathering platform

Notice of the state of the public information gathering platform


Specialized agencies and servigathering翻译ce teams:

Lions WeChat public, in order to strengthen shenzhen WeChat groups suchgatherings是什么意思 as the management of Internet public information platform, according to the domestic lion federation “about to strengthen WeChat public account, WeChat groupnotice过去式s such as the Internstate什么意思et pnotice的形容词ublic information platform specification management notice”, according to the articles of associatgathering怎么读ion of shenzhen lions and “shenzhegathering怎么读n lions Internpublicize翻译et public information platform management stipulation” relevant provision, Nowgathering we collegatheringsct the information of registered account information on wechat, Weibo, Douyin, Video number and other network platforms of specplatform什么意思ialplatformsized wopublicizingrking organizations and service teams. The relevant requirements are hereby nogathering翻译tified as follows:

A, & have spent Collect contenstatementt

1. Registered account informatipublicationon on wechat, Weibo, Douyistate翻译n, Video and other online platforms. Including: accinformation是什么意思中文ount typublic404html最新网站pe, account name, registrantinformation怎么读英语 and contact number, administrator and contact number, registration time, authentication, authentication time, and funcinformationtion description.

2. Information about chat groups formed on social networking platforms such as wechat and QQ. Including: group platform typegathering翻译中文, group name, group owner and contact number, group establishment time, ngathering是什么意思umber of people included, whether non-members are inclugatheringsded, number of non-mstate翻译embers, and function description.

Second, submit the report form

If the service team or specialized work organization has registered the network platform account, identify the qr codepublic404html乱 below tnotice的形容词o fill in the Internet public Information platform report form, or click the link & NBSP;  Enter.

Shenzhen Lions Club network platform information report form.png

Three, & have spent Collection time

March 4, 2022 — March 9, 2022 12:00.

Iv. Contacts

Zone 1 Zone 1 zone 2: Lijiangping 25688576

Zone 1 Zone 3 Zone 4: Lai Longsheng 25688570

Zone 2: Du Shaoheng 25688980

Third zone: Lijiangping 25688576

The fourth zone: Ke Shenmei 25689752

Zone 5: Lin Yanfen 25688195

Specialized working Institutions: Yang Xin 25688590;Lai Longsheng 25688570

Email address:


Attachment (notice作文click to download) :

Notice of the state of the public information gathering platform news picture2ZhangAttachment 1. Notice on strengpublic怎么读thening the standainformation是可数名词吗rdized mgathering怎么读anagement of Wechat public accounts, wechat groups and other Internet public information platforms issued by China Lions Association. PDF

Notice of the state of the public information gathering platform news picture2ZhangAppendix 2. Regulations on the Management of Shenzhen Lions Club Internet Public Information Platform. PDF


Shenzhen Lions Clugatheringb

Marstatelych 4, 2022


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