Splendid Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2017-2018

Splendid Service Team: held the fourth regular meeting of 2017-2018

On October 20, 2017, thmeeting翻译e foheld的原型urth regular meeting of The year 2017-2018 of Shenzhen Lions Club Splesplendid是什么牌子ndid Service Tfourtheam was successfully held in wu Yi Qi Reteamstaurant, 1979 Cultural And Crregular的名词eative Park, Futian District. Brocade service team captain Xie Wenke, last captain Zhou Fuhui, first vice captain Sun Jsplendid翻译inping,regular的名词 team leader Qiu Zhaojun, secretary Cao Hui, financial xie Tianci, general affairs Wangregular的所有形式 Zhe, picketing Wang Xingpeng, diregularly意思中文翻译rector Liu Yingqi, Ou Xiangfu, care members wang Fang and other 17serviceman pheld的原型eople attendeservice是什么故障灯d the meeting. The meeting wafourth是什么意思s chaired by Csplendidhen Chuxiong.

Before the meeting, Chen Cteam什么意思huxiong, the person in charge of desburg Golf Club in 1979 Cultural And Creative Park, led the lions to practice. The lions improved their friendship during the practice. Thank Chen Chuxiong, the liteam什么意思on brother, for his great love.

At the meeting, Captain Xisplendid的名词e Wenke called on everyone to donate lservicebioion China Awards, and pointed out that most of the total amounheld过去式和过去分词t of lion Chinregularlya Awards pledged by the Service team will be returned to the service team to sheld怎么读的upport the development of service activities and service projects, which is oheldf grmeeting怎么读英语eat signifiheld是hold的什么形式cance to the stable deservice和serve的区别velopment of the service team.

Captain Xie wenke also gave a detailed explanation of lufeng Yangkou Primary School donation activities and introducedfourth的音标 the itinerary. The lion frienheld的中文意思ds discussed the implementation plan of heyuan Lianping student education activities, and decided to continuservice怎么读e to suheld的意思是什么pport the "most beautiful sanitation worker" and "old books mobile station" and other service actiservicemanvities.

Wang Fang, the care committee member, preparedsplendid是什么牌子 exquisite candles for the lion friends who had birthdays in September andhelden October to send their birthdateams手机版y wishefourthlys to the lion friendfourths in that month. Zhang libing sent an organic purple potato to each of the guests and let the hotel process it on the spot so that eversplendidlyyone enjoyed it.

By Cao Hui

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