“Bright heart, bright eyes” Impression of Yitian — The inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 election of Yitian Service Team was successfully held

“Qiming heart bright jingjing” Yitian impression

— The inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 election of the Yitian Service Corps was successfuceremony复数形式lly heceremony翻译ld

On September 24, 2017, the inaugurainaugural翻译tion ceremony of “Enlightening heart Bright eyesyitian Impression of Shenzhen Lions Club Yitian Servicbright辱华事件e Team was held at Zhongzhou Marrceremony翻译iott Hotel in Nanshaneyesight是什么意思 District. Hou Yisha, President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Song Rui, Vice President, Li Weihua, former viceeyes英语怎么读 inspector, Tian Wangxing, 2017-2018 President of Shenzhen Lions Club,ceremony的名词 Wu Xiaominbrightg, former President Shi Jianyong, First Vice President Ma Min, former presidents Lin Tao, Zheng Degang, Sha Haiyu, Dai Tongxin, More than 160 people attended th一天抽多少烟算正常e ceremony, including Secretary General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officerheartshot Zhang Jian, Deputy Secretary General Lu Zheyesiqiangheartbeat, Chairman nie Xiangdong of the fifth Zone, Chairman Jing Miaojun, Lian Wei, Huang Shaofang, Wen Yaoli, director Zhaneyes英语怎么读g Shijun, representatives of various service teams and Xia Xintao, Geceremony和celebration的区别neral manager of Ruilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.

Albright翻译l members read the poem “On the Rceremony造句oad” written by Brother Wu Zewei with deep feeling, which was deeply moving. After tinaugural addresshaeyesight翻译t, the Yitian Service Team presenteyes怎么读ed the past, present and future of tbright泰星he service projects in the form of a summit forum.

The yit一甜相机ian Service team carefully choreobright辱华事件graphed the stage play “A Day in The Life of Ruiimpression的形容词lin”, preinauguraladdress课件pptsenting the work of ruilin project that has be倚天屠龙记en carried out for seven years. At the same time, Mr. Xia Xintao of Ruilin company donated the fund ofinauguraladdress课件ppt “one million”ceremony翻译 ophtheyes怎么读语音播放almic project for the seventh year.

As early aeyesores during the 100th annual meeting of Lioeyesight是什么意思ns Club International, cui Ming had handed over the ribbon to Ru Kexin ibright照片n the office of thceremony和celebration的区别e presideimpression什么意思nt of Lions Club International and wceremony翻译itnessed by all the leaders of lions, completing the solemn and seyesight翻译acred handover ceremony.

At the ceremony, the new couninauguralcil members took office with theeyes是什么意思 wheartworkitness of leading lion friends.

Captain Ru Kexin delivimpressionistered his inaugural speech. Her speech with culture, feelings andimpression depth moved all the guests. She has the confidence to lead the service team to greater success.

The Masuda service team then paid tribute to the previous captains. Yesterday’s leaders, today’s followers, every captain silently pay for the Yitian service team, we resonate together, let the Yitian service team spread its winginaugural address翻译中英对照s. Captainbrighter Cui Ming cimpressionismommended the caring enterprises and individuaeyes怎么读ls who gave support and help to Yitian Service Team in 201impression的用法搭配6-2017.

President Hou Yisa and President Tian Wangxing respectively spoke hiceremony怎么读ghly of the ceremony and the Yitian Service Team.

What is masuda’s impression? It is the fusion of ratimpressionisticionality and sensibility, the coexistence of great vulgarity and elegance, the light of thought and culture flashing, and the combin一天喝多少水ation of hard work andbright lofty ambition!

Article/Photo by Yita Service Team

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