The eighth regular meeting and recommendation meeting of 2017-2018 was held

The eighth regular meeting and recommendation meeting of 2017-2018 was held

On March 16, 2018, the eighth regular meetheld过去式和过去分词ing and recommendation meeting of shenzhen Lion Aseighth基数词sociation for Business And Knowledge Unioneighth英语怎么读 Service team for 2017-2018 was successfully held in Gubaowasphai Fwas是什么意思resh Restaurant, Industrial Road 7, Nansheighth音标an District. Business alliance service team captain Li Jun, last captain Wang Song, second vheld的中文意思ice captain Liu Yuchuan, thirdeighth vmeeting腾讯会议ice captain Liu Wenfeng, former captain Wen Jianxin, secretary Zeng Qinghua, financial Xie Weeighth英语怎么读idong and other 31 people attended the meeting. Nie Xiangdong, chairman of the fifth District and Wang Daoming, chairman of the seventeenth Districupheldt attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Song as president of the genrecommendation是什么意思eral Aeighth英语怎么读swashedsembly.

The lion friends are recommended anrecommendation翻译d produced by smeeting怎么读英语ecret ballot of teighth翻译he seeighth翻译rviceeighth读音 of 2018-2019 the captain of the team: captain Liu Yuchuan, first deputy captain wen-feng liu, vice captain Cai Yutong second deputy captainrecommendation是什么意思英语 Ken tin, third, the secretary had tsinghua, financial Li Cong, general Xie Fengchun, sergeants-at-arms wheld的原型ei-dong xie, members of the wang ying, li, Wang Song, WenJianXin, xiu-yan wang, shui-ping liu, Huang Weisheng. Theighth英语怎么读e new team leader said that they would conscientiously perform their duties, live up to the trust of allrecommendation可数还是不可数 lion friends, and do their best to do the lion work.

The leaders of lions ceighth读音lub of Shenzhen, including The 2017-2018 president Tian Xingwang, the fiwashedrst vice president Ma Min, and the second vice president Weng Hregularityua, sent messages to congratulate the success of the service team selection corecommendation是可数名词吗nfewash怎么读rence.

By Zeng Qinghua

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