The fourth council and regular meeting of 2017-2018 was convened

Business Knowledge Union Service TeamHeld:2017-2018Fourth CouncilandThe regular meeting


On Noregular的所有形式vember 15, 2017, the fouwassuprth council meeting of THE 2017-2018 of THE Cmeeting是什么意思SZ Service Team was heldRegular meeting in Baoan District Shajing New District xinnan RoadThe 92 went off without a hitch. More than 20 people afourth-gradettended the meeting, including captain Li Jun, third vice captain Liu Wenfeng, secretary Zeng Qinghua, finance Xie Weidong, picket Tian Jiansheng, directors Wen Jianxin, Chen Hong, CAI Yutong, Lin Yifei and Ye Jianhua. The meeting was chaired by Tian Jiansheng as the chairman of the conference.

The meeting was passed in December at Dapeng Bosom Nursing HomeTo carry out"Red Action" and the resolution to carry out caring activities with the Bukit Nam Bay Community Occupational Health Centre in Jaconvene是什么意思nuary 2018. Li Jun reported the progress of guaregularizationngxi Dahua's service projects and participateregularizationd in the launchiconvenerng ceremony of diabetes education activitiregularly意思中文翻译es in the fifth zone. Finfourth-gradeally, Tian jiansheng briefly introducemeeting是什么中文意思d his business growth experience and management experience.

The meeting ended in a happy atmosphere, and the lion friends attended the meetingDinner.


By Zeng Qinghumeetingsa


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