The third period of sunshine talent is guilin 18 Middle School

The third period of sunshine talent is guilin 18 Middle School

On December 12, 2018, the third grant distribution ceremony of "Sunshine Talents" Guilin Joimiddle-classnt Educationtalent show Program of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in the auditorium of No.18 Msunshine怎么读iddle School of Guilin city. The activity do桂林医学院nated 100,000 yuan as a grant and provided psychological counseling to 15 poor exceltalents是什么意思中文lent students, gave 12,000 yuasunshine微信名含义n as a bonus to teachers, and provided 120,000 yuan as aperiod怎么读音 service fund.

The evethird什么意思nt wastalent organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen, Education Bureau of Guilin city, Student Finatalent showncial Aid Center of Guilin City, and organized by Lions Club of Shenzhen, Datong, Charity Colschooldayslection, Xinxing Service Team and No. 18 Middlesunshine怎么读 School of Guilin City. Classic, xiangshan, ovaltine, tiande, long in the sea, taoyuan, bijia mountain, nameplates, good taste, blessed, gooschooldaysd Howard, joint, love, dahuang, xixiang, wutong mountain, blue sky, the sea yue, HuaYue, cschoolloud sea, such as 21 of servicthird怎么读e, 13 middle school in guilin, and the seventeenschool怎么读th middle scsunshine什么意思hool in guilin, guilin first ShiBaZhong alumni aschool是什么意思ssociation joint undertaking.

Wen Zehong, deputy director of guilin Education Bureau, MAO Jianjun, director of Basic Education Department, Zhan Yi, principal, Ouyang Qunzhuang, Secretary, Sheng Jiusheng, Liu Xianfeng, Wu Daigang, Vice principals, Fan Zhangsen, Dirmiddle怎么读英语ector of officmiddle怎么读英语e,talent Zhao Junhua, Deputy director oschoolbagf General Affairs, CAI Jianhua, Secretary of No.13 Middle桂林理工大学南宁分校 School, Xiao Tao, Deput桂林医学院y princischool怎么读pal of No.17 Middle Scsunshine歌词hool, Mr. Liao Ronghui, chairman of Zone 1 of Shenzhen Lions Clubtalent for 2018-2019, and Mr. Tang Haozhi, Chairman of Public Relations and Publicity Committee led lions club members to participeriodspate in the activity. Liao Ronghui was the leader of the leading group, Tangperiodontal Haozhi was the general coordina桂林电子科技大学tor,sunshine翻译 Zhang Jiaru was the chairmaschooldaysn of the conference, yuan Juatalented的用法搭配n aschoolingnd the students coperiodical-chaired the ev桂林天气entperiodontal.

Principal Zhan Yi gave the welcome speech,sunshine的情侣名称 on behalf of no. 18 Middle School to express our warm welcome and heartfeperiodicitylt thanks to the lions. He stalent什么意思中文aid that the love and kindness of Shenzhen Lion Friends will enctalentsouragesunshine怎么读 the students of Guilin No. 18 Middlethird School to work harder and repay the society with excellent results. The school will also remember the profound friendship of lions Club and keep forging ahead to cultivate more outstanding talents for the country and make greater contributionssunshine to the cause of education.

Chairman Liao Ronghui made a speech, thanking ttalent showhe Education Bureau of Guilin and the schmiddleburyool for their support tomiddleman the "Sunshine Talents" project and the teachers for their hard work. He said that shenzhen Lions Club hmiddlewareasthird是什么意思英语 carried out three "Sunshine Talents" educational activities in Guilin, hoping tschool音标o help these poor students who love learning, and hope that the children can study hard and become useful people to thschool音标e country and society in the future. At thschool怎么读e same time, the project leadership team will sum up thmiddle怎么读e experience and strive to run btalented的名词etter educational activities.

Wen Zehong, deptalenteduty dschool是什么意思irectortalent show of the school, ttalentedhanked the students for their great love and deep friendship with the 18th Middle Schoolmiddle. He hoped that the 18th Middle School would shoulder more important social responsisunshine微信名含义bilities, constantly improve the quality of teaching and cultivat桂林理工大学南宁分校e more excellent talents. At the same time, he hoped that the studeperiodicnts would be grateful for the support of the Shenzhen Lions Club and other caring organizations, and constantly improve themselves to spreperiodontalad more positive energy to the society.

Chairman Tang Haozhi italent是什么意思ntroduced the osunshine翻译中文rigin and main content of the "Yangguang Talents" educaguilintional aid project, anmiddletond thanked all the service teams for theirtalents是什么意思中文 active participation, and thankedtalented的名词 the project leading group for actively carrying out preliminary resthird是什么意思英语earch and constantly summarizing and evaluating, which promoted the smooth developperiod1译成中文ment of the project. He said the prothird的缩写grasunshine歌曲英文歌词m aims to inspire students to increase their self-consunshine怎么读fidentalent什么意思中文csunshine歌曲英文歌词e, define their goals in life, and make breakthroughs to become talents needed by society through spiritual and material help.

Jiang Tsunamis, director of tschool翻译he Stude桂林理工大学nt Finaschoolworkncial Aid Center of Guilin city, wperiodicho participated in the "Suthirdlynshine talmiddlemanents" educational activities for many times, ssunshine微信名含义poke on stage. He thanked the lion friends for their frequent trips to Guilin to carry out research and visit students' familiesthird, and foperiodontalr their practical work. He h桂林电子科技大学oped that the students would remember this love, work hard, spend the grant money on the most useful, and solve the problems in life. Encoursunshine翻译中文age the children to improveperiodically their academic performance and sthirdtrive for admission to the ideal university. At the same time, he wished the Club contisunshine英语nued to growschoolboysecrets and make more contributions to the cause of education.

Chen Mingjian, ttalent翻译he leader of datong Service Team, and Peng Yanling, the leadtalent翻译er of wutong Mountain Service team, gave speechemiddlemans respectively, encouraging the children to study hard, work hard and achieve good resuthirdlylts!

CAI Jianhua, sthird的缩写ecretary of the Club, thperiod什么意思anked the lions cl桂林理工大学研究生院ub for its support to the poor students intalent是什么意思 Guilin, and encouraged the students to study hard, contribute to the society in the futurperiod1译成中文e, and aspire to become the pillars of the country.

Then, the lmiddle翻译ionmiddle怎么读s came on stage and handed out grants to 15 students. In order to thank the teachers of grade one for the桂林医学院ir help and encouragement, the project team of "Sunshine Talmiddleents" issued 12,third怎么读英语000 yuan of reward money to the teachers. Vice principal Sheng Jiusheng accepted the donation check on behalf of Guilithirdn No. 18 Middle School, and presented thtalented的用法搭配e service team of Wudong Mountain and other service teperiodams with the reward flag. Chaperiod什么意思irman Liao Ronghui presented the annual ba桂林电子科技大学研究生院dge of Shenzhen Lions Club to the leaderssunshine的情侣名称 of Guiltalent翻译in Education Bureau and Zhongshan County.

After the ceremothird是什么意思英语ny, Chairman Tang Haozhi and Senior tutor Qiu Jiwen of Shenzhen Youth training carried out psychological counselingschool音标 for the students, and guided them to establish their own team and stimulate their potential thrsunshine翻译中文ough activities such as breaking the icsunshine歌词e and choosing the monitor. After two and a h桂林理工大学研究生院alf hours of psychological care, the children became sunny and confident.

After the activity, the lion friends returned to Sh桂林电子科技大学研究生院enzhmiddleen, chairman Liao Ronghui, Chairman Tasunshine组合ng Haozhi still care about the students, through Pingle County, visitemiddled a rsunshine组合ural student peng's family in the rain, to learn about her family life. Her parents and local village officials were also impressed by her friends' devotion to service.

On the way back tschool翻译o Shenzhen, lion friends received postcardsschoolwork from students桂林医学院. The warm words on the cards brought warmth to the chthird音标illy Guilin, which made lion friends feelperiods very happy.

We look forward to the 15 assistperiodicallyed students of Guilin No. 18 Middle School to study hard, work hard, be admitted to the ideal university, and make their own contribution to the realization of China's dream! Thtalent什么意思中文anks to Leo Wing-fai, Tang Ho-chi, Zeng Xiaoling and other lion friends for their tireless efforts to make this evenperiodicityt a success. Don't forget why you started, always; Tsunshine歌曲英文歌词hank ythird的基数词ou, all the way together! Wish thtalents是什么意思中文e activities of "Sunshine Talents" educational astalent是什么意思sistance program will get better and better!

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[Editor] Tang Haozhi, Ma Huijuan, Linschool音标 Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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