The emergency Committee conducted the third training session of "First Aid on hand"

On August 28, 2021, organized by Silver Lake Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club, the training activity of "First Aid at Youemergency的形容词r Side" emerge邯郸ncaidy rescue knowledge and Skills courtrainingpeaksse (Session 3) o邯郸天气f Shentraining什么意思zhen Lions Club Emergency Committee was ssession的工作原理uccessfully held at 9thconducted翻译 floor, Block A, Cedar Building.

Shenzhen Lions Club Silver Latraining翻译ke Service team lemergency怎么读aunched the first aid training acti汉典vity in 2017,conducted怎么读 and has been actively promoting the first aid project for four years, which has a certain influence in the society. This year, Silver Lake Serv汉典ice team promised to organize eight "First Aid at Your Side" first aid knowledge and skills training courses. This is the first one organized by Silver Lake Service team, with a total of 46 trainees participating in the trainingfirst怎么读 and 39 successfully completed the course.

Li Xiaofeng, the proposesession和cookie的区别d chairman of the Lion爱的单行线s Club of Shenzhen in 2021-202firstname填姓还是名2,session和cookie的区别 Wu Zhijian, the爱的理想生活 supervisor, Cui Weiying, the proposed chairman of the Emergency Committee, Lai Cuiping, Chen Nianzhong, Lei Gao爱的单行线qing, Chen Zheng, and Zhou Xiuyatraining翻译中文o, the captain of the Silver Lake Sefirst是什么意思rvice Team attended taidhe event. The training team includes wu Zhijian as the main speaker and Cui Weiyingaid, Lesession的中文意思i Qingming, Li Xiaofeng, Tang Ping, Guo Jianhui,conducted怎么读 Luo Xiaobing, Zhangsession翻译 Ling and Lai Cuiping as teaching assistants.

Before the clasfirst names,session过期 the coaching team communicated with each other and assigned work carefully to make concerted efforts for the successful completion of this training activi邯郸学步的意思ty.

On the morning of basic theotraining什么意思r邯郸学步的意思y c邯郸天气ourses incluthird翻译de first aid, trauma caremergency怎么读e, family care and airwaytraining是什么牌子 foreign bofirstlydy obstruction emergency pavlik emergency law "", detailed and vivid interpretation on coach zhi-jian wu, ta Cui Weiying, Guo Jianhui, zhang ling, xiao-bing luo demonstration gloves on stage right excision method, arm hemostaticemergency英语 bandage skills andemergency可数吗 a broken arm triangular bandage dressing skill爱德华八世夫妇专访s and heafirstd injury. Then Coach Wu Zhijian explained the family common first aid methods: burnfirst是什么意思s, bee sting, pet bite, snake bitecommittee是什么意思, electric burns and sotraining on.

Ithird怎么读n the afternoon, the fir爱的流刑地st aid traifirsthandninaidg "Heimlich First Aid" for infants with aiemergency stoprway foreign body obstruction was continued, followed by the important adult cardiopulmonary resuscicommittee和commission区别tation (CPR) skills course and practical operation training. The main instructor Wu Zfirstname填姓还是名hijian explained each step and action in detail first, and the teaching athirdlyssistant Tanthird怎么读g Ping came on stage to demonstrate, and the teaching assistant l邯郸学步ed the students to practice repeatedly.

In the practical operation examination, the teaching assistants Cui Weiying, Lei Qingconducted怎么读ming, Li Xiaofeng, Lai Cuiping, Tang Ping, Guo Jianhui, Luo Xiaobing and Zhang Lithirdlyng served as examiners. Thesession是什么意思 students were divided into groups for the practical operation examination.

Finally, 39 students passed the theoreticalthird怎么读 written test.

Picture of 37. The PNG

Chairman Cui Weiying presented the certificate of cthird的缩写ompletion to the students.

Picture 38. The PNG

After successfully holding three sessions of "First Aid at Yo邯郸学步ur Side"first是什么意思 emergency rescue knowledge and skills training activities, thecommittee coach and assista爱的厘米nt team organized by The Emergency Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club have been fully trained and improved. In the process of training, the team of emergency Committee has been continuously refined, pragmatic and truthcommittee中文意思-sconducted怎么读eeking, and enhanced theirtraining是什么牌子 confidence. Shenzhen Lions Club will set up a complete traithird音标niconducted怎么读ng team of first aid knowledge and skills, aemergency英语nd strive to achieve the goal of 100 "First aid at your Side" training activities.


【 Text 】 Chen & NBSP; zh爱的健身房eng

【 Image 】 Chen & NBSP; zhentraining是什么意思英语g

【 E爱的浪漫史dit 】 Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP; grey

Kconducted翻译e Wuyue

[Issued] Scommittee和commission区别henzfirstname填姓还是名hen Lions Club Office


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