Blue Sky Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2018-2019

Blue Sky Service Team: Held the second regular meeting of 2018-2019

On November 14th, 2018, the secblued暂停新用户注册ond regublued官网lar meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Blue Sky Service team for 2018-2019 was held inserviceman Jingji Jingdu Restaurant, Luohu District. Blue sky service team captain Huang Junping, the last captain Gu Weixia, the first vice captain Chen Haiyan, the third vice capskyworth是什么牌子tain Liang Qun, team leader Zhang Cheng, former captain Zhong Bin, general afsecond缩写fairs Liang Xin, picketing Lu Bing andregular什么意思 other 15 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired byregular是什么意思英语 Zhang Cheng and prheld怎么读的esided over by Huang Junping.

Captain Huang Chun-ping presented MEDALS or MEDALS to lions club winners of lions Club International and Lions Club Shenzhen awards in rsecond什么意思ecognition of their outstanteam是什么意思翻译ding contributions to the developmenteam是什么意思翻译t of lions Cblueminglub.

Huang Junping cheld怎么读的aptainmeeting then report the rblue是什么意思ecent work, including guangdong flood relief and assistance, "best sanitation workers" and "lion gaomeeting的音标zhou county of love light up theteam lightregular的所有形式", the third phasteamoe of the "sunshine talent", "love tteambitionhe earth take a deep breath," voices "make love" dservice翻译eep lion public schools, "the warmth project Mission: blue dskype安卓手机版iabetes propaganteambitionda and education and other activities, And participated in leadership training, certified lion guiservice怎么读de training experience, and conveyed the spirit of the seconblued注册不了d district council meskyworth是什么牌子eting.

Captmeeting腾讯会议ain Huang Junping also introduced andteampro explained the latest situation of the annual kskyworth是什么品牌电视ey proteam是什么意思翻译ject "Sichuan Dazhou Blue Sky Lion Hteamproope Primary School" which will be carried out by the Blue Sky Service Team. The lionblued暂停新用户注册 friends at the meeting expressed their opinsecond什么意思ions and reached a prelimimeeting怎么读英语nary consensus on the implementation of the project. See winter is coming, "red action" willsecondhand also be launched with vigsecondaryour and vitality, Huang Junpinmeetingsg captain called on lion friends to show love, for the ninregularizationth red action to give a blood.

As the blue sky service team's finregular是什么意思英语ancial work abroad, the service theld中文eam's financial work temporariregular翻译ly bteam什么意思y thuphelde third deputy leader Liang Qun agentblued官网. Liang Qun announced the use of serviceregular是什么意思英语 funds and administrative funmeeting是什么意思中文翻译ds.

After the meetinheld的中文意思g, lion friends celebrate the birthday of the birtheldbackhday star of the month. The birthday lion frskype安卓手机版iends also received the annual bskyworthirthday card of Shenzhen Lions Club, everyone sang the birthday song happily, ate the cake and looked forward to the next meeting again.

Article/Photo Contributed by Blue Sky Service Team

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