Notice | about collecting love station “lion” activities to undertake financial service of the notice

Notice on soliciting service teams for undertaking and co-organizing activities of “Lion Love Inn”

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To further implement key projects this year — “lion love stationfinancial的名词” community service activities intolove直播软件安卓下载 the hospital, make shenzhen brand community service projects,station翻译 shenzhen, shenzhen lions will in Chlovely什么意思ina academy of sciences, university hospital (light), shenzhennotice的形容词 longhua district people’s hospital tlionkko carry out the “lion love station” aaboutcgctivities, to establish a long-term, fixed ifinancial timesn the hospital serviceactivities翻译s space, Humane care and strength will be delivered to patients, their families and medical stlove直播软件安卓下载aff through services, helping poor patients realize their wishes, relieving the working pressurelovealarm of medical staff, and establishing an interactive platform for severely ill famaboutily members to help each other.

Now we are collecting service teams to undertake and co-organizestation thabout-facee “Lion Love Station” project. We welcome the lion friends and service teams to actively participate in and support this project. The project is now introducedlion的音标 as follows:

I. Project Introduction

[Project 1] “Lion Love Station” – Guangming Center (Shenzhenotice过去式n Hospital of Chinese Academy of Sciences university & LT; Light &lovely gt;) , budget 300,000 yuan;

[Project 2] “Lion Love Station” — Longzhongxin (Shenzhecollecting是什么意思中文n Longhua District People’s Hoactivities翻译spital), with a budget of 300,000 YUAN;

1. Thactivitiese fund-raising of the two centersnotice的固定搭配 of “Lion Lcollecting英语怎么读ove Station” will be co-manafinancial是什么意思英语gelove直直播appd. The physical space decoration and equipment procurementabout是什么意思 will be centrally puaboutrchased by the project executabout翻译ion team, which is estimated to be aboutabout翻译 400,000 yuan; 200,000 yuan for follow-up space operation and social work will be reservednotice作文. If there is any surplus, it willion复数l be transferred to the special fund of this project. The physical spactivities的中文ace is provided free of charge by the hospital, and there are permanent social workers to assist shenzhen Lions Club in the maintenance project management and operationcollecting是什么意思中文 and follow-up servstation翻译ice activities.

2. The “Lion Love Station” projundertake名词形式ect was officially launched in December.

2. Beneficlionkkiaries of the project

Medical staff, patients and their families

Iii. Contents of long-term services

(I) Servistation用英语怎么说cactivities是什么意思e content of hospital and social workers

1. Pubactivities思维导图licity and edactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ucation: targeted at medical staff, patifinancialents and their families; The form is assisted by individual cases and groups;

2. Various thoughts, medical conditions, precollecting是什么意思中文-operative communication, etc.;

3. Reading, talking, psychological counseling, relundertaker送葬者ieving pressure;

4. Organize irregular group actundertake名词形式ivities: paper cutting, aerobics, musical instrument learning, small-scale sinabout是什么意思ging, chess, etc.

(2) sactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ervice items to be selected bstationedy thactivities是什么意思e service team

The follolionwing services will be held regularly or irregularly, and thfinancial的名词e hospital acollecting怎么读nd social workers will select poor patients and their families to participate. Opstation的音标tionaabout后面动词什么形式l services inlion复数clude but arabout后面动词什么形式e not limitestationaryd to the following:

1. Special holiday condolence activities

2. Fun sports

3. Handmade

4. Thactivities和activity的区别e Beauty Projeabout怎么读语音ct (Wigs donated)

5. Birthday Party (once every two months)

6. Cases of financial assistance for families in extreme poverty

7. Angel Night (Special performanceactivities有哪些活动 for Medical staff)

8. A little wish (a little wiscollectingh to help the seriously ill)

9. Sprnotice的形容词ing outing

10. Aromatherapy

11. Psychologicactivitiesal counseling and lectures

Iv. Project architecture

Asstation和stop的区别与用法 the two projects are located in the administrative areas where the service teams of Shenzhen Lionstation什么意思s Club in Zone 3 and zone 4 are located, zone 3 and Zone 4 will take the lead tstationery什么意思o undertake the prloveojelove直直播appctstation用英语怎么说s temactivities是什么意思porarily. Tlovely翻译he project implementation team is as follows:

1. Chief Superundertake的用法及搭配visors: Ma Minfinancial什么意思, Lu Zactivities的中文hiqiang, Deng Yi, Luo Jinsong

2. Project Chairman: Xucollecting翻译 Qiubin

3. Vice Chairmen: Du Peng, Tang Quanhui, Li Chunchang

4. Executive Chairmen: Chen Ncollecting是什么意思ianzhong, Li Chunchafinancial怎么读ng, Ren Guihua, Chen Dongmei, Yu Xiaoping, Zhao Nianzhen, Wen Shaochu and captains of the undertaking and co-organizing service teams

5. Executive Vice Chairmen: Zeng Yu, Tian Gang

6. Executive members: Weicollecting英语怎么读 Weicheng, He Linna, appointed representatives of each undertaking and co-organizing service team

V. Participation methods

1. Sponsor: Shenzhen Lions Clublovealarm (50 thousand yuan for each prfinancial翻译oject)

2. Service team: 50,000 yuan/team (10,000 yuan will be returned from the district Cactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ouncil)

3. Co-orgastationnized service team: RMB 10,000 / service team (RMB 2,000 will be returned by the district Councundertake翻译il)

4. The name oundertake名词形式f the participating service team will be engraved on the merit card of “Lion Love Station” center forevercollecting怎么读

Vi. Transfer method and contact person

Through wechat official account “Huashi Onactivities和activity的区别line” or transfer tstationo the bank account of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Account nfinancialame: Shenzhen Lions Club

Alion翻译ccount number:activities思维导图 79130155260000160

Bank name: Shlove最新版官方下载anghai Pudong Development Baundertake的过去式和过去分词nk, Shenotice同义词nnan Middle Road Bfinancial读音ranch

Please note: Shiai Post Project

Financial contact:station用英语怎么说 Guo Lizhi 25688550

Project contact person: members of thlove is gone英文翻译e project implemactivities有哪些活动entation team

We sincerely hope that all the service teams will participate in the “Lion Love Station” project, build the project into a demonstration base of shenzhen commucollecting怎么读nity service, and put the community service into practice, anactivities的中文d promote social harmony.

Thankactivities用英语怎么说 you for your support to the annual key prlion翻译oject of Shenzhen Lions Club!

Shenzhen Lions Club

2018-2019 President Ma Min

Lu Zhiqiang, the second vice Chairman

Chairman of Region III & NBSP; Xu Qiubin

Chairman of Region iv & NBSP; Du Peng

Medical And Health Commission

December 7, 2aboutcg网站018

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