Sidelights: Deep Lion blossoms in Southeast Asia Annual Meeting

Sidelights: Deep Lion blossoms in Southeast Asia Annual Meeting

The 57th Lions International Annual Conferdeepence in Southeast Asblossomscapeconsultingia was held successfulmeeting是什么中文意思ly in Haikou, Hainan province fromsoutheast是什么意思英语 November 15 to 18. More than 200 members of Shenzhen Lions club attended the annual meeting. During the opening and closing ceremonies and 14 meetings, more than 100 lion friends participated in the preparation and impleannual翻译mentation work. At the same time, Shenzhen Lions club actively organized the team to participate in various competitions, and the two ambassadors showed the glorious service history of Shenzhen Lions Club to the Southeast Asian lions Club. Shenzhen lisoutheast是什么意思on friendssoutheast是什么意思英语 of the great love paid by all the participants of the lion friends of the unanimous pblossom是什么意思raise.

On the 15th, while the Lion friends of Southeast Asia were enthusiastically visiting the exhibition of the development achieveasiaments of the Associatioannual怎么读n's service, the exhibitionlion怎么读 of lion items with special features, the food world and the beautiful slion的中文意思cenemeeting怎么读英语ry of Haikou, More than 50 shenzhen lion friends and other staff members, including Lin Ziyu, vice president of the Domestic Lions Association, Ma Min, president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, zhang Li, Du Peng, Ru Kexin, cui Weiying and otherdeeply directors, rehearsed the opening clionseremonyannual造句 in hablossom是什么意思ll C of the Convention center. There was no air conditioning in the closed venue, ameeting的音标nd the lions were sweating, butdeepl翻译 they still checked the work of each group with an attitude of excelleblossoms翻译nce, anddeepen made up formeetings every detail.

In order to ensure the smooth holding of the annual conference, Zhang Guojun, chairman of the Coordination liaison Committee of the Aannual造句nnual Cosoutheast是什么意思nference, and Zheng Degalion复数ng, vice chairmadeeplyn of the coordinsidelightsation liaison Committee of the Annual Conference activellion是什么意思y participated in the coordination work of the national government, Hainan Provincialions英语怎么读l govesoutheastrnment and Haikou City government, and tried to oblion翻译tain the support of relevant official departments. Wenghua first Viclionse President she "small" to "biglions", under great pressure, repeatedly comprannual造句essed shenzhen Lions club annual event - New Year charity party preparation time, let Shenzhen Lion friends wholeheartedly into the southeast Asia annual meeting preparation.

Since the afternoon of 15th, the annual meeting of 14 meetings one after another, overwhelmed. Zhang Jian, Chen Nianzhong, Wu Yuqlioneliong and otherblossoms读音 lion friends wentdeepest all out to participate in the preparatorymeetingtencentcom work of the conference. Zhanblossoms读音g Jian insisted on completing the task with his injured rightlion的中文意思 foot, which was painful due to long time walking and standimeetingsng, but in order to blionetter present the fourteen meetings, he diddeeply not dare to slack off.

On 16th, the organizing committee of the annual meeting presented an opening ceremoannuallyny with smooth process, reasonable layout and wonderful content for the Lion friends of Southeast Asia, which won high recogniasian意思tion from the lion friends. At the banquet, Mr. Gudelong, president of Liondeepsleep2s Club Internatlion的中文意思ional, presented awards to lions friends for their contributions to the 57th annual convention. Lin Ziyu and Su Zeran were awarded the Lions Club President Award, Mablossoms是什么意思英语 Min was awarded the Lions Club President Medal, and Zhang Li, Zhaannualizedng Jian and Du Peng were awarded the certificate of commendation.

At the entrance ceremony, the dannual造句irector team of Shenzhen Lionsoutheastern是什么意思s Club participlion翻译ablossomscapeconsultingted in the on-sannual的名词ite work. President Ma Min should have been one of the guests sittinasian意思g on the stage, but as the general coordinator of this Southeast Asia Annual Conference, she has been busy on the scene. On the stage 220 glion翻译uests are divided into 34 batches, ledeepl在线翻译官网d by Nie Xiangdong, Wen Yaoli etiquette group memblionelers medeeplthodannuallyically guided the entraannualizednce, forming a beautiful scenery line; Led by Ma Min, president of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, the pickets of Tian Xingwang, Weng Huaasia, Lu Zhiqiang, Shi Jianyong, Zheng Guoping, Tan Fei and other members of the convention committee dai Jihong built a magnificent human wall to ensure the venue was in good order. Jiang Xiezhen, Hong Shenglong and other members of thblossom是什么牌子e publicity teamblossoms翻译 carefully captured and froze every wondermeeting是什么中文意思ful moment, leaving beautiful memories for everyone.

On the evening of 16th, Ms. Lin Ziyu, chairman of the organizing committeannualizede of the annual conference, hosted a banquet to thank Shenzhen Lion Friends fordeep theisoutheastr successful preparation of the opening ceremony. The lions talked asoutheastern怎么读bout the grievances in the preparatory process, unconsciously tears streaming down their faces.

On the morning of 17th and 18th, ilion是什么意思n order to ensure the smblossoms怎么读的ooth holding of the clblossom是什么意思英语osing ceremony, lions friends rehedeeparsed the closing ceremony again. In the secdeepl翻译ond rehearsal, chairwoman Hou Yisha visited the preparatory group members on behalf of shenzhen Disablsoutheastern是什么意思ed Persons' Federation and gavdeepnostalgiae guidance.

During the annual meeting, Zhao Xin and Cao Linling, as the image ambassadorsmeeting的音标 of shenzhen regional service achievement exhibition, dressed in exquisite Hanfu with strong domestic style, introduced shenzhen liosidelightsn club cultudeepl下载re to southeast Asiblossoms翻译an lion friends and attracted them to queue up and take photos. In order to celebrate the annual meeting, shenzhen Lions Club made a commemorative album for the annual meeting. Presiddeepl在线翻译官网ent Tong Xin set high standards and strictdeeply requirements for the design of thannualizede album. The exquisite album and souvenir cover were released as scheduled at the annual meetiannual的名词ng. Staff of Haikou Post Office and Shenzhen Poslion是什么意思t Office stamp the souvenir cosoutheastern是什么意思ver on the spot.

Big love litmeeting是什么意思tle love, together into a river. Lion friends ma Min, Tian Wangxideepsleep2ng, Weng Hua, Lu Zhiqiang, Luo Jinsong, Guo Yongyong, Peng Daojian, Zheng Guoping and the Fuai and United Selion怎么读rvice Team jointlyannual的名词 donated to buy the torch bearing thlion的音标e Area code of The Shenzhen Lions Club; Su Zeran personally subscribed for 5 torches as the special torches for the inherideepintance of the five shenmeeting翻译zhen Lions Clubs. Silver Lake, Fuai, Huatian, Nature, Tiancheng, Xin 'andeep, Huashang, Beishan, Chudeepsleep2andi, Lianhuashan, Bao 'an, Hongya, Shangbu, Classic, Diwang, Huatian, Elite, Happannual的名词inesdeepl在线翻译官网s, Yantian, Bijiashan and other service teams subscribed for the torch as inheritance tokens; Lion friends also actively subscribe to the torch, pledge awards, the main service team launched many lion friends pledgmeeting腾讯会议e "outstanding contribution award"; Shenzhen Shiyou insannuallypired Saturday Fu Jewelry company to exclusively sponsor the Annual meeting of Southeast Asia Rlions英语怎么读MB 1 million...... The Lions Club of Shenzblossom是什么牌子hen has come together to support the club in hosting this annual conference.

Pour your heart into it and present it perfectly. Shenzhen Lion friends is both a participant and a service provasiaider. They are always full of enthusiasm to provide service, silently through the crowd; They are everywhere busy busy figure brought us moved, bring southeast Asia annual meeting wonderful. The preparation work is hblossomsard, but for them, it is worth all the harannuallyd work to showmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 the "domestic image" of the Lions Association to tsidelightshe lion friends in Southeast Asia andasian读音 show the style of a big countmeeting是什么意思中文翻译ry in China. To our dear lion friends!

【 Text 】 Su Zhuangbin

[Photo] Su Zhblossom是什么意思英语uangbin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Slions英语怎么读haoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cdeepl在线翻译官网lub Office

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