Thanks for having you — Shenzhen Lions Club “The Most Beautiful Sanitation Worker” fun sports meeting and sympathy activity was successfully held

Thanks for having you — Shenzhen Lions Club “The Most Beautiful Sanitation Worker” fun sports meeting and sympathy activity was succemostssfully held

The sanitation worker is the beautician of the city, the most beautiful worker. Regardless of the cold and heat, they all stickbeautifulfoot崇拜 to their posts, year after year, day after day shuttle in every road, for the city’s clean, beautiful dedication, in thhaving+过去分词e dull work, with real actiolions是什么意思n to assume a respectable responthanksgivingsibility.

On November 2nd,mostly是什么意思中文 to celebrate the 25th Sanitation Workers’ Day of Guangdong Province, organized bworker翻译y Shenzhen Lions Club and Bao ‘an District Urban Administramost是谁的最高级tion bureau, The 2018-2019 “Most Beautifbeautifullyul Sanitworker的音标ation Workers” fun Game深圳疫情最新动态s and sympathy activities werworkermane held in the public Square, Xixiang Street, Baoan city, jointly organized by 20 service teams of Lions Club of Shenzhen, including Tien En, Blue Sky, Songgang, Yantian, Huayue, Unhaving doneited, Zimeng, Gaoxin, Diwang and Huatian. The activity distributed gifts such as rice and oil to 180 sanitation workers, and cond深圳天气olence money to 20 sanitation workers in extreme poverty, an深圳疫情最新消息d organized sanitation workers to hold fun sports m深圳天气eeting, and thsanitation翻译e service team spent 45,000 yuan.

Hu Youliang, minister of sanitation department of City Appearance Centeworker什么意思r of District Urban Management Bureau, Chen Qiong, Vice Director of Xixiang Street Urban Management Offhaving用法ice, He Pinzhen, Deputy Director of Xixiang Street Urban Management Office, Peng Daojian, chief inspector of the 2018-2019 Shenzhen Lions Club, Liao Ronghui, Nie Xiangdong, Chaiclubmanrman of The distrithanks怎么读ctclub怎么读, Tan Fei, Li Zhou, Lian Weithanks是什么意思英语, supervisor Wu Yuqiong and other mohaving和wherere than 20 lion friends attended the activity.

Presthanks forident Li Zhou introduced the guests and extethanks是什么意思英语nded holiday greetings to the sanitation workers. Captamost用法in Hu Xiang of theclubman是什么牌子车 grace servhaving翻译ice team introduced thworker的音标e most beautiful sanibeautifullytation project in detail. Presithanks是什么意思英语dehaving用法nt Liamost是谁的最高级o ronghui delivered a speemostly是什么意思中文ch, thanking the sanitation workerbeautiful歌曲s for their important contributiohaving用法n to creating a clean and beautiful urban enbeautiful的副词vironment. He wished shenzhen a more beautiful city.

Minister Hu Youliworkerang introduced the background of thehaving怎么读 Sanitation Workhaving数据库ers’ Day and expresbeautiful是什么意思sed his respect to the 15,000 sanitation workers in Shenzhen. He hoped that the sanitation workers could improve their labor smostkills, show their level and style through thelions读音 fun games. He also wished the fun games a complete success. Zhang Hongbo, representative of the sanitation workers,深圳地铁线路图 thanked the Slions怎么读henzhen Lions Club and bao ‘an Urban Management Bureau for their care and carworkers’day是什么意思e, and said that they wouldthanks是什么意思英语 continue to carry forward the sanitation spirit of “prefer one dirty, fsanitationor ten thousand net”, and repay the care and care of the深圳大学 community with more hworker和laborer区别ard work.

Subsequensanitationtly, representatives of the district Urban Management Bureau city Appearance Center sanitation Dlions的音标epartmebeautiful歌曲nt, Xixiang Street Urban management Olions翻译ffice and Shenzhen Lions Club and other uniclubts distributed gifts such as rice, oil and condolence money to 20 sanitation workers in extreme poverty. Fun games, 10 xinan, xixiang, navigation city streets and urban management bclub翻译ureau sent, fuyong, manholes, newbridge, airdropping, matsuoka, yan luo, rock, 11 a sanitation worker tealions翻译中文m, such as the sanitathaving+过去分词ion department forhaving是什么意思 tug-of-war, transport, garbage can relay, cart pick up content such as gaclubman是什么牌子车me, each team consists of ten sanitation skilled work, diligent, has the team consciousness of sanitation workers. On the field, the participants musshenzhenter their strlion是什么意思中文翻译ength, all are in high smost翻译piclubmed官网预订rits, high morale, hard work. The Shenzhen Lions club team also participated in the tug-of-wmostar competition as a friendship team.

The wonderful game attracted mathanksgiving怎么读英语ny citizens to shaving和wheretop and watch, and lion friends joined the cheering team outside. The chworker和laborer区别eerleadeclubmed官网预订rs were inlions的音标 high spirits, cheering and Shouting made the atmosphere of the game more active.

After a fierce compeworker的音标tition in thaving数据库he afternoon, xixiang tethanks缩写am ranked firstthanks是什么意思英语 in the standings with a total score of 24, whileworkerman Songgang, Xin ‘an, Fuhai, Xinqiao and sanitation team ranked 2-6 respectively. Li Zhou, Wuthanks怎么读 Yuqiong, Hu Xiang and other lion friends awarded prizes to the teams with excellent results.

The fun games let sanitation workers temclub是什么意思porarily put down their heavy work, relax. “I am very happy to parworker什么意思tthanksicipate in the sports meworker翻译eting”, “thworker的音标ank the societclub是什么酒y for our sanitation workers care”…… The sanitbeautifulation workers saithanks怎么读d happily.

As a brand service project of Shenzhen Lions Club, the actilion是什么意思中文翻译vity of “The Most Beautiful Sanitation Workers” will be carried out contthanks什么意思inuously to enrich the spiritual lifclubse of sanitation workers and enhalions是什么意思nce the cohesion and cohthanksesion of the sanitation team. I hope that through this activithaving doney, the whole societysanitation can bclub用英语怎么说etter understand and respect the labor of sanitation workers, and contribute to the constructworker的音标ion of a belions读音autiful Shenzhe深圳n.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Du Shaoheng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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