Joint learning to ride the wind and waves -- Shenzhen Lions Club held joint lion training exchange in zone 3 and zone 4

On September 10, 2020, Lions Club Shenzhen held the joint lions Training and Exchange Meeting for the third and fourth zones of the year 2020-2021 in the form of "online + offline" at lions Club officclube in Shenzhen. Shenzlions是什么意思hen Lions Club Presiwaves下载dent Lu Zhiqiang, Supervisor Xiao Xingping, second Vice President Pengclub翻译 Daojian, Deputy supervisor Tan Fei, secretary General Lai Zhuoni, pickelion是什么意思中文翻译t chief Zhwaves币ang Jian, Executive Dewindows许可证即将过期怎么办puty Secretaclub是什么酒ry General CAI Min, Deputy Secretary General Fang Shlions翻译ilei, Wang Danya, Zhang Zheqinlearningmallxjtlu, chairman of the firslions翻译t zone and second zone Wei Xin, chairman of the new chairman, li li, the fourth sectijoint是什么意思on, chairm深圳风险等级an of the third section kevinbales, &schwarz, chairman of the fifth section, chairman of the zone 6 zhi-hui zhou, partition chairman Ch深圳天气enlions怎么读 Xusheng, afterglow, Ms. Wang, Wu Jinzhi, wang lina, Wang Yi soldier, Huang Yiqun, chun-club翻译pzonesing li, special assistant to President long-term flash, Zhu Daoying, Zhou Fuhui, Li Chunchang and Ma Feng, the deputy heads of the lecture group, andzone护眼 nearly 50 reprelions英语怎么读sentatives froclubm tzone护眼he servicwaves13e teams in zone 3 and Zone 4 attended the on-site meeting. The online broadcast wjoint effortas watched by more than 1,000 people. The meeting was chaired by Li Li, Zhao Hui and Fang Shilei.


President Lily tolled the bell and introduced the guests. She thanked all of you for taking time out of your busyshenzhen schedule to attend the seminar.

President Lu Zhiqiang delivered a speech. He first welclub用英语怎么说comed all online and offline students. He introduced the relationship between knowledge and action by quoting Zhu Xi's theory of "prophet before action" and Wang Yangming's theory of "unity of knowljointheclub是谁edge and action". He said tlearningenglishwithgrammar翻译hat in the 18 years since the founding of twaves价格he Shenzhen Lions Club, lioride翻译ns have been on the road. Since its establishment 13 years ago, the lecclubmed官网预订turers' Group has been spreadi深证指数ng the knowledge of conference affairs and services to help lion friends improve their ability of "we serve". He commended the lions for swindows许可证即将过期怎么办topping to listen anclub是什么意思d hoped that they wo深圳疫情uld learnjoint翻译 something from this course.


Xiao Xingping, chairman of the Education and Training Committee of lions Club in China, presented the course深圳 "Lions Club in China", which mainly narrated the development process and positioning of Lions Club in China, majorlions events and time nodes in the development of various regional organizationsclub怎么读. The old photoswaves翻译 and classic fragments displayed on the screen lead the lion friends to rejointview the journey of lion road and the hilions翻译story of lions club in China. She hoped that every lion club member would keep in mind the principle of "helpiclub怎么读ng others and serving the society" and follow the path of lions club development with dwindowsomestic characteristics.


Li Chunchang, deputy head of the liojoint造句ns Club, brought a course called "Efficient Meeting", which mazone什么意思inly explained the types of meetings, key points of organizing mlearning怎么读eetings, procedures, rules of procedure, etc. Her language vivid and humzone什么意思orous, and the scene of lion friends wonderful interaction. Lion frclub是什么意思iends at the meetilions读音ng said they would apply what they have learneride的ing形式d.


Mr. Ma Feng, deputy director of lions Club, introduced the service projects of Lions Club International, Lions Club Of Chizone状态na and Lions Club of Shenzhen, the steps and methods of social service development, as well as the evaluation crclubmed官网预订iteria of service tewaves下载sting in difflearningmallerent stages. His enthusiastic tzone是什么意思中文eacwindows7旗舰版hing has greatly benefited tlions的音标he lion friends.


Next, Chairjoint的用法man Li Li anlions的音标d Chairman Zhao Hui led the team of the third and fourth zones respectively. Team represjoint造句entatives from each district took to the stage to share the outstanding serviclearningenglishwithgrammar翻译e projects of the team and welcomed other teams to join inlearning翻译 the joint service.

Peng Daojian, the second vice President, delwavesive深证指数redjoint effort a splions翻译中文eech, thanking the lecturers for their sincere teaching and givclubsing lion friends a full harvest. At the same time, he hoped that each service team could cjointedomplement each other's advanride翻译tages and enhanc深圳疫情最新消息eclub the influenclearningenglishwithgrammar翻译e of excellent service projects of the service team through joint service, fujointheclub是谁rther solve the problems ofrides shortage of funds and scarce parlions是什么意思ticipants, so that excelllearningenglishwithgrammar翻译ent projects can be passed on.


Chairman Zhao Hui gave a speech of appreciation, thanking the leaders of the district council for twaves13heir support in spite of their busy schedule, the lecturers for their hard worclub是什么意思k in preparing lessons, preaching and solvinlearning chocolateg problems, the technical support provided by Shi Xianghui, the district chairman and the district council officers for their active coopera深圳市最新疫情tion and support, and the online and offline lion friendwindowss for their careful listening. He hopes the lion friends cjoint venturean gain knowledge and put it to use. Finally, on the occasion of Teachers' Day, he wished all lecturers a happy Howaves13liday.

【 Text 】 Huang Xiwindynran

[Photo] Li Jiangpjoint翻译ing

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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